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In the rapidly expanding 3D software and printing industries, there are two big opportunities available for Bespoke Cloud.  First, there is currently no cross-browser 3D software available on the market - all 3D design and printing is done through expensive computer-based software, requiring a high level of expertise. We have developed a fully functional, simple in-browser experience for all rendering, available in milliseconds.  Second, in the 3-D printing industry, there is no aggregated place to design and search for 3-D printing options across the web.  We allow any customer to upload an image, render it to 3D, and find all 3D printing sources all in one place.

Bespoke Cloud offers a browser-based solution that consists of advanced features and user-friendly widgets, which average users can easily use to design and print 3D objects.

Furthermore, since we have a browser-based SaaS solution, we can offer a commercially cost-effective solution, where we can leverage different revenue streams, such as royalty on printing sales, or minimum monthly fee, without the need for expensive licensing.

How Our Service Works

We are like a combination of Google Sketch Up and Amazon, for the 3D printing industry.

Bespoke Cloud provides a 3D printing marketplace, where users can upload, create, and modify 3D objects for custom 3D printing. 

Once the user chooses an object for printing, we will search for the provider with the best pricing and quality and place the order. The provider will then package and ship using our brand.

Imagine you can design online gifts, or a child can design customized toys and within a few days have the items arrive at your doorstep.  That's our vision.

Meet The Founder

Aaron Breuer is the founder and CEO of Bespoke Cloud. 

Aaron's story is a unique one, having grown up in a Hasidic community in New York with no formal education.  Aaron taught himself English at a young age, and although he grew up without ever owning a computer, he also taught himself everything about the mortgage industry, programming, day trading, and business.

Aaron manages a large team of developers and has trained numerous high-level developers over the past few years.

Aaron Breuer's areas of expertise are the following:

  • Software development
  • Project Management
  • New Business Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • SaaS
  • advanced Java
  • Sales Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS

Product Traction and Potential

So far, Bespoke Cloud has achieved its goal to create a web based cross-browser 3D application. Our 3D software has been successfully tested by our software engineers and developers and based on our timetable, we can launch our product in the next two months.

Our 3D program has physics simulation capabilities, which have the potential for serving other industries such as virtual dressing, online games, etc. in the near future.

We have full-time developers working every day to improve and continually to update our software.  We are constantly upgrading and innovating to bring the best possible product to market.

**We also have a prototype built and easily accessible for those who are interested.  Please message us and we'd be happy to arrange a demo for you to try  the software for yourself.

What Makes Our Software Different?

General 3D software relies on a graphic card and canvas, both of which are not available in most modern browsers.  So Bespoke Cloud has developed a software accelerated engine that uses the browser's native SVG – VML for our rendering engine.  Many advanced enterprise applications, such as Google charts, rely on SVG – VML.

In addition, we have developed many advanced proprietary algorithms and user-friendly widgets to make 3D printing a simple 'upload and shop' experience, rather than an expert design and science experiment. We will help people and businesses acquire unique individualized products with easy, user-friendly and reliant software. We will provide a one-stop-shop application where consumers can do basic rendering, 3D construction, 3D modeling and 3D printing without having to move from one software to another.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using additive processes, where laying down successive layers of material creates the 3D object. 3D printing is considered distinct from traditional machining techniques (subtractive processes), which mostly rely on the removal of material, by drilling, cutting etc.

A materials printer using digital technology usually performs 3D printing. Since the start of the twenty-first century there has been a large growth in the sales of these machines, and their prices have dropped substantially.

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