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Bigdatainvestor Overview

We value your money and want to help you to maximize your returns in startup investments.

Backed by world class research & institutions, Bigdatainvestor leverages machine learning and advanced algorithms to assess startups risk and equips you as an investor with the knowledge to increase probability of success and improve returns.

While we compute complicated algorithms, an investor gets a simple and intuitive interface. Maximizing returns should not be difficult.

Dead-End Startup Investing Practices

While experience and knowledge are critical, many investors often lack the proper data and evaluation tools necessary to adequately assess risk and mitigate losses.

The issue is made worse for smaller investors. That’s the reason larger investors often show higher returns. They have an unfair advantage

 Many of the investors receive over 1,000 requests a year and can fund only less than 0.5% of these. A humongous task if they need  to screen manually. How do they select winners among these?

The industry is in immediate need of a solution that provides data-driven insights into the investing decision-making process.

Enter: Bigdatainvestor.

Data-Powered Investments

Bigdatainvestor delivers ML solutions that empower investors with data-driven insights to improve the probability of success and increase their returns.

Our platform serves as a complement to the investor’s decision-making process, allowing them to incorporate our algorithmic predictions into their current model to reduce risk.

How it Works

Leveraging these data, our system is then able to predict the following outputs:

Proof of Concept Results

Traction & Accomplishments 

Bigdatainvestor has several current and prospective partnerships including:

  • US-based accelerator to build out our solution for fast-tracked commercialization. US expected to be the largest center for operations
  • Offer from UK Research & Innovation to co-create project IP. Offer from County Durham to help relocate the venture to UK
  • Potential partnership with fast growth companies. A large Global consultancy offering skill-based engagement partnership
  • Offer from multiple accelerators in US, Asia, and UK  to partner with and to help commercialize the business.

Our Executive Leadership

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