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A new way to Borrow and Lend

The problems associated with business lending have become more and more apparent, but no one knows this better than Ed Jamison.

A banker for 40 years, Jamison saw firsthand that the business lending process was:
Slow, Cumbersome, Antiquated and in need of Change!

These elements create a significant problem for both lenders and borrowers.

Better still, all other documents and information requested can be provided online.

  • Search for borrowers in markets they lend
  • Preview and review loans
  • And negotiate with borrowers -- all online

A new way to Borrow and Lend

There’s a significant issue in the lending industry.

While there is ample supply of both borrowers and lenders, the process for finding the right fit is time consuming, and difficult for both parties.

Small- and medium-size businesses can spend as much as 25 hours preparing paperwork for a loan.
Then they'll approach an average of 2.5 lenders before they are approved!

And when they are finally approved, the results are often less than desirable, receiving only 80% of the amount requested.

A new way to Borrow and Lend

In short, lending to a business is a challenge with:

  • An antiquated process that fails to use the latest technology to modernize the system
  • A slow and monotonous problem whereby searching for a loan is expensive and ultra time-consuming
  • A system where each lender has its own application and requirements
  • Waiting around for lenders to respond, who are often very slow to do so - unless the answer is "no”
  • Forcing businesses to start the process all over again whenever a loan is declined

A new way to Borrow and Lend

As if that weren't enough, business lenders and loan marketing personnel find it very difficult to find borrowers.

You'd think that when these two sides so badly want to come together, they would do so.

But the old-fashioned process prevents that from happening.

And with 300,000 loan officers looking for loans, plus business marketing people doing the same, it can be difficult to sort through the clutter.

As the old saying goes, you have to “kiss a lot of pigs” to find a borrower or a lender!

A new way to Borrow and Lend

This whole process of borrowing and lending has become to complicated by:

  • Expensive advertising/marketing costs
  • A highly competitive lending market
  • An underwriting process that is time-consuming and expensive
  • The need to review many applications before finding one that qualifies●If you’re a lender, having to start the process over with each new borrower
  • For borrowers, wasting time negotiating with a lender that isn’t a good fit
  • Wasting endless amounts of paper

A new way to Borrow and Lend

bancr solves all of these problems by creating a marketplace where both parties -- lenders and borrowers -- can:

In essence, bancr is matchmaking for both borrowers and lenders.

We provide the opportunity for lenders and borrowers to search for
loans in one convenient place.

A new way to Borrow and Lend

A new way to Borrow and Lend
TRACTION & ACCOMPLISHMENTS launched in July 2018 in the Las Vegas market, followed by the Salt Lake Metropolitan market in December 2018.

We have used our time wisely, making changes and modifications based on both customer actions and the experience of being a live, fully functional operation.

A new way to Borrow and Lend

Ed M. Jamison
Chairman, President and CEO

  • 40 years as a lender and banker
  • Has founded two banks and has taken one public on NASDAQ

E. Derek Jamison

  • Undergraduate degree as a Computer Engineer
  • Graduate of George Washington Law School
  • Licensed Patent Attorney and Internet entrepreneur

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