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Audetemi allows businesses to effectively engage their customers by seamlessly integrating traditional customer engagement platforms onto their mobile screens. Audetemi’s modular micro apps allow customers to embed the CRM business functions and processes into their apps, while the pre-built connectors to Salesforce, Oracel Siebel, ServiceNow, and Microsoft take away the integration complexities. The flexibility of enhancing the existing apps with its “in-app” methodology, while connecting with a choice of CRM platform out of the box makes Audetemi an ideal digital platform for any business and their unique needs.

But when it comes to these apps, generally the user experience is just plain bad.  At first, businesses tried to integrate their old legacy systems into new mobile tech - with disastrous results.  Though they did finally figure out the heavy customization required to produce effective enterprise apps, the landscape remains plagued with a variety of issues:

A recent survey of 100+ CIOs revealed that "low adoption, slow performance, and missed time to market" as the top 3 factors plaguing enterprise apps.  There has to be a better way for businesses to remedy this and optimize the mobile app experience for their users!

Enter Audetemi: a new cloud-based enterprise data federation platform that helps simplify and greatly enhance the user engagement experience. 

It derives actionable intelligence from rich data sets using predictive analytics and provides more meaningful and engaging customer interactions.  This allows Audetemi to efficiently transform traditional customer engagement/CRM apps & processes to the mobile front - allowing businesses to transition quickly and get closer to their mobile-savvy Millennial customers.

Unlike competing platforms that cater to app developers, Audetemi puts the enterprise (and their valued users) first.  It’s equipped with connectors to all the major services that keep businesses connected to their customers - including Salesforce, Oracle CX, Oracle Siebel, and ServiceNow - making it a true federation cloud for information.

Piggybacking off of this, we’re zeroed in on getting apps to market as quickly as possible - regardless of business type.  Thanks to its quick integration, ability to embed in any existing enterprise app, pre-built & modular customer engagement functions and micro applications, our solution can be added as a layer on top of any existing business cloud as well as enterprise platform.  Audetemi’s direct application in multiple facets of business - including customer service, marketing/sales, finance, and case management - also makes it industry-agnostic and able to help any business.  We’re simplifying mobile for anyone and everyone!

We do way more than just mobile apps.  In simplest terms, Audetemi provides a medium between the Oracles/Salesforces of the world and the digital applications that enterprises use.  This allows us to modularize these functions into micro-services - which users can subscribe to and embed instead of having to customize them.  For example, building a video chat feature will take 1-2 days rather than the traditional 6-8 months.  This is what makes us so enterprise-friendly and allows you to engage with customers so quickly. Embedding features in this manner takes away complexity on both ends of the spectrum.

Audetemi provides integration with backend functions right out of the box - making the realm of possibilities virtually endless for users.  By combining the data engine with the design studio, Audetemi not only helps create mobile apps but provides intelligence - thus enabling enterprises to meaningfully engage with their customer.  Whether it’s instantly viewing product info, chatting with a financial advisor, or getting emergency help, Audetemi allows businesses to connect with customers like never before.

But that’s far from everything.  Have a look at just a few more of the many features and benefits that create value for enterprises and their customers:

150+ modules and services available in the cloud to aid digital transformation;

Out of the box connectors to all the top CRMs for fast, easy access to information;

IoT enablement to proactively engage with users on their terms and on multiple devices;

Actionable insights for improved decision making thanks to the multidimensional info we provide;

3-way calendar synchronization between mobile, CRM and outlook;

A real-time geo tracker, monitor and route monitor with incident reporting & geo-fencing;

Enhanced engagement experience via Instant chat and video chat capabilities;

A barcode scanner, alerts, push notifications, and so much more!

Audetemi has only been in the works since late 2015 - but has made some great strides already.  Here are a few of the most significant accomplishments we’ve enjoyed to date:

Completed an MVP beta in June 2016, then released v1.0 in Jan. 2017.

Secured first global enterprise customer in Nov. 2016, and our third less than a year later.  Currently enjoy a very strong customer pipeline.

Currently have thousands of users and proven scale & performance.  And, we’ve generated total revenues of over $1,000,000.

Team has grown from 4 to 35 people in just 2 years.

Have filed 2 patents that cover our core technology and processes.

Agreed with Oracle, ServiceNow, and Microsoft as ISV channel partners.

Are headquartered in Dublin CA, with offices also in Dallas and India.

With the vast majority of Audetemi’s functionality now in place, the current focus now and into the near-term future is squarely on our go-to-market plan.  For starters, we’ve segmented the market based on the product and its market fit into these 2 target groups - which will allow us to take the right message to right customer:

Our mobile micro applications target is the ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle Sales cloud market.  Steps we will take to penetrate this market:

1.Establish channel partnerships;
2.Align product fit with whitespace, and demonstrated value;
3.Align with Sales channel;
4.Execute joint campaigns.

Our cloud digital transformation target market is the Oracle-Siebel CRM market.  The steps:

1.Establish "product & customer success" partnership;
2.Align with customer success teams;
Guide them towards cloud transition.

Audetemi was conceptualized by a duo of CRM veterans who finally grew sick and tired of the subpar customer experiences that run rampant on today’s enterprise app landscape.  Let’s meet them along with our third executive team member:

Ashish Joshi, CEO
Visionary responsible for bringing enterprise function to smartphones
- Strong CRM background with added proficiency in product design, turnarounds, M&A
- 17 years in product management with Siebel, Oracle, InQuira; holds 3 patents
- Built solution that led Oracle’s acquisition of InQuira, and managed a $160M business

Hari Gutlapalli, CTO
Our 2nd Co-Founder who’s worked with Ashish for many years now
- Highly skilled product engineer, data analyst, and CRM & visualization expert
- Former Data Scientist/Analytics Director at Kaiser; also spent time at Siebel & Oracle
- 17 total years in product engineering, with 11 total patents on search, big data, etc.

Rahul Tiwari, EVP & Managing Director, Audetemi India
Rahul brings a wealth of experience in business development and resource management to Audetemi.
- Rahul was at Tata Teleservices where he was responsible for Managed Services & Management of Infrastructure Providers.
- Rahul’s career also includes senior executive positions at AirTel and Nortel. At Audetemi, Rahul’s focus is on scaling Indian operations and business development.
- He has an MBA from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management (Mumbai) and a Bachelors in Engineering from Pune University.

Pramod Cherukumilli, Advisor & Chief Product Officer
Possesses a keen eye for startups with a razor-sharp focus on execution
- Has 16+ years of experience with a focus on product design and development
- Has served at various firms across the industrial spectrum, including Cisco

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