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Barney Brown, Inc. is a sandwich delivery service that specializes in sandwich customization and catering via a suite of cutting-edge technology.

In just a few short clicks, customers can use our website or iOS/Android apps to build sandwiches choosing from 70+ of the highest-quality ingredients.  They can also bring the social element into play, browsing through friends’ subs & even sharing to Facebook.


There’s never been a shortage of sandwich shops to choose from here in the US.

But when it comes to finding a good one, well, that’s another story.  Despite being on seemingly every corner, the big-name sub chains are quick to eschew ingredient quality and freshness for profits - resulting in a less-than-stellar final product for customers.

Of course, our 200 million+ hungry American adults can also opt for local mom-and-pop sub shops, which typically make higher-quality sandwiches.  But they’re also generally:

  • More expensive
  • Have slower service
  • Are harder to locate (especially if unfamiliar with a city)

Plus, both sides of the coin have been very slow to adopt to the use of technology to provide better all-around customer service - outside of 3rd party delivery platforms.

No matter how you “stack” it, the time is now to flip the script on the American sandwich and add a heavy emphasis on the use of technology!


Enter Barney Brown: a custom sandwich shop specializing in delivery and catering in Manhattan.  We pride ourselves in striking that ideal balance between quality and technology-powered customer service that’s been absent for so long.

The Barney Brown sandwich creation process is left entirely to the customers, while our team stays focused on the curation, production, and delivery of the product.  Sandwiches can be built online using our Visual Sandwich Customizer, featuring 70+ ingredients.

And what outstanding ingredients they are.  We’re solving what’s been an ever-present market issue by sourcing only the highest quality ingredients for all levels of the sandwich, and combining them into one delicious product.

The Barney Brown online experience also provides a “Social Sandwiching” platform, which allows users to share their creations with others, browse through libraries of user-generated sandwiches, and login with Facebook to see friends’ creations.

With a focus on customization and a massive high-quality ingredient selection, Barney Brown truly does offer a sandwich for every appetite!


For us, it’s all about product sourcing.  We use a curated selection of ingredients from both national and local vendors - as working with national vendors in key product areas will allow for consistency of product throughout upcoming national expansion.

Customers can order proteins by the half, full, or double portion, and specify if they want their toppings & condiments light, regular, or heavy.  We’re currently available from Monday-Friday, between 10:00AM-4:00PM for delivery.

At Barney Brown, we employ all of our own staff and delivery drivers (no 3rd party labor, unlike others) in order to ensure high-quality food preparation and timely delivery.


And finally, it’s all supported by our market-leading, custom-built technology platform that includes a website, iPhone/Android apps, and our back-end order management system.  Customers can also browse a crowdsourced gallery of 35K+ user-submitted sandwiches.

Just a handful more of the many features & benefits the “Barney Brown way” provides:


We’ve got quite a bit to be proud  of despite only being in business a short time:

Average repeat order rate of 5x for online customers over next 12 months following original order (rises to 8.6x after excluding non-repeat customers).

Have been top rated sandwich company in midtown Manhattan on Seamless/Grubhub since launch, and top overall restaurant on several occasions (out of approximately 900).

Also maintaining perfect to near-perfect ratings on Google and Yelp.

Multiple partnerships secured with the best local bakeries and food vendors.

Obtaining positive press from top sources like the New York Times, Manhattan Digest,, and more.

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Barney Brown was conceptualized back in 2016 by CEO Matt Baer, a sandwich lover who’s searched high and dry for the perfect one in NYC.

Unfortunately, this search has always ended up with Matt either disappointed in ingredient quality or in a lack of technology to facilitate ordering.  Finally, he had enough - and decided to kick the tires on Barney Brown.

Matt is also Co-Founder and former COO of Baked by Melissa, an NYC-based miniature cupcake company with 14 locations.

He’s joined on the Barney Brown team by:

With a strong combined background in the food and technology sectors, our team has come together to build Barney Brown into the next big thing in sandwiches.

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