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Every couple of decades, an innovation comes out of the tech community that radically alters the way human beings interact with each other -- and with our world.

Artificial intelligence is one of these innovations -- a technology that will transform how we interact with everything from our cars to our homes to our gadgets.

Brighten is at the forefront of the AI revolution. Ours is the first AI solution that can operate without an internet connection and learn users’ commands without relying on pre-programmed behaviors.

Several top 5 automotive companies, and leading robotics and augmented reality companies are already exploring the possibility of partnering with Brighten to add artificial intelligence capabilities into their products.

What has them so excited about Brighten? Read on to find out.

We know what you’re thinking: “Wait a minute - don’t the big guys at Apple, Amazon, and Google already have Artificial Intelligence pretty much locked down?”

It’s true that Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Now have put AI on the map, and gotten people in the tech world and beyond talking about the technology’s potential to revolutionize the way we work, search, drive and do just about everything else.

But there are a couple of key limitations in all three’s approach to AI so far that makes it clear that the ball is still very much in play when it comes to AI innovation.

Apple, Amazon and Google have proven that AI technology is viable, but the AI frontier is still very much that -- a frontier -- and there’s plenty of room for new pioneers to enter the field and push the technology to new heights.

That’s where Brighten comes in.

At Brighten, our mission was simple: pick up where Apple, Amazon, and Google have left off and build the next generation of artificial intelligence.

The result is what we like to call artificial intelligence with warmth. It’s AI designed designed around people -- instead of the other way around.

Brighten is the first artificial intelligence that doesn’t rely on internet connectivity to function. That’s a big deal when it comes to AI’s applications in the world of self-driving cars, and it makes us a natural fit for companies in the auto industry that are exploring AI’s applications for autonomous driving.

Instead of you learning Brighten, Brighten learns you. Unlike most AIs, which only respond to a set of pre-programmed commands, Brighten has the ability to recognize and predict speech patterns. The more you talk to Brighten, the more it learns about you, and the better it gets at doing what you want it to do.

Unlike, other AI solutions that are dependent on proprietary hardware, Brighten is a software-only solution that can be adapted to the needs of any device. That makes us an ideal partner for car companies, home appliance brands, and others who want to incorporate AI capabilities into their products, but have neither the budget to license the tech from one of the big players, nor the engineering firepower to develop a solution in-house.

Less than a year after inception, Brighten is already making amazing progress toward our goal of launching the next generation of AI capability.

Our technology is already built and demo-ed. We are in talks with several car companies in the Silicon Valley area about the possibility of working together to integrate Brighten technology into their vehicles, including an extremely successful demo for Ford that met with very positive reception.    

What really wowed them was our ability to guess the meanings of things Brighten had never seen before, and once understood, instantly add them to Brighten's vocabulary.   This is state of the art AI.

Car companies aren’t the only ones getting excited about Brighten. We’re booking conversations with tech leaders from a number of different areas, including two leading augmented reality companies.    Augmented reality is another natural market for us, because the most natural way to interact with an interface that appears in your vision is to speak to it.   

And several robotics companies:

Now is the time when the rubber truly hits the road. To learn more about where Brighten goes from here and how you can be involved, request access to the Business Plan tab of this funding profile!

Long-time software guy who led the teams that built Java, Microsoft Office for iOS and, most recently, helped design the Siri API.

John has long been fascinated with artificial intelligence and what it can achieve, and been passionate about designing simple solutions to complex problems. Brighten is what happens when theses two passions come together. The result is something truly spectacular.

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