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The average CPAP user will test 2-3 masks before selecting one they can live with.

938M potential global end-users & 50M+ current users, need a solution solving the major issues affecting long-term usage and results.

Bleep recognizes the opportunity to deliver a game-changing sleep apnea solution for patients that maximizes revenue and operating income for investors.

The DreamPort™ removes the headgear of the traditional CPAP mask, creating a small compact design weighing less than an ounce, allowing those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea to finally get the restful sleep they deserve.

The DreamPort™ removes all of the irritations associated with PAP therapy:

Bleep has broken away from the traditional model centered on CPAP Masks and has engineered the most innovative design in the last three decades.

DreamPort™ uses small and lightweight adhesive seals around the nostrils to create an ergonomic design which accommodates the shape of each individual user.

It completes a perfect circuit for CPAP therapy to deliver pressure to the airway and stabilize the user’s disordered  breathing during sleep (apnea and snoring).

By using adhesive, the DreamPort™ throws conventional design out the window and offers a true solution in a tired market. Initial feedback has been extremely positive among patients, providers and distributors.

Stuart Heatherington
25-year veteran in the sleep industry, sleep lab owner, sales, DME and sleep apnea patient for 23 years.

Nicholas Kosciolek
Former Vice President of International Americas at Philips Respironics, Managing Director at Profile Pharma, and Country manager @ BMW

Alan Greene
Respiratory Care Professional 35 years of Sales and Marketing leadership experience within both domestic and foreign medical device companies. Successfully built a large disease management program for COPD that helped improve outcomes and reduce cost to the current providers.

Steve Moore
35 years in the sleep apnea space. He first sold the (Sleep Easy 1) and many generations of patient interfaces and devices. Successfully marketed a strapless nasal pillow mask (TAP PAP) and the world’s smallest CPAP device (Z1)

Tom Honeywell
Former Western Sales Director at ResMed and Regional Manager and Canadian Sales Director for Phillips Respironics. 25+ years of Sleep Industry Sales & Management experience.

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