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Still time to get BodBot Plus for Life! BodBot is over 150% Funded and we are proud to announce we will both be integrating with wearable devices and implementing meal recommendations. If we hit $100k we will also implement the technology with the next-most votes.

BodBot is a mobile app and website providing fully personalized exercise and nutrition recommendations. Our sophisticated algorithms are based in biomechanics and physiology, and work to tailor and personalize exercise recommendations for any goal and any starting point. Not only does BodBot tailor your workout regimen based on your abilities, it also adapts and adjusts your workouts and nutrition targets based on your performance.

Our previous Fundable crowdfund was an incredible success, with 1,092 backers contributing $61,410 -- blowing past our initial goal of $20,000. We're pleased to announce that we met all the primary goals of that campaign - succesfully entering beta, producing a best-in-class mobile app, and developing a swath of new features for managing and reaching your fitness goals. More than that, we're proud to announce that we have grown to over 300 thousand users, who have lost over one million pounds of fat, and gained over 120 tons of muscle. The service has changed lives, and we are continually motivated by the experiences of our users.


Now we're back for more, with exciting and ambitious new goals. With your help, we can further improve BodBot and help more people reach their goals and change their lives. This time we aren't just asking for your contributions -- we want your input!

While we’ve done a lot, there is still a huge number of technologies and features we’d like to integrate into our tailored recommendations. Individually, each one of these developments has the potential to do a great deal of good. However, no matter the sophistication of the technology and the good it COULD do if used – the most helpful of these tools will be the ones you actually use. That’s why today we want to hear from YOU - what do you want from BodBot? Which of these tools make you the most excited? Your vote will determine the shape of things to come!

3D Movement Analysis. Modeling the body as it moves, in order to improve exercise form and reduce the risk of orthopedic injuries.  To be used with technologies such as the Xbox Kinect.

Integration with wearable health and fitness devices. We can make sense of your biometric data and update your recommendations immediately. Both for the current generation of wearables - e.g. accelerometers and heart rate monitors, and for the future generation of wearables e.g. hormone and blood monitors.

Meal recommendations. We can take the guesswork out of planning and cooking, recommending meals to meet not only your macro and micronutrient targets, but your tastes as well.

Universal Exercise Library. Comprehensive exercise information - spanning across a huge range of sports and goals - from basic instructions and form, to EMG and physics measurements of each movement.

Supplement recommendation engine. According to your own goals, and your actual workout and diet behavior.

Group workouts. Expanding the algorithms to work for training partners, groups and teams.

DNA integration. While DNA analysis in fitness is still in its infancy, as more genes related to fitness and recovery are identified, these can be used to provide higher resolution nutrition and fitness recommendations.


BodBot is a proven, effective, and dramatically cheaper alternative to seeking the often expensive services of a personal trainer. Across all major app platforms (Android, iPhone, Windows and Chrome) we have earned a consistent rating of between 4 and 4.5 stars.

But we're just getting started. Today's the day to get your vote in, make a contribution, and score the BodBot app at a crazy low price. We can't wait to get to work, improving BodBot and changing thousands more lives.

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BodBot was founded by Eddie Laux and Sergio Prado — and it is a labor of love and purpose. Eddie grew up obese, and lost 70 lbs as a teenager through hard work and careful research. At the other extreme, Sergio grew up emaciated, standing 6 foot and 120 lbs as a 17 year old. Also through purposeful learning and hard work, Sergio put on over 60 lbs of muscle. Fitness fundamentally changed our lives.

After his dramatic weight loss, Eddie entered college at 16, walked onto the crew team and studied neuroscience at Columbia University. On the crew team he fractured his back, and gained a whole new perspective on physical therapy. The (painful) lessons he learned from rehabilitation helped to complement and further his understanding of strength, hypertrophy and conditioning methods. With his neuroscience degree Eddie also studied the neural regulation of appetite and weight. This helped him gain additional perspective on the intersections of exercise, nutrition, neuroscience and endocrinology (a sample of which can be found here, with a little humor).

Sergio, meanwhile, grew up the son of a Mexican immigrant farmer in rural Missouri - and against long odds was admitted to Harvard, where he graduated with honors. While in attendance, Sergio also competed and trained on the university's Shotokan Karate team. During college, he was also the CEO of a successful video game company; since graduation, Sergio has worked at both Google and Microsoft.

We both program and build, day and night, all the capabilities and features which are making BodBot possible. In addition to having the skill sets and minds to do the work, we have an unstoppable purpose and drive to see it through.

The use of this funding will be determined directly by your vote! BodBot will expand to include whichever technologies receive the most support from our backers. That said, we certainly hope to see the type of explosive virality we experienced last time around, allowing us to bring you multiple feature enhancements over the coming months. So spread the word!

All rewards come with a vote towards our future technologies, in direct proportion to the size of your backing. E.g. a $20 pledge comes with a $20 vote, a $200 pledge comes with a $200 vote.


Pledge $20 and score one year of BodBot membership — ordinarily $50!


Pledge $50 for an incredible deal: a LIFETIME membership to BodBot! Use all existing features and those that are still to come, forever!


Pledge $200 and receive lifetime memberships to BodBot for your friends and family! You and seven others will have a full arsenal of tools at your disposal to get healthy and stay fit, for the rest of your lives!

Pledge $1000 and receive lifetime memberships to BodBot for your entire organization! Run a business? Coach a team? Have a big extended family? Pledge $1000 or more and we'll provide LIFETIME memberships for your whole group.

Pledge $5000 and come hang out, work out and enjoy San Francisco. Get a workout with the whole BodBot team, and get your photo taken while being overhead pressed by the founders in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. We'll celebrate at night with the best SF can offer. More than that, to help solidify your status as a Rockstar-Model-Superhero-Champion-Scholar we'll add you to a special thanks section on our About page, and give you a custom profile on the site.

This pledge will of course also still include a nearly inexhaustible supply of memberships for your friends and family as well as a roadmap-altering sized vote on our future technologies.

Pledge $10000 and get a gym bag! Just kidding, we can find ways to partner together - let's talk.


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