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At Bael Wellness, we design all of our ergonomic products to treat specific conditions, improve your posture, your sitting experience, and provide a healthy lifestyle -- all with maximum comfort.

Our patented seat cushion and travel neck pillow have taken the pressure off pain points for customers all across the world. Don’t believe us? Check out our Amazon reviews!

In a world where 95% of back pain drugs don't work and come with dangerous side effects, and most "orthopedic" cushions are just a branded piece of memory foam without any real effect, Bael Wellness stands above the rest. 

We’ve established really good growth, but are looking to expand into big box retailers and ramp up our international sales even more. To do that, we need to build our inventory -- that’s where you come in.

Bael Wellness has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise the $50,000 needed to expand our reach and help thousands, if not millions more experience the health benefits of our products. Make sure to continue on to the end of this profile for full funding information!

We mean it when we say it: we literally feel your pain. 80% of Americans have experienced back pain at one point or another in their lives. Because of this, almost all of us are at least conscientious of our posture and look for ways to improve our sitting experiences, and ultimately, alleviate our pain.

Sadly, most people never succeed treating their back pain or bad postures permanently. Most pain killer pills only work for a few hours and come with tons of side effects, the most effective sprays and belts are also just temporary relievers, most seat cushions are just branded pieces of foam, and improve-your-posture apps are all reactive solutions.

Back pain and bad postures can be treated permanently only by 
1.    Keeping spine straight.
2.    Cushioning pain points with optimal support.
3.    Distributing body weight evenly.

Here comes Bael Wellness. Our products are specifically designed to address back pain and bad postures NATURALLY AND PERMANENTLY, without any side effects. Our top-selling seat cushion has a specifically designed cut out section, cylindrical panels, slopes combined with high resilient memory foam that keeps spin straight amicably, supports pain points and distributes body weight evenly.

Our founder, Ashish Upadhyay, is an IT guy who was sitting all the time for work. Over time, he developed a herniated disk in his back. He tried all the products on the market to ease his back pain -- some flattened out over time, while others didn’t take the pressure off his spinal disk

It was through this pain and lack of relief that Ashish created Bael Wellness products which complement your body shape, don't slide around on your chair, and are easy to carry and transport.

It wasn’t enough to simply create a comfortable seat cushion or neck pillow though. Bael Wellness products target specific problems. Problems like sciatica, tailbone pain, and lower back pain.

Both these products have design patents, meaning you can trust that all Bael imitators will be just that: inferior imitation.

Bael Wellness products are perfect for anyone who

We’ve gotten some great reviews over the years; here’s a few of our favorites:

  • We are looking to expand into big box retailers and expand our international sales.
  • Build inventory.
  • Manufacture in-house within 3 years.
  • Finalize deals with the many major retailers we are in discussions with. We will have our products on shelves of major offline retailers in the US by mid 2016.
  • List our products online in Japan, Australia, and in India in next 2 months.
  • By mid 2016, we are planning to generate at least $35k monthly revenue from India.
  • Expand offline presence in Europe by the end of 2016.
  • Keep inventing products that fit within our brand.

Our solutions have universal appeal, our designs are patented, there aren’t many alternatives available in the market, we are doing extremely good with our conversion rates in online marketplaces, and we often run out of inventory, proving that this is the perfect time to take these products to the next level.

Bael Wellness products range from $29 to $41, so they are affordable for the vast majority of people. 

We are selling in online marketplaces in the US, Europe, and Canada, and are planning to expand to Japan, Australia, and India in a couple of months. Part of our funding will be used to bring our products to major retailers such as Walmart, Costco, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Bael Wellness was founded by Ashish Upadhyay and Dhwani Upadhyay. When Ashish developed a herniated disk, he tried many cushions that didn’t help and eventually invented his own optimal shape and design based on trial and error.

Investor relationships, marketing & sales, innovation, technology

Vendor management & procurement

Bael Wellness is seeking $50,000 in crowdfunding. We will use this funding to manufacture more inventory for our online and offline retail stores and reach a yearly revenue of $1.5 million.

To raise the money we need, we’re offering our products at a discount! Our only ask is that you be patient with a 2 month lead time. This will allow us to ship the products by sea, lower costs for us and make these discounts financially worthwhile for both of us!

It’s a win-win! Get a discount on a proven pain relief product and help us help more people just like you!

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile! Any question? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


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