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Consumables are loaded with chemicals.

From the food we eat to the soda we drink, it's inescapable. Even our cannabis is being affected by the chemical-infused world in which we live.

Unfortunately, most cannabis consumers have no idea where their cannabis really comes from.




BUSHL solves all of these problems by:

  • Engaging with premium brands to list their businesses/menus/ retailers on our website, allowing for consumers to place orders for pick up and soon delivery.
  • Engaging with consumers directly through our events

BUSHL works exclusively with like-minded brands to provide consumers with the highest quality of clean cannabis products -- sourced entirely from clean farms vetted through an extensive certification process, to ensure that they are working with brands aligned with their mission.

Brands selected receive the "BUSHL Standard Of Excellence", certifying that they've taken the appropriate measures to deliver the best premium, sustainable, and organic product. 

Every BUSHL brand meets most, or all, of the following characteristics:





When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was forced, for the better, to change my teenage diet from processed, preserved foods, to strictly organic vegetables. At this time, I also began using cannabis to combat the nausea, violent cramps, and upset stomachs the disease was causing. I was able to see first hand how important organic food was for my health, as well as the positive affect cannabis had on my symptoms.

As I grew into a staunch believer in the power of diet and cannabis, I knew I had to do something I was passionate about in this new industry. It is imperative for consumers to have access to clean, pesticide-free products - whether for medicine or recreation. That’s why I started BUSHL - to bring clean products to the cannabis community.



I spent years working tirelessly in corporate advertising until I realized something was missing - purpose. That was a big one for me. I'd always been a consumer and advocate of cannabis but as the industry developed, so did my knowledge of it. When I discovered the regulations (or rather, lack of) around clean cannabis products I felt an unwavering need to do something.

Why was no one talking about this? Why were consumers buying products they knew nothing about? Creating a place where we can educate and have people feel confident that they're buying clean and sustainable products was the missing piece.

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