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BON2 is an OTT (Over The Top) mobile and streaming television content distributor and viewer that’s innovating video entertainment through unparalleled engagement.  When watching content exported from their patent pending "Spokesman Interactive Mastering Software", users can interact with virtually anything they see - opening a gateway to e-commerce and incredible revenue with a very comfortable CPC and CPI business model.

This gives marketers and content owners a unique, highly effective pipeline right to their targeted consumers - rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to get mixed results on other platforms.


A new generation of pop culture has officially arrived.  With the digital age making celebrities more accessible than ever before, blogs and magazine articles will no longer suffice.  Today’s consumer wants to fully immerse themselves into the celeb life.

Nothing’s off limits in this arena; people want full transparency into an influencer’s latest travels, what they’re wearing, and even what they’re eating.  But despite this demand, the popular video & social media platforms of the day are only doing so much to fulfill it.

The main reason?  With video content now flooding the market, creating it in a way that gets advertising results is a very expensive proposition for marketers - leaving most on the sidelines in the race to reach consumers with interactive influencer video.  The technology to make interactive content for interactive devices has yet to emerge

This race is only getting more intense with the struggle of broadband-only (BBO) and over-the-air (OTA) programming distributors - providing marketers with the same verticals to reach consumers with video.

With more people cord cutting and viewing content with streaming devices, it’s clear to see where marketer attention will be paid going forward.

The demand for creative, non-intrusive influencer content has never been more pressing; especially considering trends towards Over the Top,  Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and on-demand.  This has created a huge opportunity to seize the market - one we’re fully capitalizing on at BON2 Media Services.

The BON2 streaming & social networking platform is ushering in a new generation of video content.  It combines social media, native ads, video interactivity, e-commerce, and software technology into one engaging, user-friendly package delivered right to iOS/Android mobile and television devices.

At its core, BON2 provides instant access to content - but goes so much further.  It also allows them to interact with everything they see in real time through shot-by-shot information and even shop through built-in e-commerce which has been amplified as we have become a Shopify partner and sales channel

Want to read an artist's latest Tweet?  How about visiting the club where they are performing.  Or buying the shoes they are wearing?  It’s all possible with BON2.  Our platform delivers:

  • Premium content, more engagement, and better pop culture insight to consumers;
  • Revenue shares to social influencers, and features that make them more appealing;
  • The ability for content partners to turn their traditional content into interactive stories for a much higher and dependable CPC/CPI revenue stream

A patent-pending business model is what makes BON2 run.  Being able to play, stop, shop, and socialize on every one of their videos opens up exciting new revenue streams for content owners, and fuels a CPC/CPI engagement pipeline that has not been available until now.

Simply put - Businesses bid to be seen before, after and upon interaction of content.  The timeline and each shot in it becomes an accessible stream for businesses when content owners make a curated story with Spokesman Interactive Mastering tools.  Costs per impression and click are shared between content providers and BON2 Media Services.  With hundreds of thousands of business owners with brands, products, and services ready for a cost-effective solution to reach their customers built into this workflow, BON2 is eager to extend operations.

This bidding process repeats itself each time content is played - leading to lucrative revenue generation for the associated content partners & BON2 Media Services.  Here’s a look at just a handful more of the many features & benefits BON2 offers all user types:

  • Spokesman can be operated in just minutes with no coding or 3D design required
  • Intuitive consumer video controls that make it simple to pause & tap icons
  • Advanced admin features, like air date/station selection and our “Featured” feed
  • Better CPC & CPI performance for all applicable businesses, regardless of size
  • Consumers have the ability to build interactive platforms themselves

The man behind the BON2 vision is Founder Ntana Bantu Key.  His long & impressive history working in the film industry traces back to 1999 when he taught himself a variety of editing & visual effects programs and coding principles in Hollywood.

It didn’t take him long to catch on with Sony, Disney, and other top players.  Since then, he’s been an integral asset to over 100 major motion picture & marketing campaigns for big-budget titles like Stranger Things, The Revenant, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more.  Collectively has been charged with close to 6 billion dollars of successful digital intermediate workflow, software design, implementations and deliveries.

Ntana’s versatile and extensive background makes him the ideal leader for us.  He’s joined by a team experienced in all facets of the business model:

Chaitanya Venneti, a talented cloud solutions architect & app developer who’s put together an impressive 12+ career in IT with specialties in architecture, design, and analysis.  He is also highly proficient in Angular, React, MySQL, & other languages.

Shreyas K C, a results-oriented tech pro who’s zoned in on the latest technologies and has served with top firms like Dover Corporation and Intel.  A gifted communicator who is also highly skilled with Java, AWS, Apache Spark, and more.

Donald Adetoye - A results-driven SAAS sales leader.  Formerly with ION Interactive, he has shown a track record of providing solutions to complex business problems and demonstrated success in exceeding sales quotas while maintaining a player-coach mentality that leverages cross-functional collaboration.

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