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Home Is Where The Smart Is

Meet Atmos Home: a smart home hardware startup on a mission to turn the connected home into a truly smart home with its groundbreaking smart home control system.

Our flagship product, AtmosControl, is an award-winning smart home control device designed to simplify the management of 1000s of compatible smart home products by allowing you to manage all of them in one place using voice, touch, app, and gesture controls. 

Smart Homes. Dumb Connectivity

From smart lighting, to smart doorbells, to smart appliances, and beyond — virtually everything in our homes is being connected to the internet and controlled with the click of an app.

For all of the conveniences and capabilities that smart home products deliver, managing all of those connected devices has become a confusing headache — requiring users to juggle multiple apps or connect multiple devices to their router to achieve compatibility.

At the same time, most connected smart home devices don’t speak the same language or use the same protocols (WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, etc.) and are not compatible with all smartphones, requiring an additional “communication hub” for each protocol.

added confusion, cost, and complexity for users.

That’s where AtmosControl comes in.

Smart Homes Made Brilliant

AtmosControl elegantly solves the biggest pain point at the core of smart home technologies — delivering quick access and management of customers’ most-used smart home products while providing a revenue-generating smart home solution for professional dealers, resellers, and installers.

Smart Home Consumers
get a low cost solution that they can setup and install themselves, that’s compatible with all of their existing smart home devices, and that’s simple for everyone to control their lights, thermostats, cameras, TVs, doorbells, appliances — you name it — without a bunch of smartphone apps. And all from one place.

Smart Home Dealers, Resellers, and Installers
whose current product offerings consist of expensive smart home control solutions that start around $15K, will gain affordable, customer-friendly products to expand their offering and better service their rapidly-growing base of customers. 

Because Attention to Detail Matters

Beauty. Brawn. Brains. AtmosControl has all three in spades. Take a look at what makes AtmosControl the smart home product to end all smart home products.

Privacy is Paramount

Did you know that your smart home may be listening to you?

Digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa are being used for smart home device control and many users are not even aware that these devices’ microphones are always on and recording them, and that many times these recordings are being listened to by employees of the companies that make them. This is a huge privacy issue. These companies are profiting from your data at the expense of your privacy.

Atmos Home is different – we don’t want or need your data – we’re not selling you ads or products based on your preferences that we’ve gathered by listening to you, unlike other companies.

AtmosControl is the world’s first standalone smart home hub that can decipher voice commands completely on-board, without sending your voice data to the cloud, making Atmos Home the leader in smart home privacy.

We’re Taking Off!

We haven’t been around long, but our team has gained a tremendous amount of traction — and we show no signs of slowing down any time soon. Key accomplishments include:


Featured in renowned publications like
ABC, CNET, Digital Trends, McAfee, Tech Radar, and more.

Development is nearly complete on our flagship product,
and we are also working on additional follow-on products.

Full production line is already built for in-house manufacturing.

A significant amount of hardware and software IP has been developed.

Key partnerships secured with Luminance Brands — a leading designer and distributor of high-end lighting solutions to the commercial & residential markets — and Bosch Home Appliances.

The Atmos Home Team

The first AtmosControl prototype was soldered by hand by Atmos Home Founder & CEO Mark Lyle — harnessing 20 years of design and manufacturing experience developing factory automation robotics and electronic components for the likes of NASA. Now, Mark and his team are quickly setting the bar on home automation technologies.

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