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Brands spend a tremendous amount of money on marketing.

A massive part of that marketing spend goes toward driving potential customers to their websites.

The goal is to establish a following and sell their products.

Unfortunately, they lose out when +90% of these consumers pivot to buy from retail.

Retailers are struggling to survive due to declining store sales, and difficulties with eCommerce strategies.  While Amazon is quickly becoming online monopoly managing largest share of online sales, other retailers still represent 95% of retail sales.

Retailers and brands are spending millions on technology and infrastructure in an effort to compete, maintain market share, and maximize sales.

Brandleap is a technology company that has cracked the code of delivering online sales growth for brands and retailers.  We have enhanced the Amazon model and have  to provide a marketplace solution that simplifies consumer purchase, while increasing online and in-store sales for brands and retailers. With Brandleap, Retailers and Brands will make millions. 



Brandleap empowers brrands and retailers by: 

  • Enabling consumers to buy the products they love
  • From their preferred retailer
  • Right at The-Moment-of-Truth
  • B2B & B2C sales channels
  • All without any of the hassle of looking for it across a multitude of retail websites
  • Or struggling to find the best price and local availability




All brands have one thing in common:

They want you, the consumer, to make a purchase.

They don't care where you do it, they just want you to buy their product.

Without Brandleap, brands lose consumers in the shift from research (ex: looking at the company's own website) to retail.

James Arth, CEO of Brandleap, wanted to change that.

He came up with a solution for Best Buy that allowed brands to leverage Best Buy-fulfilled purchases from their own websites.

This was a very successful venture, resulting in increased sales for the brand and Best Buy.

Other retailers took notice and wanted to utilize this concept, thus leading to the birth of Brandleap.

According to a recent Deliotte study, as much as 80% of brand web traffic comes from people looking to make a purchase from a retailer.

83% of Brandleap purchases are BOPIS ‘Bought Online & Picked Up In-Store’ providing value for brands and retailers.  Provides new fulfillment choice for brands, and new foot traffic for retailers.  No retailer has a higher BOPIS rate!

Existing solutions simply direct consumers to a retailer destination (Amazon, Walmart, etc.), where conversion rates are measured in fractions of a percent.   Brandleap is delivering  conversion rates 10X higher than competing solutions.

Brands seeing meaningful sales growth increasing direct sales by as much as 40%

Brands and retailers get critical insights to improve sales and
customer satisfaction.

Our innovation is establishing a simple marketplace that exists on a brand website and needs no consumer marketing.

Most online marketplaces spend a large amount of their funds attempting to acquire customers.

Brandleap, on the other hand, will be paid by the brands to host a marketplace on the brand website.

TRY FOR YOURSELF: Go to  and click on one of the red ‘FIND A STORE’ buttons, Brandleap will launch above the screen.

Donald Brewer | Co-Founder

  • Veteran Consumer Electronics and Accessories Executive with 25 years experience with tier one brands
  • Highly sought consultant to major brands including Epson and Microsoft
  • Inventor who has developed consumer electronics products and SaaS solutions for brands with highly protective retail channels


Jason Palmer | Co-Founder

  • Entrepreneur and retail industry veteran
  • Honored with the 40 under 40 Executives award from North American publishing  company 
  • CEO/ President of a venture-backed SaaS Healthcare Analytics firm, and Sr. VP of a SaaS distance Ed company
  • Leverages his decades of experience and legal background as an esteemed consultant for a wide range of companies, helping with product and business development, channel management and launch strategies


Chris Howard | CTO

  • Started his career at IBM, which at that time provided technical support to the NASA space agency
  • Founded Softeq Development (250+ developers and engineers) back in 1997, offering award-winning Web and mobile solutions with more than 1 million man-hours of relevant experience prototyping, building, integrating, porting, and maintaining high-quality software

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