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  • Developing an end-to-end digital network enabling transparency, banking, payments, and data between members of the cannabis community.
  • Recently reached agreement with a Custodial Trust that is US chartered, US domiciled, making CannCo the first company to offer FDIC-insured payment services to cannabis  businesses unable to access traditional bank financing.

The CannCo Team has traction:

  • Recently completed a Start Engine Crowdfunding campaign with over 900 investors participating, raising $650k. Amassed over 1500 total  investors
  • Already generating revenue through previously acquired businesses


The legal cannabis industry is currently suffering from a highly fragmented business and software infrastructure

  • No standardization
  • A scarcity of data
  • A low rate of compliance
  • Completely un-networked

Key Highlights:

  • CannCo will be the only platform that makes it possible to safely:
     o Exchange
     o Promote
     o Track
     o Verify
     o Reward
  • All users will be granted a right of participating in the loyalty programs and earning rewards and promotions


CannCo recently reached agreement with a Custodial Trust that is US chartered, US domiciled, and provides millions in FDIC deposit insurance!

How will it work?
Simple: Cannco has designed a simple cryptocurrency (Stable Coin) that will be backed by currency that has been put on deposit with the Trust.  There is no risk of loss due to crypto volatility

                       The Contract with the Trust Company is signed.

How does it work:
1. Armored Car Service picks up the cash from the depositor.
2. Cash is deposited in custodial bank
3. Stable coins are minted and issued to depositor’s digital wallet
4. Account Holder can then pay invoices by transferring coins to suppliers
Suppliers can then use stable coins as they wish or convert to cash (using          ACH, Wire, or Check)


Cannabis businesses face many restrictions, regulations, and additional complexity that are unique to the industry. It can be nearly impossible to effectively operate a fully compliant business, especially with the industry growing at an exponential pace

CannCo intends to solve many of the compliance and banking problems for licensed industry participants by facilitating the transfer of cash in a digital format, legally and effectively banking cannabis revenues using a cannco stable-coin product.

Why can Cannco do this when others haven’t been able to?
Cannco has been approved to do this because it has designed a compliance program for the system that meets all of the government requirements for handling Currency generated in the industry.

What happens when Cannabis becomes federally legal and all banks will offer services to Cannabis Companies?
Cannabis will always be a controlled substance, so heightened compliance will be a requirement that we will turn into a revenue stream. Our software can be licensed to Banks if they decide to "bank" cannabis businesses - the requirements for compliance are high, and our software will be a cloud based system that will automate compliance for banks. 


Cannco intends to deploy and operate two separate digital currencies, the DoKT stable coin and the Canncoin.

The stable coin revolutionizes the cannabis financial conundrum in 5 easy steps:


Cannco’s platform will eliminate the biggest pain points of major banking institutions, making it possible for banks to seamlessly service the cannabis industry

Our software will fully manage cannabis specific supply chain workflows to integrate record keeping, reporting, licensing, compliance, transactions, and other unique requirements of the cannabis industry are contained within a single platform.

Cannco’s single software application will be driven by a compliance dictated database, and will interact with service providers through a tightly controlled API access point.


The major milestones we have achieved are all around the design of a compliant infrastructure. These developments will support the goals of creating the financial ecosystem for the cannabis industry. That ecosystem is being designed to meet the needs of the industry, as well as the myriad of regulators that will want to have some oversight of our deployment. Thus, it's a win-win for everyone.

Our Token design and Ecosystem is developed IP through our work with Applicature.

We have already gotten the attention of those interested in using our product. However, we are waiting until we have a live demo before pursuing those potential customers.



  • 25+ years as a founding principal and senior advisor to more than fifteen publicly and privately held companies

These include:

  • Happy Family, an organic foods company which sold for $250 million
  • Digital Development Group, which has a distribution platform with more than 10,000 titles
  • Mr. Laun is founder and CEO of, a media platform for growth stage companies
  • He previously served as Managing Director for Knight Capital Group, the largest market-maker of public securities in the US
  • His extensive experience in investment banking, finance, and marketing helps ensure CannCo is developing a healthy and compliant economic infrastructure
  • Mr. Laun has a Bachelor’s from Cornell University and has an MBA from Columbia University

JESSICA BAKER | Operations

  • 9+ years Experience in finance, business analysis, client management and research
  • Experience includes:
  • Founder and COO of Growth Circle, Inc.
  • CEO of
  • Business intelligence at Rolling Forecast Solutions
  • Business analysis and finance at Torrey Funds and Khaner Capital
  • Graduated summa cum laude with a M.B.A. in Finance and a B.S. in biology from the University of Texas

Nalin Patel | Technology

  • Mr. Patel is a serial entrepreneur and software engineer with over 18 years’ experience in building digital properties
  • He’s both a seasoned executive and a hands-on technologist
  • His roles have included:
  • CTO of the Hollywood Stock Exchange (acquired by eSpeed, Inc.)
  • Founder of content sharing service
  • Co-Founder of apartment listings site
  • Co-Founder and CTO of video gaming portal ION Gamers.
  • Senior Technology Consultant for numerous companies, including Cantor Fitzgerald
  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT (which he entered at the age of 16)

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