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Breezing is a medical device company that has developed the only wearable solution specifically targeting the obesity epidemic and the billions spent on associated chronic diseases.

Our Breezing Pro device makes assessment of resting metabolic rate easier than ever - a significantly important factor in controlling obesity.  It’s backed by proprietary chemical sensor technology developed by our expert term, which enables assessment in a wearable form-factor and provides at least one order of magnitude reduction in cost compared to current standard of care tools.


Despite the growing swell of new diets and
wellness innovations,

2 in 3 Americans (and 1 in 3 worldwide) remain either overweight or clinically obese.  This is a recent development, causing obesity to be the largest root cause of some of the most common chronic diseases

Cardiovascular disease, the largest cause of death worldwide

Type-II diabetes, which impacts diet, work productivity, exercise and more

Cancers directly linked to obesity, which are the only ones with rising death rates (overall cancer death rates have steadily decreased for 25 consecutive years)

75 cents of every healthcare dollar is being spent on treating chronic diseases – and obesity is the largest contributor.  Not to mention the debilitating social stigma associated with the affliction, which creates significant emotional strain for many others.


Introducing Breezing: creators of the world’s only wearable, telemedicine-capable metabolic analysis solution for RMR assessment.  Our device delivers gold-standard clinical precision in a cost-effective manner that’s accessible to anyone, at any time.

The use of proprietary and trade-secret chemical sensor technology is what sets our solution apart - allowing for top quality precision in such a user-friendly package.

The Breezing Pro enables access to clinical-grade RMR assessments right at the point of care - so that healthcare practitioners can feasibly incorporate it into regular treatment protocols and ultimately reduce or even reverse chronic disease effects.


Device design is based on 10+ years of chemical sensor research at ASU’s Biodesign Institute, in conjunction with structured obesity & chronic disease therapy programs - resulting in direct improvement to the aforementioned negative industry trends.


It truly is a breeze with the Breezing Pro.  For a patient to begin measuring metabolism, all they need to do is breathe - and we take care of the rest.

This is in stark contrast to the significant time & expertise required to calibrate traditional metabolic carts for each test, which involves using external gases, test software, and complex test routines.  Here’s a top-level glimpse at how our process works:

Users put the device on like a CPAP mask and breathe normally for 10 minutes

The user’s O2 consumption and CO2 output are measured - both of which are essential to achieving clinically-precise “gold-standard” metabolic precision;


Each test uses a single, one-time use sensor cartridge to generate precise RMR and respiratory quotient measurement (fat vs. carb burn);

Optical sensors in the device monitor and measure reactions that occur on the sensor cartridge;


Test data is processed by our onboard algorithms and presented in the Breezing mobile app - which syncs to a user’s mobile device via Bluetooth.

This convenient operation makes the Breezing Pro ideal for a wide array of customer and user types - including healthcare pros, dieticians, consumers in weight loss programs, & many more.  We’ll be well-positioned to benefit them all once FDA clearance is secured, although we are still able to build significant value for our company in the meantime through other market segments.


We’ve come a long way since developing the proof of concept of our our first gen product back in 2013-2014.  Some of our proudest accomplishments since include:

Generated $1.5M in revenue on our original proof of concept product (roughly 2,000 Breezing Tracker units sold) and continue to see $10,000-15,000 per month in recurring sensor sales from the use of those devices.

Secured relationships with multiple clinical study partners including The Mayo Clinic, ASU, and University of Arizona to prove the Breezing Pro’s efficacy.

Just completed our first delivery of the Breezing Pro.

Also built & released the 1stversion of the Breezing Pro app on Android.


Have received roughly $4 million in grants to date.


Secured Novo Nordisk as an early Pro customer in support of their clinical education programs focused on obesity (already received the first PO for $123,000).

Network of 8 international distributors in place through our first gen product, and 12 more awaiting availability of Breezing Pro.

Partnership with MeHow Medical, a FDA cleared and ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer in Shenzhen, China for production of the device hardware, silicone mask, and accessories.

December 2018 winner of the Arizona Innovation Challenge (pitch & business plan competition), which included $150,000 in non-dilutive grant funding.

Obtaining positive press from dozens of top media sources, including Trend Hunter, Medgadget, Medical Xpress, and many others.


The Breezing concept spun out from the hard work of our founding team, who are all research scientists at Arizona St. University.  Let’s learn a little more about them:

Silicon Valley veteran who’s co-founded 3 companies, including a clinical communication technology startup called BeckonCall.  Has also led sales & marketing roles for Microsoft and for startups acquired by Comcast & Motorola.

Our sensor tech’s co-inventor, with 10 patents, 200 journal articles, and 200+ invited talks & seminars to his name.  Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Award & Hellmuth Fisher Medal recipient, amongst others.


Clinical chemistry specialist with 80+ peer-reviewed publications, 11 patents/applications, and 3 transferred IPs.  Leads clinical trials & validation studies for us and also supports clinical sales.

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