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BOXX Corp. designs, engineers, manufactures, and markets electric scooters – motor and all – for the global consumer, commuters, commercial industries, and government sectors. Our original brand BOXX® scooter is a compact, all-wheel drive, all-electric smart vehicle that is comprised of patented industry technologies. BOXX® scooters are made for the next generation of global riders.

BOXX® is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the market opportunity as the transportation industry transitions to electric vehicles. BOXX® has established footing as a forefront brand and will be an industry leader though the following unique advantages:

  • Low cost, capital efficient production capabilities that can scale rapidly (the most capital efficient production for a motorized vehicle)
  • New applications of patented technology with the industry.
  • The eagerness of the market to accept new, innovative technologies
  • Low number of major competitors
  • Low cost of entering the market



As antiquated technologies and transportation methods still exist, a substantial opportunity exists for products that are more accessible and efficient.

The scooter industry is one of the simplest verticals to capitalize on within vehicle transportation industry. By innovating on a proven market and ushering in a new era of electric scooters, BOXX® is uniquely suited to capitalize on this market opportunity through capital efficiencies derived from our simple, yet innovative technologies in the manufacturing and production of BOXX® scooters.


BOXX® has designed and engineered for the next generation of personal, business, and government transportation. The patent protection and technology innovations can be deployed B2B and B2C allowing for diverse revenue streams.


Currently named #7 of the Top 10 major global scooter brands by ebay and Navigant research firm, the accolades are just one piece of evidence of the brand potential of BOXX®. With nearly 10+ industry leading accolades, 1000+ pre-orders totaling $5M+ revenue, and scalable partnerships secured – BOXX® will usher the scooter and transpiration industry into a new era of efficiency, profitability, and accessibility.


Capitalizing on the changing tides within the industry as it shift from gas powered vehicles to electric ones, BOXX® is situated to establish itself as a leader in the industry. Powered by operational and capital efficiencies, BOXX’s global potential is secured through strategic supply chain partners, vast distribution networks, and significant co-branding partners giving BOXX® the required infrastructure to scale immediately.


We have seen extraordinary market acceptance of our pre-launch product, brand and company. All of our marketing and publicity has been self-generated, and our concept of products has captured industry attention and drawn comparisons to the likes of Honda and BMW.

See who is talking about BOXX, Corp. & BOXX® Scooters:

In addition to flattering press, BOXX® has also received several
awards and product accolades, including:

  • State Funded Technology Grant, 2014
  • GOLD Winner International Spark Production Design Award, 2015
  • Silicon Valley Startup Cup Top Business Models, 2nd place 2014
  • Stuff Magazine’s Hot Products
  • WIRED Magazine Featured w iTunes interactive app of our touch screen operating system
  • Featured in Fast Company, 2012
  • Top 25 Global Products by Monocle, 2013 (#9)
  • Top 6 Scooter by Popular Mechanics, 2012
  • Top 100 Products by T3 Magazine (#48)
  • #7 Top 10 Major Global Scooter Brands by ebay


BOXX, Corp. specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing electric motor scooters, mobility products, and patented industry component technologies for the global consumer, commercial industries and government business.

Most recently, we have created a top-of-the-line, compact, all-wheel drive highly effective smart scooter — BOXX®: The 1 Meter Vehicle.

Using patented industry technologies that are designed for the next generation
global scooter industry and market, the premium BOXX® scooter boasts:

A scooter unlike any other on the market, the BOXX®

BOXX, Corp. is positioned to become the next staple brand in the scooter industry. Experts have already given top accolades as for BOXX® as a #9 Top 25 Global Products. Top 6 Scooters, #48 Top 100 Products. BOXX is already named #7 among the top 10 major global scooter brands (ebay)


Our groundbreaking vehicle features:


Founded in 2009, BOXX, Corp. has devoted a three phase business model to creating the next major scooter brand among the global scooter industry capitalizing on the industry transition to electric power. BOXX, Corp. spent 4 years developing and prototyping its technology platform that is now ready for production.
With a capital efficient operating model, BOXX® is primed for market entry.

To date, we have completed Phase I: Product Development and formulation of our multi-tiered plan to carve out a place among the premier brands in the scooter market.


BOXX Corp. doesn’t just plan to sell one new kind of scooter — we intend to create an entire line of cutting-edge products, establishing BOXX® as an industry leader in the global movement towards the electrification of motorized vehicles.

We intend to be the catalyst that the industry demands.

Production Program
To do that, BOXX Corp. is focused on Phase II: Our Production Program. We already have over 4,435 units vetted orders of interest totaling $20+ million in product line revenue. Orders have been placed from consumers, dealers, and major retailers throughout the globe. We are working in partnership with a major franchise corporation with global brand to create branded BOXX® scooters for display and sale in their top-end stores across the world. Deliveries to the first stores are slated for Q4 2018. Building out an initial batch of 1,000 BOXX® scooter for sales-ready inventory is a top priority for this next phase, targeting an MSRP of $4.5M - $5M in value for immediate deliveries.

BOXX Global
For global expansion, BOXX® is centered on the EU, dealer distribution networks, and leveraging our branding partnership with a major franchise corporation to allow for a successful market launch of our flagship brand including a global brand partnership marketing sponsorship.

Diversified Revenue Streams
BOXX® future developments include new scooter models with step thru capabilities, electric motors for B2B opportunities, branded component products, and branded accessories. Potential pipeline products include: BOXX® patent-pending accessories such as solar charging BOXX cover matte, expanded storage pods, a patented super capacitor power system, LightGuard® a patented (HUD) digital defined lighting road surface projection system for autonomous vehicle/pedestrian communications, industry leading patented electric HUB motors, safety systems for autonomous scooters and cars, BOXX II Step thru scooter all slated for completion during this phase of growth. 

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