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Fast Facts

As an early-stage oncology therapeutics company, we are developing drugs targeting a unique and thoroughly validated protein target that have the potential to treat ovarian cancer in much safer and more effective ways than current medications. And that is just the beginning – Avesta76's novel approach also has the ability to treat many more cancers.

Cancer is Devastating

Cancer is a horrible disease, even though there has been some success in treating certain types. However, for the cancers that are the hardest to treat, the prognosis can be devastating.

Ovarian cancer is one such disease. A very serious and hard-to-treat form of cancer, the American Cancer Society estimates that 21,410 women in the United States will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2021, and 13,770 women will die from it.

We’ve Developed
the Solution

With a new precision approach, we are striving to solve the problems of ovarian cancer and platinum-resistant ovarian cancer by depleting our unique and validated protein target selectively in cancer cells.

In short, ovarian cancer cells have significant overexpression of our unique protein and our lead small molecule drug candidate has demonstrated efficacy in selectively killing ovarian cancer cells at low concentrations by targeting this protein.

We have developed a novel therapeutic approach that will be able to treat ovarian cancer more effectively and more safely than existing methods.

Looking beyond ovarian cancer, our technology has extremely broad potential and has already been shown to work in more than a dozen types of cancer.

How It Works

Inhibit the Protein Target to Stop Cancer
Avesta76 has developed a small molecule and a monoclonal antibody that inhibit the activity of our protein target. 

Why This is Important
Our target, if left unchecked, allows cancer cells to survive oxidative stress by transporting toxins out of the cells. What's more, our target also promotes cancer formation and spread by bringing in important growth hormones into the cells. 

Working Toward a Cure
By blocking our target, the toxins build up to lethal levels and cancer cells die. At the same time, there is no method of introducing the growth hormones, preventing further cells from becoming cancerous.

Traction & Accomplishments


Team: We have put together an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board and Management Team that combines our entrepreneurial hustle and expertise in our protein with the experience of 14 FDA drug approvals (primarily in oncology) and success of generating $100B+ of biopharma value.

Lab: We have just been invited to join BioLabs, a highly selective brand-new co-working lab space in LA.


Small Molecule: We are currently conducting studies that will tell us which of the 6 specific molecules has the best drug-like qualities and which cancer it might be most successful at treating. It will inform us on what molecule to optimize into our drug product and what cancer to target in our initial clinical trial.

Monoclonal Antibodies: We have confirmed that our development process will produce antibodies against our desired target.

We have filed novel patents through our academic work and Avesta76 has exclusive option agreements covering subject IP.

Meet The Team

Akash Morrison | CEO

  • Healthcare entrepreneur with a background in finance and strategy, advising on $10B+ worth of deals
  • Founded Optio Ventures (healthcare venture studio) and co-founded both GLabs X (novel orthopedic fixation devices) and Fuzionaire Diagnostics (novel PET radiopharmaceuticals)
  • He serves on the board of DocVocate (SaaS platform for healthcare revenue cycle management) as well as multiple non-profit boards, including the Association of Rice Alumni, the American Friends of Sheba Medical Center, and LA-based Vista Del Mar 

Sanjay Awasthi, MD | Chief Medical Officer

  • Dr. Awasthi is a physician-scientist who has worked as an oncologist and biochemist for over 35 years
  • Most recently, he served as the Chair for Hematology/Oncology at Texas Tech University
  • Dr. Awasthi is the foremost thought leader on RLIP76 and the most published RLIP76 investigator (300+ papers, 8,000+ citations)
  • He has ample experience in clinical trial design and execution 

Barthalomew Sillah, MD, MBA | COO

  • Dr. Sillah has a background in healthcare venture capital, consulting, and biotech operations
  • He previously worked at Militia Hill Ventures and was on the leadership of Spirovant (f.k.a. Talee Bio) which his team sold to Roivant Sciences for over $300M
  • In addition to Avesta, Dr. Sillah is on the External Review Committee of Ben Franklin Technology Partners and on the Investment Committee of the Penn Med/Wharton Fund for Health 

Erika von Euw, PhD | Consulting Chief Scientist, Advisor

  • Dr. von Euw has more than 20 years of experience in drug discovery and drug development
  • She began her career at UCLA in Dr. Dennis Slamon’s lab (inventor of Herceptin) where she developed both small molecule and monoclonal antibody products
  • She is currently Director of Translational Research at T-Cure and has successful filed 8 INDs, for which 6 drugs are still in clinical trials and 2 have been approved (palbociclib and vemurafenib) 

Arjun Awasthi, PhD | Chief Strategy Officer

  • Dr. Awasthi has a background in military history and strategy
  • As a founding member of Avesta76, Dr. Awasthi has coordinated the authorship of multiple NIH, NSF, and DoD grant submissions
  • His primary function is the development of direction and strategy for Avesta76


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