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COVID-19 has created a large, rapidly growing commercial market for disinfection robotics.

Black-I Robotics has created a “first mover” specialty spin-off robotics business called Black-I Environmental to capture this nascent opportunity by combining our 13 years experience in agile robotic systems and technology with a strong logistics partner capable of handling the complexities of export and import processes to quickly bring to the US market world-class disinfecting robots made in China.


Black-I Robotics’ has worked for more than a decade with a wide range of elite organizations developing chemical, biological and radiation unmanned mobile robotic detection systems. The company’s client list is a Who’s Who of world renown commercial, academic and government groups, including Princeton, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Carnegie Mellon, the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Department, Raytheon and a host of others.

The know-how the company developed is directly applicable to helping resolve the coronavirus pandemic, which has created a massive opportunity in the U. S. and around the globe.

The company’s target market is large and medium sized cleaning businesses and their clients, who are desperate for a solution that safeguards their employees and customers, bringing them back to the marketplace.

The industry today consists primarily of regional companies in a splintered market unfamiliar with technology. If ever a technology was meant to defend against a pandemic, unmanned guided robots are it. They don’t get sick, work 24x7, don’t get tired. PureTech purpose-built robots from Black-I Environmental.



There isn’t an indoor space that hasn’t been affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Owners and managers of offices, schools, gyms, stores, manufacturing plants, healthcare facilities -- and more -- are looking for new ways to keep their facilities clean. Increasingly, they are looking to technology in general and robots in particular to provide answers.

Traditionally, most have been cleaned by humans equipped with rags, mops, brooms and scrubbers. In other words, labor using elbow grease. Labor for these jobs was scarce before the pandemic; now these workers are being asked to put their well being on the line for the lowest level of wages. Many can’t; many won’t.  And without constant and highly effective cleaning, teachers, nurses, clerks, waiters , etc. — employees and customers — aren’t coming to the workplace either. It’s safety first! Online retailers such as Amazon have huge warehouses and distribution centers facing the same issue. Facilities sterilized basically round the clock by purpose-built robots help ease concerns of employees and customers. ServiceChannel reports the following increase in cleaning service so far in 2020, including:

This is no different from most industries. Healthcare, for example, is up 66 percent.

Everyone is uncertain as to what to do in terms of bringing students, employees, laborers — everyone — back to an indoor space. What is NOT uncertain is, facilities must be cleaned. Daily. Hourly. Sometimes minute to minute. Clean enough is never clean enough.



Black-I UVC Sterilization PureTech Robot:

  • Black-I UVC sterilization PureTech robot kills germs in the environment by decomposing their DNA structures
  • We prevent and reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria and other harmful organisms
  • This robot has two working modes: air circulating disinfection and sterilization, and UV disinfection and sterilization, and applies to a variety of complicated scenarios
  • The robot moves autonomously disinfecting and sterilizing with timed, fixed-point and multi-track mobility disinfection and sterilization over large areas

Black-I Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Robot:

  • Black-I Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor PureTech robot is equipped with a new type of dry fog space sterilization system, which boasts a strong sterilizing capacity
  • The system realizes sterilization using the dry fog of special sterilizing agents
  • Driven by strong air supply, the dry fog diffuses and evaporates in the space, thus eliminating microorganisms and viruses in the air
  • The robot moves autonomously to realize timed, fixed-point and multi-track mobile disinfection and sterilization in a large space


We have a beta customer anxiously awaiting delivery of the UVC and H2O2 robots.

Our beta customer will develop practices and procedures required to optimize operations using our equipment to be emulated by other professional cleaning companies as a for profit service.

We have also just quoted 7 figure responses to requests for proposals through our logistics partner, to government suppliers for purchase, delivery and technical support of large quantities of UVC robots for government and institutional end-users.


This ABI Research, a paper published in mid-year 2020, shows astronomical growth of commercial cleaning robots worldwide.

Shipment numbers went from virtually zero in 2018 to 50,000 by 2022 to more than 150,000 by 2024.

With sales set to skyrocket over the next five years – with no signs of slowing down thereafter – this market is easily one of the hottest to watch.

Cleaning companies simply have no alternative but to deploy robots to enable the constant deep cleaning that their clients, employees and governments demand.

Any company that can take advantage of this space will achieve the immense benefits of a first-mover and early innovator.


Brian Hart

  • 13 years of unmanned ground robot manufacturing and development experience as Co-Founder and CEO
  • 10 years in remote healthcare and pharmacy automation experience as Founder and CEO of a prior company, which was sold to AmerisourceBergen
  • Formerly Assistant Treasurer of Boston University, managing its private equity portfolio
  • Brian also served as CFO of a regional wireless company in the Southwest which was acquired
  • MBA and BA from University of Texas at Austin

Paul Pescatore

  • Former SVP for finance and operations with a biotech company, which was sold to a Fortune 100 firm
  • Formerly held senior finance positions in healthcare, medical equipment manufacturing and software firms
  • Paul has a BS in Accounting from Boston College and joined a large accounting firm upon graduation and spent several years in increasing financing roles with that firm

Sean Sullivan

  • Marketing expert and entrepreneur who has founded a variety of companies, including a medical device company, Automated Drug Distribution Systems (ADDS)
  • Mr. Sullivan and his partners sold ADDS to AmerisourceBergen, America’s largest drug and medical device distributor
  • Early in his career he was a journalist working for newspapers on both coasts, including The Wall Street Journal
  • He also spent 10 years with IBM in Los Angeles, the Bay Area and at corporate headquarters

Edward J. Schmitt

  • Schmitt has extensive experience in robotics, forensic sciences, and chemical, biological and radiation detection systems
  • He has a proven track record of creating and rolling out new products in military, law enforcement, and public health applications to government and commercial customers
  • He also has extensive experience establishing distribution networks in North America, Europe, and the Middle East

Matthew Cochran

  • Extensive experience in import and export logistics supporting government and commercial accounts worldwide as Founder of Marex, Inc.
  • Matt also has robotic expertise and knowledge specifically related to off road vehicles manufactured in Switzerland, underwater autonomous vehicles, and provides support in the United Arab Emirates to regional customers


We are forming a Technical Advisory Board

One member is Dr. Taskin Padir of Northeastern University who runs the school’s robotics program and has been actively involved in the open COVID-19 research initiatives created by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in conjunction with Mass General Hospital

  • When concerned that the Ebola virus could spread to the US, Dr. Padir was involved with NASA colleagues in his capacity as faculty at Worcester Polytechnic Institute to create an expert group of roboticists to combat the disease. Black-I Robotics was involved with that initiative and established a working relationship with Dr. Padir
  • Black-I Robotics actively hires and works with Northeastern PhD and master’s students in various robotic programs in conjunction with the MassRobotics consortium, an accelerator located in Boston MA 

Second member is Mr. Ty Hookway, founder and owner of CleanCraft the professional cleaning company in upstate New York

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