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Fast Facts

AutoCoinCars has created a platform to be able to buy and sell vehicles using cryptocurrency without having to exchange them for fiat thus solving the user’s problems. All other traditional methods are also accepted. AutoCoinCars are the first and only company in the world doing this.

With AutoCoinCars, users will no longer have to go through a long process of exchanging crypto to fiat. They’ll no longer watch their assets slowly decrease through exchange and bank fees. Users can convert their digital asset into something physical with ease. AutoCoinCars is ranked number 1 in the world for 'buy a car with bitcoin'.

AutoCoinCars also provides a platform where you can use your crypto assets in the ‘real world’ with a low cost of transaction, making it one of the most economical way of exiting your cryptocurrency.

One of the Industry’s
Biggest Problems

One of the biggest challenges facing Cryptocurrencies is mainstream adoption. This is especially true for car buying. Good luck finding a dealer that will sellcars online in exchange for cryptocurrency!

Yes, it's true that a handful of dealers claim to accept crypto - but upon further investigation it becomes clear that they are not fully prepared to transact through crypto. A demand exists, but there is simply no supply.

It's also a nightmare to get out of crypto without losing huge percetages of it, with fees and convertion charges.

Within cryptocurrency, the volitility of the market tends to put people off.

Car dealers do not make much money from the sale of vehicles. That sounds crazy, but it's true. They instead tend to make more money from add-on services versus the asset (car) itself.

Part of the problem is a lack of knowledge between everyday people on what cryptocurrency is and how it works.

The Perfect

AutoCoinCars effectively solves all of those problems with an outstanding platform to Buy and sell vehicles using cryptocurrency without having to exchange them for fiat, thus solving the user's problems!

Thanks to its ease of use, acceptance, flexibility and transparency, The AutoCoinCars platform will become the go to place for offloadiing your digital asset into something physical.

In short, the AutoCoinCars portal offers a simple and highly efficient transaction alternative that will become the automotive industry standard for cryptocurrency.

AutoCoinCars also is one of the most economical ways of exiting your cryptocurrency, not only that AutoCoinCars sets its own live rate of the crypto market which helps mitigate any volitility scare that may put people off.

Core Benefit:

  • Ability to purchase vehicles worldwide using The AutoCoinCars paymentsystem
  • Significantly lower transaction fees
  • Immediate settlement – no waiting period for transactions to mature
  • Security against identity theft – no credit card or bank details being stored by third parties
  • Release of crypto assets into the mainstream with minimal exposure and taxation issues
  • Easy international payments unencumbered by protracted exchange rate considerations
  • Significant choice of vehicles offered for sale via the website

Core Benefit:

  • Free exposure of vehicles offered for sale worldwide via
  • No cost entry to accept The Cryptocurrency as a payment so
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Easy worldwide payment acceptance
  • Ability to retain the Cryptocurrency in digital wallet for investment or option to convert to fiat upon transaction completion
  • Full amount invoiced to dealers in which ever fiat they wish to choose regardless of market swings.
  • Access to untapped market.
  • Low advertising cost 10% compare to other competitors

Traction &

Product is ready and live. Both customers are using it. However, we are continuously developing it and enhancing the core feature and adding more function to it. Ranking No1 in the world for 'buying a car with cryptocurrency'

Multiple Payment Purchases on a weekly basis.

Next big stage is to develop mobile for consumers as well as Payment Terminal debit and credit cards built in system for dealers.

We have already had more than 250 car dealers join the platform and numbers are increasing every week.

Meet the

Mustansar Iqbal | Founder

  • 10+ years of automotive industry experience
  • Monitoring the KPI to ensure quality and services
  • Expertise in Digital marketing and Software Development
  • Taking care of product development

Luke Willmott | Operations Director

  • 8+ years of sales and marketing
  • Executions of Growth Plan
  • Heading commercial stategy of expantion

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