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What We Do

Bella Cova,  (translation: "the beautiful nest"), will be pioneering a retail and resource center in Spokane, WA, dedicated to nurturing and empowering new mothers with quality information, outstanding products, and compassionate services, all in ONE place.

  • We will be working together with Bloom Spokane, an online birthing network, to increase the number of safe and positive births in our region.
  • Bella Cova will also provide breastfeeding support with an on site, full time certified lactation consultant as well as host daily breast feeding support group meetings and weekly educational classes.
  • Bella Cova will be hosting an on site and traveling “Milk Bar” (luxury breast feeding tent at trade shows, fairs, etc.) where mamas can test out breast pumps and have a relaxing place to nurse their babies.
  • Bella Cova’s retail shop will provide mamas and babies with many quality and green friendly products to rent or purchase and the ability to try them out before buying them.
  • Bella Cova will provide a daily meeting space for mama and baby related support groups, host regularly scheduled educational workshops and classes, and provide a fun place for families to network and meet.
  • Bella Cova will provide a nurturing space for mamas to get healthy and take care of their bodies before and after pregnancy (example: our organic cafe "The Stork Club," and meeting space and our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes). 

How It Works

Many new and expectant mothers, like me, have a tremendous need for expert lactation support and information. They may be discouraged from breastfeeding because they don’t have the instant resources available to them through their troubles or the ability to test the products before buying them. Often, the equipment cost is discouraging as well, and the only current resource available locally for renting breast pumps is the hospitals, and they only offer one brand with fairly high rental fees. As more and more women enter the workforce sooner after birthing their babies, and with growing medical support to encourage breastfeeding babies vs. formula feeding, the need to be prepared with the proper equipment and support is imperative. 

Given the current economic state of the nation, more and more families are looking to reusable and renewable products to save money. The average family can spend thousands of dollars a year purchasing disposable diapers. Many families in need, find themselves having to choose between buying diapers and food, utility bills or childcare. Another surprise to me as a new mother is that there is no store in Spokane to purchase the quality cloth diaper products available on the market. I had to purchase my cloth diapers and accessories online from a store in NY!

Spokane is a health care leader in many respects, with many award winning hospitals and programs. However, there is a great need in our community to promote mother-friendly maternity care and encourage childbearing families and birth professionals to make informed health care decisions and improve our community’s birth culture. Currently, there is a valuable birthing network online called "Bloom Spokane." It has often been suggested to Bloom Spokane to open a physical store and resource center for Bloom clients so families can have a location to come to and talk with the birthing professionals in person and to host Bloom Spokane meetings and events. They have been looking for someone else to fill that void for the last 4 years.

Expectant as well as postpartum mothers, both need to stay in shape, receive relief from pregnancy and birthing aches and pains, as well as prepare for labor and birth. A mother needs to be educated and nurtured herself, first, in order to be able to provide the best care for her family. Spokane is in need of a facility to host quality prenatal and postnatal exercise (yoga, pilates, etc.) and nutrition classes with professional instructors and educators devoted to mamas and babies (baby food making classes, etc.), as well as a facility dedicated to nurturing mamas through massage and alternative medicine choices for pregnancy and postpartum remedies, in one location.

Why Buy / How We're Different

The Problem – Spokane needs a resource/retail center dedicated to new and expectant mothers. While there are many consignment shops for baby, child and maternity clothing, and hospital services post birth, etc., there is no place in the Spokane area that carries the quality, unique products (example: top name brand cloth diapers, green breast pumps), or will offer the services and support (example: support groups for new Papas, or premie support meetings). We will offer the convenience of providing these things for families, in ONE, nurturing location.

History, Traction, & Why We're Raising

As a new mother, I was determined to provide the irreplaceable nutrients and bonding of breastfeeding for my baby, but found myself in much discomfort and frustration with the process. I needed help, and I needed to talk to a human being in person, asap! I discovered there was no place in Spokane to just walk in, no appointment made, and “talk out” my problem (especially on a Saturday), or to buy the necessary resources with personal instruction to be successful.

I'm SO passionate about starting this business, as are many mothers and families in Spokane. I've been working feverishly on getting it going for the last few months (my husband keeps telling me I have a small "army" working for me!). I'm currently on the quest to attain funds for the start up of Bella Cova. I've never felt so right about something, and it's obvious that the main purpose of this business (helping people) is being smiled upon greatly! :)

I've been trying to come up with a way to make our dreams happen with an SBA special loan. All we need to come up with is the down payment on the loan ($32k) and a financial partner(s) to purchase the house where the center will be (see below: the gorgeous, wonderfully pre-zoned house).

That being said, without any solid partners involved, and the goal of opening in September, and with the state of the economy today, I know that private investors and philanthropists (like you!) are looking for creative ideas in which to invest and often get a better return on their investments by working directly with business owners. I've decided to try crowd funding. As you may or may not know, it's an "all or nothing" fundraising technique (either you reach the entire goal by deadline, or you don't get any of the contributions - no one is charged if the goal isn't reached). I've been meeting so many supportive people and even some that have thought of starting a business like mine, but again, the stars just weren't aligned to pull it off. For those of you who know me well, you know once I get an idea in my head, I make it happen.

So, here's the deal: Lets MAKE IT HAPPEN TOGETHER! I'm going public and letting the world know about Bella Cova! I need to find a large contributer for the purchase of the house, etc. (please contact me if that's you!), but in the meantime, I need to work towards getting that smaller, down payment on the bank start-up loan so we can at least secure that and move forward with negotiations on purchasing the house.

Here's where I ask you, my friend, family member, lover of all things mama, baby and Heather & Tony Villa related ;), to become more involved in helping me start this business for our community. Please browse through my profile, and if you feel so inclined, make a contribution to the cause. You can see the levels of cool rewards involved, and if you should feel even more generous or just as passionate about the cause and are interested in becoming a larger partner, please contact me directly. I'm open to ideas ;)

I'm confident this business is going to be successful, and with YOUR support and the support of my friends and family in getting it started, I'm even MORE energized! Cheers and Much Gratitude, Heather


Here is just a little snapshot of some of the quality, green friendly products (unique to the Spokane market!) we will be carrying in our retail part of the center!

FUZZIBUNS, BUMGENIUS, ETC. award winning cloth diaper brands.

Hygeia Breast Pumps! (Surpasses Medela in quality and GREEN FRIENDLY, reuse and recycle!)

Moby Wraps!

And many, many, MANY MORE green and mama/baby friendly products!


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