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\ January 17, 2014

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WigWag Raises $1,050,000 to Create a Completely Automated Home

WigWag is a simple, user-friendly platform and suite of devices that allow anyone — from the average homeowner to IT professionals — to connect their automated devices to one platform and easily manage their gadgets. With a surge of products launching that control and monitor daily activities, there was a disconnect in managing multiple smart devices and making your automated life easier to manage.

WigWag has closed this gap with their innovative technology and captured the attention of thousands of people worldwide, raising over $450,000 in pre-orders and gathering praise from media outlets like Discovery Channel, Connected World, and Electronic Engineering Times.

Wigwag was recently chosen as a Staples Top 25 Innovation through the Fundable Crowd2Shelf Contest and has raised over $1,000,000 from investors to date.

sentri newsletter

Sentri Brings in $390,000 in Pre-Orders for Smart Home System

Sentri is the first smart home system that combines home monitoring and home automation in a single streamlined device. The Sentri system includes an HD video camera and motion detector technology as well as a set of sensors that measure and display your home’s temperature, humidity levels and air quality.

Sentri also has the ability to act as a centralized hub for all of your connected devices, with the ability to connect multiple smart devices directly to Sentri, and view, control and make the most of your complete smart home experience from a single application. Leading publications from across the Internet are buzzing about Sentri, including Digital Trends, CNET, and Gizmag.

The Sentri team has already completed a working prototype to demonstrate how Sentri will work in the home and raised over $390,000 in pre-orders in just a few weeks. This summer they were accepted into the prestigious Microsoft Ventures Accelerator program. The team is working to move into beta testing before shipping the first Sentri units in the coming months.

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