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AVATR: Fast Facts

AVATR is a simple and trustworthy platform that enables patients, doctors and therapists to collaborate on personalized care plans at scale and control their data.

AVATR enables patients to create a digital profile of their self, which they control and can share with their doctor to receive personalized medical care outside of the hospital. AVATR connects medical grade devices - plus environmental, social and behavioral data - to connect the citizen to the City. AVATR is also a flexible component-based system that enables clinical teams to redesign services and to collaborate.

Serious Problem

One in three deaths in the world is attributed to chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and COPD. The current healthcare cost due to chronic diseases is estimated to be $4 trillion out of the $8.7 trillion globally, impacting on every developed and developing country. These healthcare costs increased by 25% over the past five years - and this does not even include the further pressure caused by COVID-19. With increasing and older populations worldwide, the scale of the challenge to contain healthcare costs is significant and pressing.

In healthcare systems there is often an abundance of data - most of which is causing noise and is not useful. There are tools for physicians, tools for patients, and thousands of wearable digital devices all collecting and sharing data, in addition to other types of data such as social media and environmental sensors. From an end-users’ perspective, the status quo is often frustrating.

COVID-19 has caused a massive acceleration in the use of telehealth (McKinsey, 2020). Consumer demand has skyrocketed, from 11 percent of US consumers using telehealth in 2019 to 46 percent of consumers now using telehealth to replace cancelled healthcare visits. With the acceleration of consumer and provider adoption of telehealth and extension of telehealth beyond virtual urgent care, in the US alone, up to USD 250 billion of current healthcare spend could potentially be virtualized.  This shift to remote healthcare will require new ways of working for a broad set of providers, step-change improvements in information exchange, and broadening access and integration of technology. 

A Universal Solution

In the face of such challenges, it's clear that the status quo is not going to deliver the types of impact that the market is now demanding. Transformation in healthcare is urgently needed.

In particular, physicians need to be better at managing clinical and financial risks, with patients positioned as partners in promoting their own health. And to achieve this transformation, both physicians and patients require access to new types of resources to enable transformation - technology like AVATR.

There is a pressing need to enhance and strengthen the unique partnership that exists between physicians and their patients. Transformation requires technology that enables patients to take better control of their health, and technology that enables physicians to make the most of their time and resources.

The AVATR system empowers clinical teams to redesign healthcare services as they want, simply by selecting AVATR AI components and features from the AVATR toolset to achieve the service redesign benefits that they seek, such as reduced costs, better clinical outcomes, and improved patient experiences. 

With this in mind, AVATR: 

Is designed to empower and strengthen patient and physician engagement - providing them with a single, integrated system so that they can work in partnership to support the patient's health

Is a single platform capturing and giving control of data to both patients and physicians

Creates a digital profile of the patient, which the patient owns and controls

Triages this information and delivers it to physicians, giving them the power to create personalized care plans and alerts, as well as engagement tools for remote monitoring of their patients at scale with a dedicated web based dashboard

Provides population-based data visualizations to support delivery of healthcare in smart cities

Key Features

Matchmaking: The AVATR system creates portraits of a user in time and place. This capability enables matchmaking between the tasks that need to be done by the patient (Care Plan) and the actual patient profile to services that are available in the locality. 

Data Flow: The AVATR system has monitoring capability. When the physician sets a patient’s Care Plan, AVATR collects physiological readings as requested by the physician  - this is achieved by wearable medical devices (e.g. ECG), data input from the patient (e.g. blood pressure, the user’s smartphone (e.g. activity levels), and data available in smart cities (e.g. pollution levels). Rule-based system with flexible and patient-specific if-this-then-that protocols is placed on top of data acquisition and aggregation layer to detects, in real-time, breach of normal values of physiological readings and to classify them into green, amber or red levels of severeness.”’

If a patient’s protocol level is breached, the data and information flow to the patient will follow a path to optimize efficiency and safety. The AVATR toolset is designed to enable healthcare teams to select specific tools and features to enable the desired service transformation to be achieved, empowering healthcare teams. This is supported by a WhatsApp-type chatbot with voice integration, and a video consultation tool.

Why We’ll Lead

AVATR technology enables a person to create a digital representation of their self, which they own and control, and which they can share with their physician to receive personalized healthcare in return.

AVATR deploys a Classical AI approach to the creation of the individual. Specifically, knowledge representation techniques (knowledge graphs and ontology) are adopted for (i) annotating patient profiles and their dynamic evolutions and (ii) representing reference classes/concepts for describing the patient contexts and status situations. 

In this way, we can enrich raw, incoming data with contextual knowledge. In other words, we do not require large datasets because each AVATR is made and owned by the user.  So every single patient has their own personalized profile - their AVATR - instead of having a generic profile imposed on them. What this means to the user is an experience that is more meaningful and useful.

As such, AVATR does not require large data sets or inferencing from population data. Instead, the AVATR AI is grounded in applied theoretical frameworks (e.g.  derived from Sanskrit philosophical concepts of self) with medical science protocol overlays.

Why We’ll Scale Globally

We've achieved a lot with limited funds with a product that is getting feedback and hospitals have agreed to test our product due to its competitive advantage. Patients are happy, we're transforming patient behavior in Brazil, long-term conditions are being treated differently, and we have a strong team with 5 Ph.Ds, strong legal representation in UK, and a strong financial background. We are also keeping costs down across the board initially, and our first study of success results will be published in February.

Last but not least we are ready to scale. We are perfectly positioned to serve a world that has been ravaged by COVID-19 -- a world in which people with chronic disease have been the most significantly impacted.

Traction & Accomplishments

Over the past two years we have completed and tested our AVATR MVP, which is now at TRL8 (System complete and qualified). The AVATR system has been successfully demonstrated with leading medical teams across Europe, Asia and Latin America. As we are now demonstrating very positive medical benefits from a number of patients studies, we have started conversations regarding the acquisition of licenses for the hospitals. Our growth strategy is to keep working with leading clinical teams and leading referral hospitals globally, capturing more hospitals and covering more chronic diseases through established clinical and procurement channels.

We are currently running medical studies in partnership with the following hospitals:

AVATR is also part of the Barclays Eagle Labs Accelerator program, was awarded the European Commission’s Seal of Excellence and has just been selected to join the Health Futures programme run by ACCESS Health International in Singapore. Members of the programme include Roche, Pfizer, Cisco, Microsoft and MetLife.

Meet The Team

Dr. Michael Wilkinson | FOUNDER AND CEO

  • PhD Medical Education (Warwick). Overseas Research Scholar Oct 1989 – Oct 2001; Warwick Fellow
  • Business Development Manager at NHS National Innovation Centre
  • Lecturer at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Established health informatics lab 


  • MBA (IESE)
  • BA Law (Naples)
  • Founder of Innova (Rome) 

Aymeric Teulon | DIRECTOR

  • MSc Telecoms and Media (Paris University Dauphine)
  • MSc Finance (Paris University Dauphine)
  • COO of Structured Credit Europe Business at Deutsche Bank
  • Project Manager on first Video on Demand Service at Orange 

Della Burnside | DIRECTOR (NED)

  • LLB (Warwick)
  • Solicitor (College of Law)
  • General Counsel and Company Secretary at McDonald’s UK
  • IP litigator and Partner, Osborne Clarke 

Dr. Alessio Gugliotta | TECHNOLOGY LEAD

  • PhD Computer Science (Udine) Nov 2002 - March 2006
  • Fellow (Open U)
  • Company Director at Novapp
  • Head of the ICT Technology Transfer and Policy Unit at Innova (Rome) 

Dr. Peter Sahota | SCIENTIST

  • PhD Philosophy (Sussex) 2015
  • BA Physics and Philosophy (Balliol College, Oxford)
  • Analyst at Berkshire Hathaway 

Dr. Marko Vujasinovic | SCIENTIST

  • Ph.D. in CS/Information Systems University of Belgrade, 2010
  • Guest Researcher
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Department of Commerce 

Chris Da Costa | UX

  • BSc Physiology, Sociology, Philosophy (Witwatersrand). Founder of Inventors Club
  • Creative Director at Spinnaker 

John Walters | UX

  • BA Graphics (Staffordshire)
  • Founder of Inventors Club
  • Creative Director at Spinnake

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