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CannAssist International Corp. aims to address pain management and other sensorial activity with CiBiDinol™, which is CannAssist’s unique CBD-based formula that is used to enhance the performance and bioavailability of CBD in our health and wellness products. CiBiDinol™ is used in a line of consumable and topical products that we produce and sell.

Inconsistency in Quality & Efficiency

We believe that other CBD-based products on the market
suffer from a range of problems:

We believe that other CBD-based products on the market that use oil-soluble agents and emulsions to dissolve or disperse CBD in their products are not always absorbed or as efficacious as they can be.

We believe that other companies that use multiple extraction methods for their hemp raw materials in the creation of their products develop inconsistencies in the quality of their products.

As a result of these problems, we believe that consumers either pay more for our competitors’ products because higher ingredient concentrations are needed to overcome poor absorption or are otherwise provided a lower quality, inconsistently effective product.


The origin of our company is rooted in our founder’s experiences with the inadequacies of existing pain management treatments. Inspired by his wife’s battle with cancer, CannAssist’s founder Mark Palumbo became determined to develop a functional pain management option that improved upon conventional treatments, such as NSAIDS and opiates.

As a result of his extensive research and development efforts, our founder created our unique CBD-based formula, CiBiDinol™, which we believe has the following benefits:


CannAssist’s product line uses CiBiDinol™ as an active ingredient, which is intended to enhance the bioavailability of CBD. CBD and related compounds are oil-based and, therefore, are not easily absorbed into the body. We believe that our process allows for quicker absorption and reduced dosage requirements as compared to other methods of creating CBD-based products.

CiBiDinol™ is made from hemp and is specially designed to protect the embedded CBD. Our proprietary technology attaches the oil-soluble CBD molecule to a water-soluble carrier, rendering it water dispersible.


3rd Party testing has shown CiBiDinol™greatly extends product performance and shelf life. Further, using CiBiDinol™ enables CBD to be delivered effectively to sites of activity, producing significant results while using much less CBD.

CannAssist will sell its products directly to consumers, as well as to businesses wanting to include CiBiDinol™ as an ingredient in their own products.


From product development and customer acceptance, to patents and partnerships, CannAssist has made significant achievements to date:

  • Completed development of our raw material technology, CiBiDinol™
  • Developed formulas for topical pain creams (3), capsules (2) and sublingual drops (6) using our CiBiDinol™ product
  • Early customers, test marketing and physician referrals have been completely positive
  • Licensing agreements with seven fairly large companies using our raw materials in their products. One company has ordered just over two tons of product at $91/kilo
  • In addition to standard trade secret protection, we have a had a provisional patent related to our technology. We are evaluating both a reinstatement of the provisional patent and the addition of new IP. We have applied for and continue to pursue our open trademark application
  • We have strategic partnerships with suppliers and contract manufacturers
  • For the year ending December 31, 2019, we generated $686,400 in revenue. Prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we anticipated revenues of at least $2 million in the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020


We are contracting with Freedman Sports Public Relations, a company devoted to providing a wide range of public relations, image-enhancing, marketing and corporate connected services to motion pictures, television shows, sports products, athletes, books, other sports-related projects and special events.

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