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Auritec Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a drug delivery company focused on women’s health.

The company was founded in 2002 by Dr. Thomas Smith, who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer. Our flagship product is an intravaginal ring (IVR) sustained release drug delivery system: VersaRing™

We target multibillion dollar markets of chronic health conditions that have high prevalence in women and that have poor management options, such as frequent injections or severe side effects

We have a large pipeline of programs:

Conventional ring polymer matrix technology has been around since the 1960s

Drugs in matrix systems need to be dissolved in the polymer

The vast majority of drugs are not soluble in silicone

Our technology does not depend on dissolution of the drug in the ring polymer

It is based on concentration driven diffusion across a semipermeable membrane

This allow much greater flexibility in the choice of drugs and in rate of delivery that is possible

We call it ‘pod-technology’

In traditional vaginal rings:

  • The drug is dispersed in the polymer
  • The concentration of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) may be uniformly distributed in the device, or localized

  • Most drugs are not be compatible with the ring matrix → Rings either won’t release the drug at all, or all at once/too fast.

VersaRing™ is manufactured with cavities that can be filled with drug-pods. Pods and cavities are engineered to modulate drug release through optimization of the polymer permeability, and the diameter of the release window:

  • Multiple drugs can be loaded in the same ring
  • Manufacturing is automated and scalable

It’s a technology platform for drug delivery that can deliver a broad range of drugs differently from other rings that can only be loaded with hormones:

We focus on FDA approved drugs used for the management of chronic conditions, that have large markets, and that have high potential to achieve therapeutic levels via vaginal delivery

We have developed cost effective methods to mitigate risk by screening for candidate drugs

We focus on drugs that have well established therapeutic levels: “pharmacokinetics will predict pharmacodynamics”

We target sustained release for 28 days to match the women's cycle

An accelerated FDA approval pathway (505)(b)(2) may be utilized

The drug delivery technology is protected by patent applications and granted patents

There is a large unmet medical need to replace frequent injections and daily pills

Women’s preference for IVRs is significantly underappreciated

Thomas Smith, MD | CEO | Dr. Smith, MD is the former founder and director of the Laboratory of Ocular Pharmacology and Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Kentucky. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist, with experience as a principal in a Boston-based private practice and a faculty member at Harvard University. Dr. Smith received his MD degree from the University of Toronto. He was previously co-founder, medical director, and Chairman at Control Delivery Systems, Inc., where he was responsible for the approval of the Vitrasert, the first intra-ocular drug system approved by the FDA. Subsequently, the Retisert sustained release device was also approved by the FDA. He raised $34 million in a mezzanine series. His first company is now public (NASDAQ:PSDV).

Meredith Blake | VP of Operations | She is currently responsible for overseeing financial and grant administration, human resources, and purchasing. Before joining Auritec, she worked as a daily newspaper reporter, covering healthcare, business and education. She has a Master's degree from the University of New Hampshire.

Alessandro Varotto, PhD | Senior Director of Business  Development | An adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University, Dr. Varotto has a PhD in Chemistry and brings 10 years of experience in product development across many industries. Prior to this position, he worked in product and business development, and as a research analyst for the life science industry. He has a passion for disruptive medical technologies. He joined Auritec to manage fundraising initiatives and develop strategic partnerships.

Sarjan Shah, M.S. | Associate Director of Product Development | Mr. Shah heads planning, budgeting and implementing R&D, and preclinical and clinical activities for Auritec Pharmaceuticals. His responsibilities significantly influence Auritec Pharma’s program management and product development efficiency. Sarjan co-authors grant applications and regulatory filings. He also works closely with the business development members to support fundraising initiatives. Prior to joining Auritec, he worked as a Business Analyst/Consultant for multiple life science firms to co-develop actionable reimbursement, market access and business development strategies/tactics for Fortune 500 and Mid-sized pharma, biotech and medical device/diagnostic clients.

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