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Babb: Fast Facts

Babb aims to be the world bank for the everyday to micro-payments economy, providing a more efficient financial services platform that will expand financial inclusion, starting from its home market in the UK, to Europe and the USA, eventually connecting multiple countries around the world. The strategy is to use frontier technology like Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning to enable a cost effective, fast and inclusive borderless service that is technologically and financially accessible to everyone.


Financial Services Don’t Serve Everyone

There's a severe lack of access to financial services. This may not be obvious to those who have access, nor may it stand out to the providers who have a large customer base.

But there remains a large population of unbanked and underbanked individuals. In fact, a total of 1.7 billion have no access or limited access to modern banking services. This simply cannot continue. 

As if that weren't enough, there are high costs associated with low-value transactions. Despite having approximately 25,000 banks in the world, none are designed to use technology to expand into the micro-economy market segment. Technology is, however, available to make this a rewarding commercial opportunity.

Last but not least, we must consider the illiquid markets. Some fiat currencies are not sufficiently liquid, creating large spreads that increase the cost of cross-currency transactions. Providing access to alternative liquid currencies -- including crypto assets -- will open these markets to greater economic activities and overcome the constraints of illiquid currency.

Babb Is The Solution
Bank Account Based Blockchain

Babb solves these problems by providing the technological infrastructure to allow an efficient execution of payment services.

Our technology successfully plumbs together frontier technologies into the core hybrid blockchain platform. In doing so, we ensure that the relevant features needed to provide low-cost, secure and efficient services can be made available to all countries.

We plan to also make services available to markets that have non-standard market infrastructures, which become an issue for traditional banks to serve.

For example, the challenges in providing identification and verification services in emerging markets. Babb aims to eliminate these concerns.

Serving All
Everyone is a Bank

The current infrastructure includes the ability to provide multi-currency fiat and crypto wallets to all users across the world. The first product launch in April 2020 enables customers to maintain balances in BTC, ETH and BAX, and transactions such as deposit, exchange, withdrawal and donations for fundraising campaigns can all be executed from and to any of these currencies.

From the core blockchain-based processes described, further services are appended, made possible by the microservices architecture design. Included in this is the ability to onboard customers using Ai and ML, and further into transactions monitoring for blockchain transactions.

Whilst Babb awaits the approval of its e-Money license application to allow balances in GBP to be offered as a service to its customers, top ups into crypto wallets can be done by purchasing cryptos using the customer’s cards. Receiving and holding crypto from external sources. Withdrawals can be requested into any public crypto wallets in hosted cryptos, but equally could also request withdrawal into a verified bank account.

Why We’ll Lead

From the ground up, Babb provides the flexibility the world needs.

Card Issuance: To capture the mainstream financial service users, Babb is now building its capability to allow users to have Visa/Mastercards linked to their fiat wallets, allowing customers to use their fiat and crypto balances to do their everyday needs for transactions.

In other markets, close-loop cards will be issued where the convenience of Visa and Mastercards are not available for whatever reasons. Local partnerships with financial institutions are being negotiated with in order to implement this strategy widely across various markets.

Cross-Border Transactions: The combination of cryptocurrency wallets and the ability to do fiat cash outs across markets (through partnerships) open the ability to do cross-border transactions/remittances in a non-traditional way. Babb has tapped into the opportunity to be as flexible as it can be for the customers to choose the source currency from which to send funds cross-border.

In doing so, we ensure that there is an opportunity to access the funds in local fiat. In some markets, this may also mean introducing local agents that are linked to the local partner financial institution.

The technology is therefore developed in order to allow for rapid implementation of localized services for the benefit of the users, and in line with local regulatory requirements.

Fundraising in the Babb App: As one of the ways to provide financial inclusion, Babb believes in the power of creating a platform for people to help each other via fundraising.

This has been introduced in the first launch, and Babb believes that this is a promising service that will not only expand the user base but will also allow for more transactions to be made in the platform across markets.

Part of future growth is to expand the scope of this service and link with providers of aid and economic development funds.

Huge Potential: Babb app fundraising has a huge potential.

It is the universal access to funding, both for public and personal purposes. It removes middlemen, third parties and is accessible directly for both the donors and fundraisers.

It also introduces a unique Utility Token (Bax), which are available on the Ethereum network and are the lifeblood of the Babb Platform.

This makes it easy and affordable for everyone to raise funds with genuine causes from all over the world.

Share your campaigns on Social media platforms or directly with your contacts.

Built With AI and Blockchain Technology

Babb utilizes AI and Blockchain technology to propel users into the future of identification and verification. Now they can keep their assets safe and secure in the blockchain without worry.

Babb also applies AI and ML to support its KYC and onboarding process across various jurisdictions.

Traction & Accomplishments

Thus far, Babb has onboarded about 46,000 verified users in the platform, reaching 23% of our target for customer acquisition of 200,000 by mid-2021. Most customers acquired are from emerging markets.

Partnerships & Suppliers

Babb works with partners and suppliers to ensure seamless delivery of services, including:


Meet The Team

Rushd Averroes | Chief Executive Officer and Director

  • Founding CEO of Babb Group and Babb entities within the group
  • His experiences, both professional and personal, have allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the issues surrounding fair access to global financial services
  • He proudly explored efficient technological solutions relating to the problems of financial inclusion, microfinance, and international payment and banking systems
  • MA in Microfinance and Financial Inclusion from the University of Greenwich 

Grant Van Wyk | Chief Technology Officer

  • Experienced Executive, Technologist and Engineer with extensive knowledge working in the information technology and financial services industry
  • More than a 15 years' worth of experience in cutting edge Software Development, ITC projects and IT Operations, providing an excellent well-rounded understanding of the requirements for effective service delivery in the financial services and technology space
  • Has held a series of executive and leadership roles and has successfully co-founded companies that were responsible for building technologies, services and platforms that were ahead of their time in the fintech space
  • This includes innovative products like virtual credit cards and micro lending 

Ishak Kalkavan | Head of Product Delivery

  • Responsible for the overall product, its delivery and quality
  • Works closely with the Management team, designing new features and implements solutions for both the mobile and web versions of the app
  • BSc in International Relations from Dogus University in Istanbul, Turkey and a Masters in Shipping, Trade and Finance from CASS Business School, University of London (City), UK
  • Kalkavan is also an Associate (ASCI) member of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI UK) 

Yassin Mobarak | Dizer Capital, Advisor

  • Technology entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast
  • Founded Dizer Capital, a private equity firm focused on supporting early stage businesses in DLT/blockchain, clean energy, and financial inclusion
  • Based in Houston, Texas, USA 

Mohammed Noman | MLRO

  • 8+ years experience in the banking industry
  • Mohammed’s role is to protect BABB and our customers from Financial Crime risks with the maintenance of systems and controls, including policies and procedures which are in line with the ever-evolving Regulatory Requirements. He’s also responsible for ensuring the escalation of any strategic or significant Anti-Money Laundering or Terrorist-Financing issues to the relevant authorities.

Nikolaos Sifonios | Head of Business Development and Investor Relations 

  • Responsible for the fundraising and business development strategies of BABB in order to grow in the EU & UK
  • Worked across different departments in top tier 1 and tier 2 investment banks in UK, such as JPMorgan, Barclays Capital and Morgan Stanley
  • Also worked for NAREIG a real estate brokerage in China, for a UK property technology startup in the finance department and in investor relations for a tokenized Venture Capital fund focused on FinTech and Digital Securities 

Luigi Li Calzi | Digital Asset Portfolio Manager and Data Scientist 

  • Investment professional and data scientist with a track record of original idea generation, conceptual design, and execution of quantitative trading strategies
  • An analytical and detail-focused quantitative researcher with12+ years of experience analyzing large financial data sets, identifying strategic investment opportunities and assessing market risk.

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