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Beem Biologics specializes in developing biological-based agricultural chemicals for organic and conventional growers.

Derived from desert, mountain, and sea plants, our team has discovered unique compounds with broad application as biofertilizers, biostimulants, and biopesticides -- allowing crops to reach their full yield potential through enhanced growth and fruiting, while increasing resistance to serious crop pests and replace disease with salinity. 


Around the world, agricultural food and fiber production is faced with enormous challenges: 

Commodity crop prices are down 

Crops are suffering stress from temperature extremes, salt, and drought

Nematodes and other pests cause major crop damage, but treatment is expensive & toxic

Demand for organic food is growing, but organic crop chemicals are limited & costly

While synthetic crop chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and plant growth regulators have played a major role in feeding and clothing the world throughout the 20th century, they simply don’t provide the sustainable solution to crop nutrition and health that’s become necessary in the 21st century. 

Meanwhile, the use of synthetic crop chemicals is being subject to increasingly tightened regulatory restrictions with mounting political and ecological pressure to take certain agro-chemicals off the market due to their toxic nature and negative environmental impact.

Enter: biologicals. 

Biological compounds -- or ag biologicals, as they’re referred to in the industry -- are non-toxic plant extracts and naturally-derived compounds that provide many of the answers that face the crop chemical industry.

They’re sourced naturally (i.e., they’re sustainable), they support soil and crop health through natural processes, they help to meet the rising demand for residue-free food, and they prevent many of the problems associated with synthetic chemicals.

At Beem Biologics, we’re advancing biologicals into a new era.


Beem’s first series of products are based on a unique and proprietary extract called Isoprenoid Amino Complex (IAC), an ag biological composed of 100+ compounds and sourced from the root of the guayule desert shrub -- grown commercially for decades for latex. 

Enhances Growth & Fruiting | Helps plants reach their full genetic potential.

Improves Resistance | Eases drought, climate, and salt stress. Limits nematode damage.

Non-Toxic | Acts as a biopesticide without being toxic to other species.

Increases Yields | Biostimulant effect directly translates to greater economic benefits for growers.

Boosts Grower Income | Delivers 5x or greater returns for growers.

Affordable | | Economical for field crop growers at $10 - $12 per acre. 

Disruptive | Replaces the reliance on synthetic chemicals.

Effective | Proven effective in doses as low as ½ per pint per acre in many field crops.

Naturally Organic | Enables use by the ever-increasing number of organic growers.

Safe | Safe for farm workers and neighbors, opening up millions of acres to treatment!

ISO NPK: A Proven Effective Solution

Field trials of ISO NPK throughout university, private research firms, and in-house studies confirm our new biostimulant significantly promotes healthy, yet rapid early plant development, enhanced flowering, fruiting, and higher yields in a wide variety of crops: 

The crops and trial results listed above represent just a small sampling of the over 25 crops our team has trialed with ISO NPK to wildly successful results.  

I achieved 26% greater corn yields with ISO NPK.”
Dave Lankford, Agri-Measures

When I saw the increased size and enhanced color after the second  application of the ISO product on blueberries I knew there would be a                       difference in yield. When you see something that pronounced as early as it               was, you really want to keep your eye on it.”
         Rudy Allen, CPAg/CCA-NW, AgTech Services, LLC

Based on the trials that we experienced on our farm, we are convinced that ISO NPK represents the future for yield increases in vegetables and grains.            We will now be using ISO NPK for corn and soybeans across our entire farm.”
        David Mattix, Grower



Since Beem’s inception in 2014, our team has made tremendous progress in our mission to become a premium provider of breakthrough biological technologies to growers around the world. 

We secured an exclusive license and supply agreement in 2016 with Arysta LifeScience: a leader in high-value, high-growth specialty market segments in the crop protection industry with $1.8 Billion in revenues and distribution in more than 100 countries.

We submitted our first patent filing in Q3 2015.

We established our process line and manufacturing facility in Q1 2016.

We secured state registrations for our ISO NPK product in 44 states in Q3 2017.

We achieved listing as an OMRI certified organic product in Q4 2017.

We’ve generated nearly $890K in revenues YTD by EOY 2017. 


Beem Biologics’ founding team combines decades of expertise across plant physiology, agriculture, business development, and commercial ventures and has the know-how and passion needed to grow Beem into a leading name in crop protection on a global scale.

Stephen Butler, PhD | CEO & Chairman | Administrative and technical leader with 35+ years of senior management experience in a range of positions with Caterpillar, Stoller, and others in the US, Africa, and Middle East.   

Ben Cloud | COO | 35+ years’ experience across business development, production agriculture, sustainable farm development, and guayule farming/processing.

Lance Beem, MS | Director | Plant scientist with 35+ years in the crop chemical industry. Experience working with more than 100 biological compounds with Union Carbide, Rhone Poulenc, Abbott Labs/Valent USA, Stoller, among others.

Rodolfo Manzone, PhD | Director | Deep expertise in industrial scale-up, strategy, and licensing across large international industrial chemical manufacturers, including, Yulex, Abtech Industries, EniChem SpA, Versalis North America (as President), and more. 

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