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Built For Creatives, Built To Bild

Creatives are hailed as the backbone of arts, but sometimes it feels like no one has their back.

Brandon Stuchkus, a sound engineer and graphic designer, experienced this firsthand when he started searching for remote work.

He set out to build a website that would highlight his talents.

He hoped to offer everything from audio mixing and mastering to graphic design and music distribution.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to really stand out among other creatives and it can feel as though it is
next to impossible to get noticed.

Built From Experience

The idea was strengthened when Stuchkus took it to Tom Boyd. Co-founder Tom Boyd worked in the music industry as a creative for over a decade.

He’s worked with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world, and through the process, he’s observed first hand the challenges of getting credit for your work.


From songs to music videos to designing, there was no way to show for his work.

The countless hours of time he spent producing behind the scenes started to feel unaccounted for, as many others in the industry share a similar experience.

As a natural extrovert and has a knack for connecting talent, people would often reach out to him and ask if he knew anyone who needed work.

He started to notice that all the successful artists, producers, and YouTubers had teams of people making the real magic happen behind the scenes.

It clicked when a prominent Grammy Award-Winning Artist started hosting a game show, and his music engineer was out of work for six months.

This engineer reached out to Tom, and this engineer only had a templated webpage of album art to show for his work.

This was one of the best in the world at his job, but Tom had a hard time connecting him with collaborators because there isn’t a simple way to share his digital portfolio.

This is when Bild was brought to life.

Key Highlights

Potent Problem 

Brilliant Solution

Bild connects creatives in an easy, efficient and more accurate way than current approaches by: 

In a nutshell, Bild is Upwork for content creators looking to hire, connect and collaborate.

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Bild credits seek to be industry standard in exchanging credits.

The same way the verified check is critical for someone who wants to have
influence on social media, the Bild credit system is the way of communicating the social proof for your skillset.

When you work on a project, you can simply request a credit for the role you played to the owner of the project. The same way you can request money on Venmo.

The owner of the project can tag you in your role, which all get recognized on your profile.

Currently, when you work on a project as a video editor for a major YouTuber, they might shout you out in their description, but how do you aggregate all your work in one place that you can share to other people?

5 billion YouTube videos are watched on YouTube every single day all with collaborations happening behind the scenes.

How many of those people are sharing that work on LinkedIn or Upwork?

The reason YouTube’s credit system didn’t work is that it didn’t link to the creatives' profiles.

For every video, it will be the industry protocol to link the Bild credits.

The biggest video on YouTube is for the music video Despacito by Luis Fonsi.

Imagine if all of the people who worked on that were credited for their work on Bild?

What if they had their Bild accounts linked in the description? Do you know who the engineer for that song was? Do you know who edited that music video?

Making Connections

With Bild, connecting with new collaborative relationships is easier than ever.

Bild is your way to build a portfolio that attracts not only more work, but your ideal work and the right collaborations.

Collaborations are all about relationships and chemistry. They make or break a project.

Not everyone is a good connection, no matter how great the talent.

Your Portfolio In Your Pocket

You meet a person at a party and they say they’re a videographer.

Great -- you were looking for one. What do they share now?

Most likely their Instagram. You look at their account and what is the first thing you do to decide if you trust them or not?

You check out if anyone you trust follows them. Instagram shows those handles right from the jump so you can tell right away.

This is the credit system in action. Instead of @Mike follows @ThisPerson, it says, “@Mike has worked with them on 3 projects."

And since you trust Mike, you’re going to trust this person’s work.

Other Highlights

Create roles for projects and then people can apply to collaborate on it.

When content is posted, those who are credited will also be linked to the publication, allowing quick access to other’s profiles / portfolios.

Portfolio in your pocket – An easy solution to upload audio, videos and pictures directly from your phone.

Will serve as a LinkedIn for creatives (establishes credibility)

Bild will give the behind the scenes creatives the light they deserve.

Contests for creatives that you can only apply on Bild -- this is a key marketing strategy for us

Bild will feature different projects and creatives over time to enhance the feed.

Traction & Accomplishments

Bild is young, but we have already received an incredibly positive response to our product.

Some of our testimonials (including from our beta) are as follows:

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