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There are too many of our veterans that have been neglected after serving tours of duty and defending our country. There are also many who have been trained in areas of war that cannot be useful in maintaining employment to sustain themselves or their families. Our focus is to eradicate the homelessness of the veteran through retraining, realistic employment and providing the means to home ownership.

Product/Service Details

We provide Veteran Housing and Training. Training includes sustainable organic vegetation greenhouses and building systems that include green energy dependence. Our most detailed services can be viewed at

Traction & Accomplishments

We have gained the support of many commissoned and non commissioned officers who also feel the need to provide aid to our forsaken veterans. We have partnered and acquired a full system to train personell to build houses in record time, to build systems to grow and maintain their vegetation food source throughout the year.

How We're Different

Our aim is to get these abandoned veterans and retrain them in fields of employment relevant to their areas of residence. To help them to acheive levels of a self supporting status that can sustain themselves and or their families all year long. The training also allows for these veterans to be readied to provide assistance in disaster recovery, as far as rebuilding the homes lost in lieu of any natural disaster.


Norma Brown - President/Founder

I am BHWCS. I am one who cares about the ailments of society. 

I started Brown's Handicapped Workshop in 1980 to give support to the handicapped and the economically disadvantaged. I saw that the veterans were being neglected in our society and throughout many communities and amended the mission statement to officially include the American Veteran in 1996. Since then I have assemble a team of like minded individuals who have the same heartfelt connection and commitment to the eradication of the problem that affects all of us in different ways. With the help of the American people whose life and liberty has been safeguarded and preserved by these disparaged veterans, we all can make a difference.


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