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Blockchain-based marketplace to buy/read/resell digital NFT ebooks


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BOOK Token Overview

BOOK Token is an NFT marketplace and exchange for digital books where anyone can collect, read and then resell what they buy – just like print books.

Using blockchain and NFT technology, BOOK Token is creating a decentralized digital book ecosystem that allows readers to own their digital books and unlocks new revenue opportunities for publishers and authors.

A Stagnant Digital Book Industry

There have been few technological advancements since the advent of the digital book industry 15 years ago, and as the industry becomes increasingly centralized, its problems are becoming more apparent.

NFTs Meet the Digital Book Ecosystem 

BOOK Token decentralizes the digital book industry with the power of Blockchain and NFT technology to bring added value to readers, publishers and authors.

Our smart NFTs allow readers to own their digital books in the same way they own print books. Users can buy and sell ebooks on our open exchange, transfer them between platforms and earn native crypto tokens via our unique rewards system.

Thanks to smart contracts, BOOK Token allows publishers and authors to enjoy enhanced security, increased sales revenue and access to revenue from secondary sales channels.

Additional opportunities for publishers and authors include digital limited editions, reader stats and user data, volume control, ebook and print bundling and instant transfer of IP ownership.

How It Works: Blockchain & NFTs

BOOK Token unlocks the true value of digital books with Cardano’s third-generation blockchain technology and NFTs.

How it works:

Publishers and authors will also have access to AI-enhanced tools to market their books and retrieve reports and sales data.

Company Accomplishments 

BOOK Token has minted 10 billion tokens on the Cardano network and is currently developing a proprietary process to mint and distribute book NFTs that open in a wallet/reader.

BOOK Token has a patent pending process which includes several utility patents and inventions for our proprietary methods of minting NFTs, decentralizing storage, unlocking books, etc., will be the first of its kind. We will apply for a number of patents to protect our methodology and first-mover advantage.

We are currently in discussions with the world’s largest book distributor to examine the prospect of bundling NFTs with physical books - which we now own a Patented process to provide this service.

We have also started development for our working prototype.

We have a patent pending process that includes multiple utility patents:

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