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What We Do

~~At BikeLink, LLC., we provide the millions of people, including law enforcement, that ride motorcycles/trikes and other open cockpit vehicles, greater visibility and safety to help avoid traffic accidents. Using a customizable lighting system, the wireless helmet unit is lightweight, durable, interchangeable, and gets you noticed wherever you go. BikeLink - TURN LIGHTS THAT TURN HEADS!


How It Works

The BikeLink system works by installing our Patent Pending BikeLink system to the vehicle's wiring harness or lights, using the color guide of your specific make and model. The Helmet-Unit attaches to open face, full face, modular, and most half helmets in use today around the world.

Step 1 - Use the provided template to align inerts for the helmet clips.

Step 2 - Insert clips around the base of the helmet.

Step 3 - While BikeLink Helmet-Unit against the desired helmet, use the provided screw mounts and srews on the Helmet-Unit to align with the inserted clips and tighten.  Congatulations! You just installed BikeLink on your helmet.


The BikeLink system changes instantly in response to the rider’s activity. This includes turn, brake, running, hazard and reverse lights, with options for more specialized and unique functions. All functions related to signaling are communicated from the vehicle to the helmet using Blutooth 4.0. This provides a strong, secure data path and eliminates cross talk or interference from other sources, including other riders using BikeLink. The speififc Blutooth 4.0 also allows for realtimetime multi-device communication!

  Comfort for the passenger has not been overlooked. If desired, the brake light will brightly shine only from the passenger’s Helmet-Unit and not from the front rider, when riding with the 2UP system. This keeps the extremely bright LEDs from shining directly into the eyes of the passenger, and still keeps the brake light active for surrounding traffic to see.

Why Buy / How We're Different

• Customize your running color (worlds' first!)

• Customize your turn signal pattern (Controlled by the BikeLink App)

• Customize your brake pattern

• Select your own Helmet-Unit cover (As if you couldn't customize it enough already.)

• Wireless rechargeable Helmet-Unit

• Sync multiple helmets to 1 motorcycle (Think about it! You, your significant other, and even your little one in the side car, all wirelessly linked to the vehicles light pattens and operations. awesome!)

• Sync 1 or 2 motorcycles to the same helmet (for those fortunate enough to have more than on open cockpit vehicle to ride)

• Removable Helmet -Unit (but why would you want that?)

• Driver and passenger-specific features (very cool!)

• Save, send, and recieve settings W/ BikeLink App (And many other incredible features and information you get only through the App.)

All open-cockpit riders need to increase their visibility to lower accidents on-road, off-road, in the snow, search and rescue, law enforcement, etc... If you want to use the factory preset functions and colors, then you are all set right out of the box. For more personalized settings, use the BikeLink APP on your smartphone.

History, Traction, & Why We're Raising

We’ve been working on the BikeLink system over the past 2 1/2 years. The BikeLink Helmet-Unit that you see in the video is a real working prototype. With our great team, our Patent-Pending status, and most importantly your support, we can get BikeLink onto helmets worldwide. Your contribution will help fund:

- Stage (1) Final engineering

- Stage (2) Raw materials/tooling

- Stage (3) Manufacturing/fulfillment

We are fortunate that we live in an area that is home to some of the best engineers, manufacturers, and shipping logistics providers in the world. Creating a strong relationship with, and understanding of, these supporting organizations has been paramount. We look forward, as do they, in further business development, and that's where you--our supporters--come in. Your support is Key. So, "THANK YOU!" in advance, along with these additional rewards:


$109 ($199.00 MSRP) - Jump start: Only 500 (1UP BikeLink pack) units available

$139 ($199.00 MSRP)- One (1UP BikeLink pack) w/free App

$189 ($325.00 MSRP) - One (2UP BikeLink pack) w/ free App

$395 - Three (1UP BikeLink packs) w/free App

$690 - Five (1UP BikeLink packs) w/free App

$1,285 – Rally Pack 10. Ten (1UP packs) w/freeApp

$3,275 - Dealer Pack. Ten (1UP packs) and Ten (2UP packs)


Q. How long does the battery last?    The dual-rechargeable battery keeps the Helmet-Unit LEDs running approximately 6 hrs. (full brighntness) non-stop use. 

Q. Do the LEDs in the Helmet-Unit stay on all the time?    NO, the Helmet-unit can be turned on or off anytime you choose.

Q. The blink timing was a bit off in the video, how is that affected by new patterns?  The unit shown in the video was an early version of the prototype. That prototype used its own timer when activated. We have since made the move to the fast and powerfull blutooth 4.0 and have timed functions using a powerfull microprocessor that reacts in milliseconds to turn on and off any illuminated function. All lighting activation is precisley timed to whatever the vehicle activation and deactivation provides. In other words, it's perfectly synced now!

Q. What if it rains?    Riding in the rain is no problem. The Helmet-Unit is very water resistant. In fact, you can fully submerge the unit in water for a short time. Even though we don’t see many riders underwater, we still want to make a durable product.  

Q. Scratch/Dent proof?   Made of a specific polycarbonate blend that is extremely difficult to break, we will be offering many hard-shell skins to protect and stylize the Helmet-Unit even further.

Q. Will it drain my motorcycle battery?    NO, the Helmet-Unit will not drain the motorcycle battery. The unit has its own internal twin-rechargeable battery system. The Helmet-Unit can automatically turn off when there is no activity detected and turn on when picked up for use.  

Q. How does it charge?    Connected or not!  We include a wall charger and 12v charger. You can charge BikeLink using your motorcycle or any standard wall 110v outlet. Later, a special charge-plate allows you to charge the Helmet-Unit without having to plug it in. Simply take off your helmet and set it on the BikeLink Charge-plate and walk away. You can even hang your helemt using the BikeLink wall mount, and still charge the Helmet-Unit wirelessly!

Q. Can I replace the rechargeable battery(s)? Not at this time. The housing is designed to fit a specific rechargeable battery, and it needs to be sealed for durability and adverse weather conditions. More details on that as we get underway.

Future accessories

Already In the works are several innovative and actually usefull accessorries.

A wall mount for your wireless charging base.

Protective as well as colorfull Helmet-Unit cases (like cell phone cases but designed for BikeLink).

Additional app plugins for amazing riding information.

Active (powered) accessories that are easily removed for specific riding situations.

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