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In July of 2012, something powerful happened: thousands rallied to support the shared goal of creating a multi-sport GPS watch, made for women, by women. For too long the athletic tech industry has been dominated by male designs, male perspectives, and male proportions. The GPS watches currently on the market are large, unattractive, and complex to use, and fail to provide any of the exciting new features that wireless technology can provide.

Bia Sport, named after the Greek goddess of force and power, is the first tech-enabled lifestyle brand for active women. Our first product - a sleek, easy-to-use multi-sport GPS training watch  - is proof that the devices currently on the market are not cutting it for female athletes. In just 40 days, Bia elicited the support of 2,118 backers, bringing in $408,160 and ensuring the Bia watch would come to market. The journey of that campaign and the development process since has kept customers engaged and formed a strong grass-roots foundation for the brand. 

For too long “Shrink It and Pink It” has been the design philosophy behind both technology and fitness gear for women. Women are insulted by compromised products. But women are not small men. As we race to the finish line we don’t have time to fuss with some clunky, overly-complicated design. Bia was designed by athletes to combine no-compromises multi-sport functionality with kick-ass style, and insane ease of use.

Bia can be used to track any distance based activity including running, cycling, and swimming plus any type of cardio-based workout. Full triathlon race mode and water resistance up to 50M allows GPS tracking even while swimming. Our quick-connect GPS ensures that you don’t waste time “finding satellites". All data is instantly transferred to your online training log after you end your workout so that you don't waste time “syncing.” Best of all, our first-ever SOS alert feature will grant you and your loved ones peace of mind while on solo workouts.

The watch itself is small, sleek, and ergonomically designed so it’ll never get in your way. The lightweight, flexible band is interchangeable and infinitely adjustable, ensuring the perfect fit. With just one button and an intuitive touchscreen, it doesn't require an instruction manual to learn to use. And the distinct silhouette will identify each wearer as a member of the incredible Bia community - thousands strong before the watches have even been manufactured.

Want to reserve your own? We’re quickly approaching 3,000 pre-sales, and then our early bird pricing and limited edition watch colors will never be available again!

Bia will be worn by anyone who swims, bikes or runs 3 or more times per week and wants to track their progress or improve their performance. 53% of marathon finishers and 65% of half marathon finishers are women - and each one of these women has an average of 4 friends who aspire to be like her. We’ve designed Bia to provide the role models among us the tool they need to beat their best - and along the way we’ve built a community of strong, motivated women dedicated to propelling their peers towards their goals. In the fullness of time, Bia will be synonymous with this community, whether online or at the finish line.

Bia is the product of two boot-strapping go-getters, Cheryl Kellond and Sylvia Marino. Tech professionals, late-blooming athletes and busy moms, they have managed to create a ground-breaking new device in a booming market and incite the support of thousands of women. Below, a few of our most notable accomplishments to date.

January 31th Update: OFFICIALLY SHIPPING!!!

Over 10,000 people on the waiting list

Surpassed Kickstarter goal in 2012, raising $408,160 in 40 days

Pre-sales to date exceed 2,500 units, or $550,000

200 units currently being field tested

Utility patent pending on our real-time SOS alert feature

"First Look" product review by sports-tech authority DCRainmaker, who called the device "groundbreaking", "incredibly accurate", and "very cool"

Came out of Lemnos Labs, a respected hardware incubator in San Francisco; Seed funded by 500 Startups

Already secured $1MM in seed funding






Shut Up and Run

Another Mother Runner


We have big plans; our multisport GPS device is just the start. Long term, we intend to create a device-agnostic mobile site allowing athletes a forum to scrapbook their fitness journey, get coaching insights, find new workout partners, and connect with a supportive community in myriad ways.

In 2014, we have our sights set on establishing an in-store presence. We’re in talks with a number of specialty retailers, all of whom believe in our unique concept. We’re looking forward to creating pop-up concepts and events and innovative displays in partnership with these retailers to showcase our product line as it expands. We can’t wait!

Cheryl Kellond, CEO/Co-Founder, is a 15-year veteran of Silicon Valley who shipped $750MM of version 1 consumer products at NEC, ETRADE, Adobe and Yahoo. A late-blooming triathlete, she outgrew the GPS apps on her phone and set out to build something better. Mom of 4. Ironman. 

Sylvia Marino, Co-Founder, is a pioneer in online communities and a master of operations. She was responsible for scaling from nothing to millions of users. She is also a marathon open water swimmer with 100+ Alcatraz and an English Channel Relay to her credit.

Jen Costillo, Head of Hardware Engineering, has 15 years of consumer device development experience. This wearable sensor ninja most recently worked on the most high profile consumer product releases at Amazon Lab 126. Jen is a recreational runner and an accomplished and passionate dancer.

Jacob McNamee, embedded-wireless and low-power firmware hero with a dozen consumer products under his belt and a 4.0 GPA from Georgia Tech. 

Our tech team has designed GPS and wireless communication systems that have navigated the Mars Rover, powered the Google StreetView backpack, and thwarted hundreds of bank robberies. Our design team has worked on products for Apple, Jawbone, Palm, Nike, Frog Design, and Verizon

Our Asia operations and supply chain are managed by Amphibian Asia. Amphibian is a new product operations firm founded by the folks who built Apple's original China supply chain and manufacturing capability. 

Don Hutchinson: GM Excite @Home, Netcom's IPO, and CEO of

Eric Klein: Partner at Lemnos Labs, previously at Nokia, Danger, Apple

Ken Wirt: VP Consumer Marketing at Cisco, previously at Apple

Julie Smolyansky: CEO at Lifeway Kiefer

Past investors include Lemnos Labs and 500 Startups. See the full list here.

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