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Affordable smart wallet that’s lightweight, trendy and secure


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Bee: Fast Facts

In an effort to streamline daily payment processes, Radiius Corp created Bee, the world’s smallest wearable smart wallet. The device makes payments hands-free and fast, ending the struggle of a cluttered wallet or a lengthy checkout.

Bee is small and lightweight yet entirely secure -- using biometric fingerprint scanning, encryption, and tokenization to protect your payments. The best part? Bee is fully compatible with contactless payments and supports a range of different cards.


  • Avoid long lines with contactless payments
  • Small, colorful device clips to anything
  • Manage device with an integrated and powerful app, BeeHive
  • Store up to 20 cards from various providers
  • Works with all Android and iOS wearable devices

The Clutter of Payments

              There are more than
      200 million
card holders         in the United States each of whom           carry an average of five cards.


Technology has rocketed forward in the past decade--everything is available at our fingertips, with the click of a button or the tap of a screen. More and more daily activities are being consolidated to smartphone applications, so everything we need is integrated and easily accessible.

Somehow our wallets missed the mark on this update, though. Consumers are still forced to carry a stack of cards - from debit and credit cards to transit and membership cards. Our wallets simply  have not modernized in the same way our other devices and tasks have.

Wallets are getting less secure by the day. They can be easily stolen and card numbers compromised, causing endless hassles for the consumer.

Smart wallets are on the market, but they tend to be associated with only one platform or company, alienating potential customers. There simply isn’t an easy, universal solution.

A Buzzworthy Fix

Radiius Corp created Bee to liberate consumers from the weight of their wallets. Bee is the smallest and most secure biometric NFC payments solution.

Bee is a lightweight and portable device, weighing in at about 15 grams and measuring only 24 millimetres in diameter. It clips onto whatever the user wants to use as their wallet, including other smartwatches and wearable devices.

Bee will serve as a global device that links all of a users cards (credit, debit, membership, transit, etc.) onto a single platform. The consumer doesn’t need to worry about whether or not their device will connect with their wearable wallet - Bee is universally compatible.

BeeHive is an easy-to-use app that allows the user to customize their mobile wallet. Additionally, the app offers expense tracking, budgeting tools, and algorithmically finds the best deals.

Key Features

Users never have to worry about the frantic struggle to cancel your cards if they lose their wallets. Bee can only be used with your unique biometric scan, and it uses tokens when transmitting your information, so it’s never compromising your card number.

The device is small and light, weighing less than 15 grams. Bee can be clipped onto a smartwatch or purse, or used with its own wrist strap or key fob option.

You can store up to 20 cards on Bee. The device can be used anywhere that supports contactless payments--the majority of retailers are equipped with the same.

With the BeeHive app, you can see all your cards in one place. Leave your wallet at home--it’s all on the Bee now.

Creating Quite The Buzz

Meet The Team

Mitra | CEO &Founder
Twenty-five years of experience in IT products, software, and consulting


Sudhir Jha |CTO & Founder
Twenty-five years of experience in IT consulting, process improvement, product development, and business applications


Shujauddin ZM | SVP of Engineering
Twenty-five years of experience in product engineering and consumer design, adds a critical perspective to product design


Raghunadan Mishra | SVP of Products
Eighteen years of consulting experience in products, application development, and process management


Mukesh Kumar | Mobile Architect & Development Lead
Passionate about emerging technology and creating products that make an impact


Annetta Lijoy | Software Architect
Experienced in Telecom, Datacom, wireless communication, security, multimedia, and systems processing

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