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Simply connect cars, garages and homes
Blue Eclipse: Fast Facts

With our innovative, patented technology, Blue Eclipse makes cars, homes and garages smarter. We give users the power to connect, control, manage and share vehicles and spaces with our universal and future-proof, easy-to-use products and software.

Blue Eclipse provides a one-of-a-kind solution that lets businesses better manage and support car fleets and market unique products and services to consumers. We make it simple. And smart.

Simply connect cars, garages and homes
Stuck without smarts?

Today’s world is moving faster than ever before, and the devices we use to keep up are getting smarter. Smart phones, smart cars, smart homes — all of these products are designed to make our lives easier.

But what if a vehicle or house isn’t smart?

Simply connect cars, garages and homes
Smarten up
with Blue Eclipse

It’s time to smarten up with Blue Eclipse.

Blue Eclipse introduces do-it-yourself, universal control for car doors, garage doors, alarms and car engines, using their existing remotes or key fobs.

BluRemote is a patented self-powered robotic system that uses the touch of a robotic finger to control any car, garage or home alarm, following a short and simple process to train the remote.  

We’re also developing BluStart, a universal replacement fuse for car engine computers that acts as an anti-theft device by wirelessly controlling a car engine’s starting capability.

Our products offer a state-of-the-art solution for all vehicles through a super-easy plug-and-play format, giving consumers control with the touch of a smartphone or the sound of their voice.

Smart. Easy. Universal. Future-proof. Blue Eclipse.

Simply connect cars, garages and homes
BluRemote installation

After an installation that takes about two minutes, BluRemote gives users the power to control, manage and share cars, garages and homes from any device, from anywhere.

Really. That’s it.

Blue Eclipse makes smart simple for everyone.

Simply connect cars, garages and homes
BluRemote features

For a product that’s so quick and easy to install, BluRemote offers an incredible array of features:

Simply connect cars, garages and homes
Blue Eclipse accomplishments

Blue Eclipse has been flying under the radar in this pre-revenue phase, working smartly behind the scenes to simply connect cars, garages and homes.

Product development | BluRemote is scheduled for production-intent design release by February 2020.

Customer acceptance | Customers across markets including car sharing, wireless carriers and car dealer solutions providers have seen prototype demos and requested pilot samples.

Patents | Blue Eclipse has secured four U.S. patents for our first two products. We have 10 additional patents pending in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Partnership | We have a joint development agreement with Keyport to create a universal remote control using our patented BluRemote product.

Social standing | Though we’ve been quiet so far, Blue Eclipse is prepared to launch a full advertising campaign across all social media channels leading up to the Consumer Electronics Show and a rewards crowdfunding campaign in February 2020.

Simply connect cars, garages and homes
The team is key at Blue Eclipse

Craig Tieman
Craig Tieman honed his expertise during 20 years in automotive product development for Delphi Automotive. He launched the Delphi Connect aftermarket automotive telematics solution through Verizon Wireless. He developed Blue Eclipse’s intellectual property.

Robert Brockman
Robert Brockman has an impressive array of skills developed over 35 years as a former purchasing and manufacturing manager and director of global technology alliances at Delphi Automotive. He has negotiated over 100 international agreements.

Brady Whitesel
Brady Whitesel brings a variety of strategic talents to the Blue Eclipse table. He’s founder and managing partner of Go Partners Accounting, Strategy and Financial Advisory, former CEO of Imavex and former CFO of The Schneider Corp and Autobase.

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