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AtomBeam Technologies:
Fast Facts

AtomBeam Technologies is a data compaction software platform that’s bringing data reduction to the 21st century.  Our patented technology stands as the only way to reduce the size of more than 50% of the data projected to be generated in five years’ time.

AtomBeam shrinks and speeds up data for transmission while providing an added layer of security - something the burgeoning IoT landscape has lacked until now.  It also has the potential to assist other data-heavy verticals, including CDNs and finance.

Transmission Failed

IoT and big data are on an unavoidable collision course.

Take this statistic: by 2025, more than half of all new data generated - or 90 zettabytes - will originate from IoT devices.  That’s 3x more than all data generated in 2019.  For businesses, this means scale up quickly and get data ready or face the consequences.

However, since IoT data must be sent without reduction, traditional legacy compression algorithms used to stream data simply place too much strain on networks - leaving businesses no way to reduce its size for transmission.  Other inherent issues include:

Bottom line, businesses need a better solution in order to prepare for what’s coming.

A New Day in Data

Enter AtomBeam: a patented, breakthrough data compaction software set to revolutionize data transmission and storage.  Our fundamental technology enables reduced data to be streamed with “instant-on” and virtually zero latency.

In fact, ours is the only platform with the ability to compact small IoT data units - thus preparing the business world for the rapidly-changing landscape and allowing new IoT innovations to flourish.

But at AtomBeam, we don’t stop with just the IoT, our initial focus and where our sales effort is directed.  Our software can actually reduce data stress on the full spectrum of networks - including CDNs, satellite communications, financial trading, and many others.

We reiterate: nothing else has the capability to shrink the size of small data.  To this end, AtomBeam has the potential to become the new broad standard in the data world.

In addition to reducing IoT units by an average of 75%, AtomBeam’s use of machine learning IDs & stores patterns before encoding live data - which enables it to drastically reduce hardware costs, process data 3x-4x faster, and transmit it instantly.

Inside AtomBeam

Proprietary innovation is what sets us apart.  AtomBeam’s patented transmission software uses a combination of AI, machine learning, advanced mathematics, and data encoding to train data in advance - and in pattern and index form - into Sourceblocks.

Through our Instant-On™ feature, these Sourceblocks are then recorded within Codebooks, both in the originating server and at IoT endpoints.  This allows AtomBeam to send brief Codewords in real time that link the two and categorize live data.

In other words, files are being rebuilt at the destination while still being encoded at the source.  This is what leads to huge reductions in the data flow required.

Instant-on then sends data instantly starting with the first 100 bits - whereas traditional compression must fully compress an entire file (or group), send the compressed file, and decompress for use. Minimal latency, instant-on reduced data has massive implications.

The result of all this is an optimization of data for IoT (which is constrained by bandwidth, power, and CPU) without adding latency.  Data packets as small as 30 bits can be easily managed with 100% lossless accuracy - while also adding an extra layer of security.

This extra security gives AtomBeam an advantage over added hardware, playing right into its widespread usage potential.  Telemetry, financial services, and factory automation are just a few of the many additional use cases in addition to IoT.

On top of adding virtually no latency and more security, our solution is error resistant (a key issue for radio transmission), and for IoT, enables 2x distance from the sensor to the node.  Other features and benefits AtomBeam delivers to the data world include:

Our performance across applicable industries:

Gaining Momentum

We’ve already achieved quite a bit despite only being around for just over a year:

A production version of AtomBeam is now market-ready.

Licensing agreements are being negotiated with our first paying customers, poised to bring us revenue within 30-90 days.

Several F500 companies have at least signed an NDA with us, including a major telecom provider, leading data center software supplier, a cloud services provider, a leading infrastructure company and one of the largest European satellite companies.

Other potential pipeline customers include Cisco, Qualcomm, JP Morgan, Siemens, Viasat, South Korea Telecom, Akamai and many others.

Obtained an issued patent covering the concept and key elements of its translation into a working product, with 4 additional patents filed and 4 more being written.

Phase 1 of a grant from the US Navy has been completed, totaling $125,000.

Hold a Crunchbase rank of 22,334, and rising.

Multiple partnerships are in the works with a satellite company, a cellular carrier, and other top players (protected under NDA).

Are also working with a major cell carrier to reduce bandwidth utilization, allowing them to provide same level of service as competitors with half the resources.

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Meet The Team

Charles Yeomans
Silicon Valley software & data storage veteran who grew tired of compression algorithms, and created AtomBeam.  Has 30+ years total in investment banking, tech, and executive management - serving as CEO/COO of Trigemina, Portal Group Holdings, and other firms.  Former US Naval intelligence officer & Stanford MBA.

Asghar Riahi
Has been building IT solutions focused on cloud storage, virtualization, and security around the globe for 28 years. and DR solutions.  HP, RedHat, Siemens, and Seagate are just a few of the top firms with which he’s held positions.

Michael Leonard
Financial management and M&A expert who’s proven an the ability to raise capital multiple times.  Is a CPA who has held senior level operations experience, including holding CFO roles for several insurance and biotech companies.

Joshua Cooper, PhD
Josh also holds a BS in Math & Linguistics from MIT.  He’s published 40+ papers on a variety of subjects, specializing in discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, and data science.

David Smith
VP of IoT
Completely revitalized the product line with enhanced tech while serving as CTO of MultiTech Systems.  Considered a leading IoT expert, Dave is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and was a senior developer with Stratasys.

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