Ride safely on any clipless pedals with street shoes!


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What are clipless pedals and why do riders use them?

  • Riders secure their feet to clipless pedals with specially designed shoes and cleats.
  • Clipless setups allow riders to pedal up to 30% more efficiently.  
  • Over 475,000 of these setups are sold by bike shops each year.  

The downside?

  • Clipless pedals don't have platforms or tread for normal shoes.  
  • Riding on clipless pedals with regular street shoes is inconvenient and unsafe.

use pedaldabs to:

  • ride to lunch and avoid comments about dorky footwear... Score.
  • take a short ride with your family without swapping shoes or pedals.
  • head into town after a long day on the bike trip.
  • ride after dark since 'dabs have the reflectors that most clipless don't.
  • get an introduction to clipless without forfeiting your familiar platforms.
  • let friends use the bike without forcing them to wear your shoes...

After pedaldabs

The story continues! The cycling community is vibrant and creative.  We have the capability to fulfill unique needs in the cycling world, and also help riders develop their ideas.  

We've already received several ideas from riders for viable new products, and we weren't even asking for them yet!  Our "Ideas in Gear" initiative is about capturing great ideas and turning them into products.

Who knows what cool new "dabs of innovation" will follow the pedaldab?! 

Find out with us!  And Thank You for your enthusiasm and support!  This is all possible with your help.  Let's ride sometime _k


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