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BabyLiveAdvice: Fast Facts

Founded by a nurse and a mom, BabyLiveAdvice is a telehealth enabled service that employ nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, nutritionists, lactation consultants and others to serve mothers and parents remotely.

Using centering and the home visiting program guidelines as the core of our offering, BabyLiveAdvice (BLA) utilizes a telehealth platform with its own EMR system built on the Vsee technology. BLA has a SaaS application and a fully developed telemonitoring dashboard that can connect to multiple devices such as blood pressure cuffs, scales, home glucose devices and has Fitbit integration. 

BabyLiveAdvice providers provide many of the billable services that are required Medicaid but NOT provided regularly or at all currently by most clinics/providers due to staffing and limited resources which contributes greatly to poor care outcomes in maternal care.

Maternal childcare crisis

The financial cost is significant. The U.S. spends:

Live Care Coordination

BabyLiveAdvice cares for women, babies and parents.

We partner with hospitals and medical providers to fill the existing care gaps in the system that place mothers and babies at risk. We provide group education, chat, video consultation and after-hours support.

Our smartphone app and web site give users access to support where and when they need it most.

Expert nurses and midwifes are available to support mothers, fathers and families by appointment or on demand with no need for a referral or travel to multiple office sites.

Our advanced technology allows us to integrate with remote devices,  such as scales, BP, blood sugar monitors and pulse Ox.

Our dashboard can support remote devices such as ultrasound, fetal monitors, NSTs and more, now and as future tech grows.

With doctor’s orders, we can collect, interpret and aggregate the data, forwarding it to a physician if advanced intervention is needed.

BLA is the team extending the physician care capacity specifically in remote  and rural areas both in the USA and worldwide.

Now babies come with instructions

At the heart of the BabyLiveAdvice mission is the health and safety of women, babies, moms and parents.

We provide end-to-end support when and where users need it, from pre-pregnancy through early childhood. Our BabyLiveAdvice platform features easy-to-follow tasks, complete medical records and HIPPA-compliant video/audio and chat.

The app puts a wealth of expert care capacity at users’ fingertips. Resources include nurse and nurse practitioner advice, midwife and doula support, lactation support, access to social workers/care coordinators, nutritional support, diabetic education and virtual group education classes. 

Our monitoring dashboard provides real-time data, alerts and notifications, patient management and monitoring of remote measurements.

BabyLiveAdvice offers a unique technology solution with continuity of care, convenient access, coordination with health systems and cost savings for hospitals and providers.

It takes a village

Through our growing community of partners and customers, BabyLiveAdvice has the power to help babies and parents in the U.S. and around the world. Our village includes:

We expect the BLA village to grow rapidly. Two of our success stories:

Some words from our users

As a physician, I like to know that my mothers are well-cared-for between visits. BabyLiveAdvice staff gives me that peace of mind. They take my calls and care for my patients. My patients are better informed, calm, educated and supported.Dr. Lori Green, MD

I was 16 and alone when I learned of your services. Malcolm Junior was born at 31 weeks. You guys were there through it all — pregnancy, NICU, nights with no sleep and colic. You helped me stay in school. Empowerment like no other. T.W.

So many questions. I was on Google, blogs, mom groups and more. Then I find you, a nurse comes on, video chat and we are friends.  – L.R.

I am a single, gay father and I have my team of BLA moms who are making life on the daily doable. It is amazing to have someone to chat with, cry with, love with and feel sorry for myself with. Can’t thank you enough. Rosie is lucky to have her virtual moms. Thank you, team! M.M.

As a single mom of a premature baby, your help and guidance was a godsend. Could not have raised Mia without your lactation support, helping hand, nurse advice and car safety expertise. I am a member for life. J.S.

The BabyLiveAdvice team

Sigi Marmorstein MSN, FNP | FOUNDER AND CEO
Sigi Marmorstein has more than 20 years of experience in clinical practice as a nurse practitioner. She’s responsible for more than 80 successful telehealth implementation projects.

Milton Chen has extensive expertise in health technology.

Eyal Zadik has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare-focused operations, finance, strategy and corporate development.

Jim Finkelstein, MBA | BOARD MEMBER
Jim Finkelstein has more than 40 years of experience in business and human capital and venture management.

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