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Brave At A Glance

Brave prevents overdose deaths. Our systems detect overdose by combining technology and people so that any time someone overdoses, a response can be sent, wherever they are and wherever they need it.

We collaborate and co-design with people who use drugs to create overdose response tools they want to use, making overdose detection and response accessible to everyone and reaching those most at risk.

The Real Problem: Isolation & Detection

Second only to the Coronavirus, the opioid epidemic is now the largest public health crisis in the United States and Canada.¹

1. rug-use/opioids/responding-canada-opioid-crisis.html

When it comes to saving lives, many people think the problem is addiction itself or  overprescription of opioids, but the unfortunate reality is that isolation drives overdose death, and stigma drives isolation.

If the goal is to keep people alive, then the only thing that can really beat isolation is to detect an overdose in time. To do that, we need to build connections and detect overdose immediately.

Every Overdose Reversed

Technology holds the innate power to connect people, which is why Brave is building an overdose detection platform and products that digitize community harm reduction practices that have a proven record of saving lives.

Just like campaigns encouraging the public to wear their seatbelt or wash their hands, Brave activates the principles of harm reduction to reduce the negative consequences of drug use – de-stigmatizing the activity in the process and preventing overdose deaths.

Brave designs technologies to connect people at risk of overdose with help they need: an ally to talk to, a human supporter to help them stay safe, and digital monitoring technology to detect an overdose and get help to them when they’re in danger.

Ultimately, without detection, there can be no reversal. With our technologies, Brave fulfills this pivotal step in successful overdose responses.

We believe if our technology were widely adopted, they could detect up to 92% of fatal overdoses.

Our Frontline Products

Brave’s ecosystem of technology connects people with community supporters when they’re alone and at risk of overdose. Anonymous and private, these tools can keep you safe(r) from overdose, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

A Strategy That Works

Brave works because we’re co-designed by drug users, for drug users. We trust in the expertise of people who use drugs to ensure Brave builds tools that will actually be effective – and they are:

Cooperative Leadership

As a cooperative, Brave is co-owned and democratically controlled by all of its members. We believe that everyone involved in what we do should enjoy a share of the benefits and a say in how we do it, whether they work for us, invest in us or use our products. All of us have been impacted directly by the overdose crisis, and Brave has lost many friends, allies, and one team member to overdose.

Brave is spearheaded by three passionate individuals with diverse professional and life experiences:

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