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At BabelBark, we've harnessed the awesome power of technology to do just that.  Our revolutionary smart mobile app and platform brings everyone - including pet parents, vets, and other pet care businesses - together for a fully collaborative and optimized care effort.  Easy appointment scheduling, transparent medical records, and smart health care recommendations are just a few of the ways we're revolutionizing pet care.  Grab your leash and let's make some money!

We dress them up in silly sweaters during the winter.  We leave the TV on for them when we leave the house.  Some of us even let them eat at the kitchen table.

Yes, there are very few lengths we won't go to for our dogs.  As "pet parents", spending money on our four-legged kids is often an afterthought - evidenced by a pet industry that generates over $63 billion in the US annually.  Premium dog foods, boutique pet businesses, and new medical procedures are a few of the segments contributing to the industry's 6% annual growth.

But, it's not all belly rubs and gourmet treats in the pet market.  There's a fundamental disconnect between pet parents, vets, and other pet businesses - something that's become glaring in today's constantly connected society.  A few issues this is causing are:

The absence of one unified system that connects everything a pet parent needs for care - and everything pet businesses need to succeed - is the main reason for these gaps.  As a result, routine annual vet visits have declined over the years; pet super stores and large corporate clinics overwhelm regional providers; and optimal pet care is being threatened.  The time is now to connect a new generation of pet owners to key providers!

They say, "It takes a village to raise a child".  Well, at BabelBark, we believe the same thing applies to our furry friends.

BabelBark is the only solution of its type that collectively addresses the needs of pets, pet parents, independent veterinarians, and regional vendors under one umbrella.  How do we do this, you ask?  Through a collection of mobile applications, intelligent cloud analytics, and marketing tools neatly combined into one comprehensive software package. BabelBark effectively connects vendor tools, vet tools, and pet parent tools into one infrastructure that everyone can share.



The core BabelBark platform serves as a smarthub for animals that allows pet parents to manage their pets' unique needs through a mobile App.  It's geared exclusively towards dogs for now; but eventually, will expand to serve other species.  






However, we can't forget about BizBark - the second primary element of our platform.  BizBark is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed specifically for independent pet businesses.  It gives vets, groomers, walkers, boarders, and other pet care businesses an unprecedented opportunity to connect with customers, care for patients, and grow their companies - for free.

Finally there is BabelVet, which integrates directly with existing veterinary practice management software.  BabelVet gives vets access into the lives of their patients between visits and provides tools to create and manage wellness plans to encourage more frequent visits and preventive care.  BizBark and BabelVet contain a rich set of features that greatly lower the cost of business,  putting them on even ground with the giants...and improves dogs' lives!

Aside from loving our canine companions, technology is what we do best here at BabelBark.   The platform's backend is centered on Amazon’s secure cloud environment (AWS) with interfaces that feed data towards every party in the pet care spectrum.  Pet parents can manage their dog’s life using either an Apple or Android mobile app.  For vets, medical records are exported from existing practice management software with BabelVet for storage and sharing through the BabelBark cloud.  Data collected through BizBark, our SaaS CRM, is managed and shared in the same way - conveniently at the disposal of other pet businesses.  In this manner, the BabelBark platform strongly resembles the horizontal integration of pet super stores to create an ecosystem that offers unmatched convenience, value, and premium care.

Two minutes and a few taps of your finger is all it takes to get your pet front and center on the BabelBark platform.  Once there, here are a few of the top features you'll get to enjoy:

Easier parenting - Easily share pet medical records with vets including diet, activity, and medical dosages.  Lost & found information, pet licenses, and other care details are also made fully transparent - and appointment making is quick and easy.

Vet transparency - Thanks to BabelBark, vets now have better insight into their patients (and their parents) than ever before; this includes ongoing access to medical records.

Simplified operations - We make daily operations much simpler and less costly for the typical pet business.  Some of the huge pain points we solve include automated appointment scheduling, contact management, and marketing.

Promotional alerts - Pet parents can receive ongoing alerts for reminders, coupons, discounts, and other promos from their preferred pet businesses directly within the mobile app, where they are most likely to interact with it.

Integration - BabelBark has been crafted to be comprehensive and flexible with its features, making it so any company or person can integrate it to their needs (including pet insurance companies).

Smart analytics - Utilizing cloud-based analytics, we can predict and suggest vet visits based on activity and eating - as well as other health suggestions.

It's only been about 8 dog years (14 months) since we opened our doors - but we've made some incredible strides nevertheless.  We quickly locked up our first round of funding, made some key business deals, and even brought a product to market as we look to jump all over this opportunity.  Now, we're in fundraising mode again as we sit on the precipice of going fully live.  All told, here are some of our most impressive accomplishments to date:

Products are out there.  After a 3 month beta, our BabelBark iOS app went live in the Apple store in July 2016 - with the Android version currently in beta itself.  BizBark, our pet provider portal, debuted at SuperZoo on August 2nd.

Rapid user acceptance.  More than 50 businesses and 400 independent users have signed up with BabelBark to date, with more coming daily.  Many are using it several times per week.

Key user access deals made.  Sikka Software, a provider of veterinary practice analytics solutions, is jointly developing  a veterinarian mobile app to distribute through nearly 1,500 installed clinics.  We've also agreed on terms with Pet Plus Us, a key pet insurance player in Canada, who will grant us access to thousands of subscribers.Other partnerships in the works.  We're also deep in discussions with Pethealth, an international animal management software leader, and Trupanion, a publically traded pet insurance company, for beneficial strategic alignments.The press loves us.  Seattle Metro magazine, PetAge magazine, and the World Pet Association are just a few publications that have featured us with positive articles and press mentions.

BabelBark is led by a pair of seasoned professionals who have enjoyed significant past success in the software startup realm.  They're also dedicated lifelong dog owners who won't hesitate to do whatever it takes to keep their pets healthy and happy.  This combination of skill and desire is what eventually led to BabelBark's creation.  Let's meet our Founders:

Roy has grown multiple ventures in the tech sector, including Energy Points - which was acquired in 2014 by Lux Research.  Prior to this, he held executive leadership roles at companies like GridPoint (energy industry) and Comverse Technologies (telecom).  These experiences have given him a deep understanding of product development and generating mass market adoption - skills he relies on as our day-to-day leader and culture shaper.

Holding numerous executive roles, our co-visionary has experience launching products in a variety of industries - including enterprise software, military grade VoIP, smart grid solutions, and global consumer networks.  He also helped develop software in the corporate sector, at large companies like Microsoft.  Bill has a natural talent for conceptualizing, building, and delivering concepts from idea to monetization.  For us, he manages the product, partner ecosystem, and our strategic marketing efforts.

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