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Authenticate Pro:
Fast Facts

Do you trust eBay? What about all the eBay clones? Perhaps a better question would be this: do you trust every single seller you have ever encountered on eCommerce? No, you don't? You think there might be people out there trying to pull a fast one? You'd be right. The problem is, sometimes the sellers aren't even aware that the products they're selling are fake!

Authenticate Pro is the solution. Our patent-pending process brings buyers, sellers and experts together when making a brand name purchase. Authenticate Pro's system helps minimize the chance of buying or selling a counterfeit.


Imagine the joy of finding that one special item online. "Eureka, I've finally found it!" Yes, you have! Hooray!

And then you get it and something isn't right. You look a little closer and find that the item isn't legit -- it's a counterfeit copycat! Imagine the anguish that follows. It would be next to impossible to trust the seller ever again. Heck, you may not even trust the website that facilitated the sale.

Not surprisingly, counterfeit items cause major headaches for online retailers, including Amazon and eBay. While these online platforms are successful, they also hemorrhage money due to the sale of counterfeit products. For sellers, the hassle and guesswork that goes into confirming whether or not items are authentic can be too great of an obstacle, and buyers are often left to work through returns if they suspect an item is a fake.

Now let's put a dollar value on this: in 2008, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) estimated the worth of counterfeit goods had reached $650 billion. Then, in 2013, the Department of Homeland Security seized $1.7 billion in counterfeit goods at U.S. borders.

One Groundbreaking

After experts pass our onboarding process, they have access to authentication jobs, which provide payment as an independent contractor.

Why We’ll

There are many authenticators, sellers and buyers that make up the world of eCommerce. But the market needs more.

More specifically, it needs a faster processes.

We desperately need express authentication of less than 30 min.

With the use of an app, we can authenticate and have an expert stating the item's authenticity in minutes, not days.

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