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Quick Pitch

For whiteboard individuals or team users who want to capture and share their ideas and knowledge, Bindle is connected device that seamlessly converts any surface into a digital whiteboard that captures whiteboard handwriting sessions as animation synchronized with voice. Unlike other solutions which are low quality, complex to setup, captures only static picture, with disconnected user workflow, Bindle captures the whole idea building experience for real time documenting, sharing and collaboration on the cloud with no setup,  training, or change in normal whiteboard experience.

Product Details

Bindle is a connected device the converts any surface into digital whiteboard, it seamlessly captures  everything you write using whiteboard marker synchronized with your voice, so you can replay all the session as animation on the cloud.

Its a system composed of hardware, software and cloud service that converts any surface  into digital whiteboard with capturing capabilities. 

Product Components

Bindle includes the following components:


Uses ...

Universities’ Lecture Halls(Lessons Capturing)
Khan-like MOOCs

Startups & SMEs (Business Planning)
Business Model Canvas, Product Development, etc

Consulting (Customer Analysis)
Mind Mapping & Diagnostics
Corridors (Spontaneous Brainstorming)
Out of Office discussions and Idea Development on the fly

Cubicles (Teamwork & Conferencing)
Collaborative Remote Teams

The Sole Thinker (Self-Reflection & Consideration)
Thinking outloud is an Arm length Away !

The Artist (Expressions & Illustrations)
White boarding for comics, artwork & animated graphics


K-12 Classrooms

At Home

Technology Specifications

After 6 years of research and development, technolgy prototyping.

we come up with original absolute motion tracking technology with the flollowing specs. :
1. High speed (120 Hz).
2. High resolution 0.2 mm
3. Natural writing experience (very sensitive pressure sensor switch).
4. Handy size for the hand

Traction & Accomplishments

Our  current progress is as following:

1. Developing a 100% original  position tracking core technology.

2. Fully working pre-commecrial prototype.

3. One Patent and several more are being filed for the core technology.

Intellectual Property

Bindle is based on several patented and petent pending innovations. this brings uniqness and more competitive advantage for our product.

United States Patent                     US8723791
United States Patent Application US 20140210799 A1
WIPO Patent Application              EP2035909

Alternative Solutions

There are mainly five main alternative concepts:

How We're Different

Its the world first connected device in the world that enbles capturing all your meeting,brainstorming, consulting, and learning sessions by capturing your whiteboard handwritten notes synchronized with the voice around and sharing it for documentation and further collaboration in an animated format.

Our Plan

Phase 1: Product Development (Oct 2014 - Jan 2015)

  • Designing Commercial Hardware Design
  • Producing Commercial Samples
  • Building the software app for Windows, iOS, and Android (beta)
  • Build the cloud service platform (beta)

Phase 2: Commercialization (Feb 2014 - Jun 2015)

  • Establish the production capacity,contract with manufactureres, making themolds, supply chain, product testing.
  • Certifications for export to international markets.
  • shipping first batch to customers.
  • Building the software app for Windows, iOS, and Android (Commercial)
  • Build the cloud service platform (Commercial)


Khaled Kalaldeh

Co-founder and CEO 

Tawfeeq Saad Eddin

Co-founder and CO-CEO 

Mohammed Alyabrodi - Firmware Engineer



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