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Black-I Environmental (BIE) is excited to offer investors a low-risk investment in autonomous disinfectant robots that proved over the past three months their effectiveness and explosive profit potential in a university system hospital in Rochester, NY. BIE, a spin off from the well-known robotics company Black-I Robotics, partnered with a professional cleaning company, CleanCraft, first as a beta site, then in a revenue sharing agreement, to quickly generate income for both firms sterilizing surgical suites, nurses’ stations, waiting rooms and other facilities at a highly respected hospital.

The hospital was so delighted with results, within a month it requested the robot be deployed seven days a week instead of the original five, suggesting the robot will be profitable within six months. The CEO of CleanCraft, the regional cleaner with the hospital contract, saw first hand the profit potential of the disinfectant robot and ordered another, and sent out 13 robot-related proposals to other clients in healthcare as well as clients with office and university space. 

The enthusiasm for the new autonomous robot, which is programmed to move on its own safely through complex space, is based on its ability to sanitize all kinds of facilities deeper, faster and less expensively than traditional methods, which primarily relied on high volume, low wage labor using rags, mops and elbow grease.  That includes space within hotels, schools, restaurants, warehouses, office buildings, gyms and lots more. In a new and permanent age demanding orders of magnitude higher levels of cleanliness, robots are the obvious and highly visible answer. It's yet another case of technology -- available virtually 24x7 -- displacing labor, driving down costs while achieving better results. 

Black-I Robotics, which supports the venture by providing management and technical expertise and experience, has been in the robotics business for more than 14 years, serving government, commercial and university clients. 

The vaccines notwithstanding, the clean of 2019 is not the clean of 2021. SARS COVID-19 will be with us “forever,”  according to Stephane Bancel, CEO of Covid19 vaccine maker Moderna. And Bill Gates, who in 2018 predicted the pandemic, warns we must prepare for more pandemic and mutations to come.

See details on how profitable autonomous robots can be in our Business Plan section as we look for funds to scale the business.


Black-i Environmental is raising additional capital to scale the business. Black-I Environmental's target market is huge. Look around. Each and every building you see must, in this Age of Pandemics, be disinfected. Again, and again.  Our premier target markets are mid to large professional cleaning companies, hospital systems, real estate brokers and property managers, nursing home companies, grocery store chains and other retailers, school systems, hotel chains, government agencies such as the Veterans Administration. And many more. Stand-alone restaurants, bars, gyms, clinics, hotels and others, too, are prospects. As to competition, it hardly exists, but the market is so large, there is room for many.


BIE’s PureTech robots are available in two models, one featuring ultraviolet light (UV-C), the other, a spray model that uses hydrogen peroxide and other approved detergents.  The robots are equipped with integrated suites of computers, cameras, lasers and sensors, including collision sensors.

Each is programmed to move safely through complex space, to disinfect surfaces while simultaneously purifying the air. Hospitals and other industries use ultraviolet light to clean their facilities, but virtually all UV systems today are portable. Meaning they must be placed in a room, which the handler must leave for safety reasons, then moved again, from spot to spot, then moved once more to another room. The older systems also have trouble dealing effectively with shadows as well as corners. The programmed autonomous robots don’t. The result is dramatic savings on labor costs while getting the job done much quicker than in the past.

BIE also provides full service and support, including education and consulting, Training is offered on site or via a robust module delivered via Zoom. Training of CleanCraft employees was done through a combination, which took just a few days.

We've been asked, "what happens when we have a vaccine?" Those vaccinated are protected from severe illness for a year or so, but not necessarily from spreading the virus, which is why authorities recommend they continue to wear masks. A minority but still significant percentage of the population will decline the vaccine, which has not undergone the long human trials previous vaccines have. The Covid virus continues to mutate, with variants more virulent and transmissible. Whatever the eventual outcome, we'll be dealing with pandemics for a long time.

Clearly, indoor space can’t be cleaned the way it has for decades, even centuries.. Traditionally, most indoor space has been cleaned by humans equipped with rags, mops, water and soap. Now that laborers are being asked to endanger themselves and their families by entering questionable space that they must clean, many wøn’t. “Why,” they ask, “should I endanger myself and others for $8 per hour?”  Today it’s safety first.


Black-I UVC Sterilization PureTech Robot:

  • Black-I UVC sterilization PureTech robot kills germs in the environment by decomposing their DNA structures
  • We prevent and reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms
  • This robot has two working modes: air circulating disinfection and sterilization, and UV disinfection and sterilization, and applies to a variety of complicated scenarios
  • The robot moves autonomously disinfecting and sterilizing with timed, fixed-point and multi-track mobility disinfection and sterilization over large areas

Black-I Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Robot:

  • Black-I Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor PureTech robot is equipped with a new type of dry fog space sterilization system, which boasts a strong sterilizing capacity
  • The system realizes sterilization using the dry fog of special sterilizing agents
  • Driven by strong air supply, the dry fog diffuses and evaporates in the space, thus eliminating microorganisms and viruses in the air
  • The robot moves autonomously to realize timed, fixed-point and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in a large space


This ABI Research, a paper published in mid-year 2020, shows astronomical growth of commercial cleaning robots worldwide.

Shipment numbers went from virtually zero in 2018 to 50,000 by 2022 to more than 150,000 by 2024.

With sales set to skyrocket over the next five years – with no signs of slowing down thereafter – this market is easily one of the hottest to watch.


Brian Hart

  • 14 years of unmanned ground robot manufacturing and development experience as Co-Founder and CEO
  • 10 years in remote healthcare and pharmacy automation experience as Founder and CEO of a prior company, which was sold to AmerisourceBergen
  • Formerly Assistant Treasurer of Boston University, managing its private equity portfolio
  • Brian also served as CFO of a regional wireless company in the Southwest which was acquired
  • MBA and BA from University of Texas at Austin

Paul Pescatore

  • Former SVP for finance and operations with a biotech company, which was sold to a Fortune 100 firm
  • Formerly held senior finance positions in healthcare, medical equipment manufacturing and software firms
  • Paul has a BS in Accounting from Boston College and joined a large accounting firm upon graduation and spent several years in increasing financing roles with that firm

Sean Sullivan

  • Marketing expert and entrepreneur who has founded a variety of companies, including a medical device company, Automated Drug Distribution Systems (ADDS)
  • Mr. Sullivan and his partners sold ADDS to AmerisourceBergen, America’s largest drug and medical device distributor
  • Early in his career he was a journalist working for newspapers on both coasts, including The Wall Street Journal
  • He also spent 10 years with IBM in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and at corporate headquarters

Edward J. Schmitt

  • Schmitt has extensive experience in robotics, forensic sciences, and chemical, biological and radiation detection systems
  • He has a proven track record of creating and rolling out new products in military, law enforcement, and public health applications to government and commercial customers
  • He also has extensive experience establishing distribution networks in North America, Europe, and the Middle East


We are creating a Technical Advisory Board. One member is Dr. Taskin Padir of Northeastern University who runs the school’s robotics program and has been actively involved in the open COVID-19 research initiatives created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in conjunction with Mass General Hospital.

When concerned that the Ebola virus could spread to the US, Dr. Padir was involved with NASA colleagues in his capacity as faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to create an expert group of roboticists to combat the disease. Black-I Robotics was involved with that initiative and established a working relationship with Dr. Padir. Black-I Robotics actively hires and works with Northeastern PhD and master’s students in various robotic programs in conjunction with the MassRobotics consortium, an accelerator located in Boston MA.

Black-I Robotics actively hires and works with Northeastern PhD and master’s students in various robotic programs in conjunction with the MassRobotics consortium, an accelerator located in Boston MA.

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