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Quick Pitch

     Brown and Sons Publishing is a traditional, family-run publishing house with a mission to discover the works of talented, unknown writers. We hand-select authors and manuscripts based upon creative talent, marketability, and global impact, with the intent of creating best-selling authors and contributing greatly to the literary arts.

      We work with our writers the old-fashioned way, using modern techological means. BSP takes the author under its wing, markets and promotes both the author and the work, and designs and ships ebooks and paperbacks. Our aim is to build careers, as well as to sell books. Authors' careers are built through exposure to an ever-widening readership. BSP utilizes electronic means such as our Writer's Showcase, which allows for peer review/commentary and social network promotion, webinars with an "Author Speaks" series, and personalized webpages.

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Dr. Nasser Sharify, multi-award winning scholar, former Dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute in New York, and commissioned by the Shah of Iran to build a national library, has been a lifelong poet. His history-altering poem, “A Soulful Sound” was written for, and presented to the Shah of Iran in 1954. BSP holds First Right of Publication to his six volumes of poetry, his novel, Luigi in Iran, and the film script, based on the novel.    

"I am grateful to Dr. Jocelyn Brown, my poetic publisher, who has and will bring my life’s poetic works to life."  Dr. Nasser Sharify, from recently released, From Bondage to Bondage

Dan Eric Slocum, former veteran news anchorman/reporter of the Emmy-winning news-radio team, KOMO in Seattle had also been a lifelong writer. Eric, who was a brilliant poet wanting to see his poetry published more than anything, died suddenly, just days after having his contract with BSP approved. His wish was to have his seven volumes of poetry published in absentia. His brother will act as his agent for the upcoming volumes, to be published in 2013.

Joseph Diomede, world traveler by bicycle, has chronicled his oddly sychronous and heartwarming journeys that are being shaped into a four volume series titled, Synchronicity Cycles. The well-crafted Synchronicity Cycle One: Awakening the Passion will be released in March 2013.

Timothy Paul Brown has been writing and performing his electrifying, spoken word style of poetry since 1980. Twisted Rage: An Explosion of Poetic Thought marks the first volume in a series of works to come.

 "I am grateful to Dr. Jocelyn Brown, my publisher, who is bringing my work to the world."


Our coffers are overflowing with approved manuscripts that are ready for publishing. 

BSP holds First Right of Publication on 21  manuscripts with contracted, multi-volume authors. There are two pending, multi-volume author contracts, which will produce 10 – 12 additional manuscripts for publication in 2013.  


In the final weeks of February 2013, BSP will release Twisted Rage: An Explosion of Poetic Thought, Timothy Paul Brown’s first volume of poetry.

Between February and March of 2013, BSP plans to release A Homeful Sound, the second volume of poetry by Dr. Nasser Sharify, with French translation for an international market and a revised edition of From Bondage to Bondage, Dr. Sharify’s first volume of poetry, with French translation.

In March 2013, BSP will release Synchronicity Cycle One: Awakening the Passion, the first in a series of four autobiographical books by Joseph Diomede.


Our growth potential is unlimited. In fact, our needs at this time are basic.


  • Dedicated, knowledgeable Staff
  • Multi-Level marketing/promotion and distribution
  • Approved manuscripts for publication - in excess
  • Incoming projects for publication - steady flow
  • Electronic capabilities

                                 WHAT WE NEED

  • An additional editor
  • A Marketing/Promotion and Distribution Staff member
  • Software programs for faster, more efficient production
  • ISBN and other licensing purchases
  • Office Supplies and equipment

We look forward to working with you on funding pledges, helping you find the right reward package, and putting your support to work for the company.


The Fastest Growing Publishing Company in the West
Discovering the Writer in You

Have you ever shared your personal writings, your poetic thoughts, your short stories, or travel journals with anyone?Our writers have, and we're glad they did.

*At BSP, we honor our writers and we honor our funders. We've put together a unique package of rewards tailored specifically to your personal and professional needs at huge discounts. Be sure to check out our awards packages below and forward any questions.

Key Features


      Unlike many ebased publishing companies, authors are selected at BSP, authors do not pay editing fees, or product and service fees, or pay for ISBN numbers. There are no "self-publishing" or "do-it-yourself" options. BSP takes complete care of its author clientele and sets up contracts with the highest possible royalty payments for its writers.

      We are changing lives with our vision of opening up the literary market to gifted writers who need an opportunity to have their autobiographical journeys, their poetry, novels, and other creative works read. Ultimately, this opportunity will change the lives of readers, who will experience the great impact of these works for many years to come.

      Dr. Nasser Sharify, former Dean of Pratt Institute in New York, has been writing poetry nearly all of his life. Yet, throughout his internationally known career in library science, his one-million dollar commission by the Shah of Iran to build a national library, and his many medals and award, he never publicly shared his ever-growing tome of romantic poetry. Sharify was referred to Brown and Sons Publishing in 2011. Now, at 87 years old, he is discovering a following for his timeless poetry. 

About the Business and Team


      Brown and Sons Publishing evolved from surprising beginnings, which shaped the course of its mission. In 2010, Dr. Jocelyn Brown took a leave from teaching to research, publish, and speak at conferences. During that year, Brown launched, a writing service business that also offered a Writers' Showcase blog linked to the social networks. The writing began to pour in from all walks of life. A regional transit driver, a Dean of Colleges, a veteran news anchorman, a world traveler, and many others with unique personal backgrounds found their way to the website. Brown discovered that 80% of the submissions came from exceptionally talented writers. The commentary and feedback from readers were powerful. More than showcasing these writers, Brown wanted to publish them. Brown opened Brown and Sons Publishing in 2012 with a mission to make a lasting impact on the literary world with these newly discovered writers. Thus began the process of sorting through manuscripts while learning the fine points of the business. The stack of approved manuscripts grew and contracts went out. Staff was needed to produce, market, and distribute the many volumes of poetry and autobiography, the novels, and the screenplay.

     In January 2013, Brown hired a dynamic team that is primed to get started. Two additional staff members will be added to the team in the second quarter.

  • Dr. Jocelyn Brown, Publisher/Editor
  • Traci Jaramillo, Marketing, Distribution, and Accounting
  • Jade P. Sandro Brown, Research and Development
  • Job Alexander Brown, Finance   

Dr. Jocelyn A. Brown


BSP believes in global outreach. BSP has established a project in service of humanity called the Kroobay District Project. The project is at the start of a two year planning and implementation phase that will culminate in an outreach program bringing education, nutrition, training, and supplies to the inhabitants of Kroobay District in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The recent gold wars in Sierra Leone  have left devastated populations of homeless, undernourished, and illiterate. BSP hopes to use the skills of its dedicated staff to build relationships with the country’s leaders in an effort to bring the initiative to fruition in late 2015.

BSP has committed to donating 5% of all net sales toward the initiative.






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