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Canada is currently suffering from a major cannabis shortage, resulting in low quality products sold nationwide.

The supply is so low, even medical patients are struggling to find what they need.

And when medical and recreational cannabis consumers finally acquire their desired product, they find:

  • It disappoints at every level
  • It is not worth consuming
  • It does not feel like a luxurious product


At Canadbliss, Inc., we pride ourselves on elevating the old cannabis experience. 

Our laid back, California glam will effectively wipe away the exhausted idea of marijuana.

A qualified team of California growers bring decades of experience as well as quality work.

As a result, we will provide a fresh and seductive appeal that will attract a wider range of potential customers.


Canadbliss, Inc. solves these problems by offering the:

  • Strongest
  • Cleanest
  • Organic strains of cannabis
  • All from the heart of the cannabis capital of the world, California

We intend to grow and produce 400 lbs of cannabis per week to satisfy the highly lucrative (but severely underserved) Canadian market. 





Winter Kensington | Founder, President and CEO

  • 10 years of experience in cannabis business operation
  • Has completed many successful indoor and outdoor grows
  • Familiar with hydroponic cultivation and is experienced in using light deprivation techniques to satisfy the dry spring cannabis market
  • Passionate, dedicated, and self-motivated business woman
  • Has years experience working with Master Grower Grant Bushman
  • These skills, combined with Winter's unbridled passion, make her an ideal CEO for Canadbliss, Inc

Grant Bushman | Master Grower

  • California-based grower with 20 years of growing experience
  • Specializes in cloning and organic cultivation
  • Owner and operator of several shops within California, including The Used Hydroponics Shop and Sky Hydroponics
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of grow room setup, operations, and compliance, as well as a diverse understanding of overall growth management

Aaron Wolfe | Chief Operating Officer

  • After graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Chemistry
  • Aaron Wolfe worked at Paragon Biomedical, a liaison company that aided in testing upcoming pharmaceuticals in clinical research trials for FDA approval
  • Most recently he has held a regional manager position at Marriott International, overseeing daily operation of the hotels

Jeremy Teman | Vice President / Cognitive Neuroscientist

  • Studied at Berkeley and worked as research assistant in Millhauser Lab at UCSC
  • Examined the effects of Parkinson’s Disease, as well as the benefits of cannabis use with the disease
  • Former CEO at Aptos Productions, LLC., which contracted with marketing teams to produce video content

Gary Lane | VP of Sales and Business Development

  • Former Vice President of Sales for NY WaterMaker, a division of Green Crown Water Systems that has been featured on CNBC’s Staten Island Hustle
  • Former Vice President of Sales for Total Merchant Resources, a company that appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank
  • Former Vice President & GM for Pure Minutes, an international long-distance phone carrier

Giancarlo Thomae | Grower and Quality Assurance

  • Degree in Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Studied cannabis genetics and crossbreeding
  • Is currently developing proprietary strains that will be available exclusively through Canadbliss, Inc.

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