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boca code: 
fast facts

Boca Code offers adults a comprehensive coding curriculum using real projects for real companies to best prepare our students for and help place them in jobs in the tech field.

Boca Code focuses squarely on the skills gaps that are desperately needed in the local markets of our schools. Not only do we teach these skills, we partner with local companies that are starving for this talent

We also take on projects for local companies that our students work on and learn from

This gives our students a real-world experience edge at graduation, preparing them with a real resume for a real job with zero additional training needed

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major job market problem

There's an ongoing problem for the more than 20 million Americans who want to advance their careers.

They try to search out and piece together unconnected coding lessons from a variety of online sources, hoping their efforts will be enough to launch a new career.

But doing so under the current system is practically impossible.

Even those that find comprehensive coding curriculum are seldom taught or have the chance to develop the skills that are actually needed in their local job markets.

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one incredible solution

Boca Code solves these problems by focusing on the skills gaps that are desperately needed in the local markets of our schools.

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why we’ll lead

The code school model has been proven. We are improving upon that model by using real projects.

Local startups cannot afford to hire expensive development teams, so they turn to Boca Code, the local experts in the tech space.

We offer affordable coding since it's not our primary market. The money we make from these development jobs allows us to charge slightly less than our competition (and still make more money). However, students are more drawn to us for the opportunity to work on real-world projects for real companies.

Their work is reviewed, line-by-line, by senior developers, just like in the real world, and they are forced to meet client expectations, like in the real world.

We also use standard project management skills that they'll be expected to know in their first job.

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traction & accomplishments

We have written curriculum for several introductory and advanced short courses and our career course. We have already taught several of these courses. We are finalizing our license with the state to teach all of these courses and be licensed as a school, able to award certificates. This will enable us to apply for funding programs that provide students with free or reduced tuition depending on employment, veteran status, and need.

Applications for our courses are increasing. Our first courses had 3 students. This week we have 7. We already have students registered or committed to courses in November, December, January, and even as far out as next June! 40% of our students thus far have registered for more than one course with an average of 2.4 courses per student.

We do not have any patents, although we are developing a machine-learning applicant profile and job matching platform that may be eligible for some patents. We have developed curriculum and course materials that serve as our IP.

We have hundreds of followers on social media with more signing on every day, nearly 1000 subscribers to our newsletter, several hundred that are in our meetup and Eventbrite channels that regularly attend our free events.

Our students also post their Boca Code credentials on LinkedIn and have begun to refer others. Several of our students have been referred by other members of the community.

We've developed strategic partnerships with South Florida Tech, the central hub of our community, 1909, an accelerator for startups; The Silverlogic, a fast-growing top development agency; CodeTeachers, a local code school for kids; City Furniture, a national furniture brand focused on tech, and many other local and non-local companies including DNA for Insta, Secberus, Nebular Agency, Ironhack, SRT (a robotics company), RealTrade, MyPhoto, Imanyco, Crescent Solutions, and many others.

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meet the team


  • NASA Fellow
  • Software Developer and Entrepreneur
  • Nebular Agency
  • 15 years as college professor and teacher
  • 25 years professional developer

  • Founded CodeTeachers a Coding School
  • Tech entrepreneur at age 15 MIS Director by 19; started a consulting company at 20
  • Created several tech startups and agencies and big brands such as Walt Disney World in Business Intelligence, Wyndham in IT Strategy - Marketing, NCR as a Creative Director, and Thinkful as a Instructional Designer


  • MBA in Entrepreneurship 13 years experience
  • 2+ years with Founder


  • Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Design
  • 8 years experience
  • 2+ years with Founder

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