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CarePredict is the revolutionary new technology company dedicated to helping seniors and their children stay informed and up-to-date about their health and well-being.Our state-of-the-art Tempo monitoring and alert system uses innovative sensor technology to noninvasively track and record seniors’ day-to-day patterns and let their caregivers know when those patterns change. Tempo empowers seniors to stay safe and comfortable in their own homes, and gives their loved ones the peace of mind of knowing help is always just a push notification away.

Today, more adults than ever before are taking on the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents.


When you become your parents’ caregiver, you want them to have the independence and comfort of home, but you also want them to be safe, and to be able to give them every bit as much care and attention in their twilight years as they have given you every single day of your life.

Between the responsibilities of work, home and children of your own, you can’t always be there as often or as easily as you would like to be. At CarePredict, we’re dedicated to providing tools that make it easy to stay up-to-date on your parents’ life and well-being, so you can take care of them the way they took care of you.

Tempo, by CarePredict, draws on some of the greatest technological innovations of the 21st century to completely reimagine senior care.

Our lives are full of patterns, and in the later years those rhythms become even more apparent and even more expressive of health, mental state and general well-being. Tempo’s state-of-the-art sensor technology learns your loved one’s patterns— their tempo, if you will—and then lets you know when those patterns are interrupted.

Tempo monitors motion (walking, sitting, lying down), location (bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen) and activities (cooking, eating, sleeping) to create a map of of your loved one’s day-to-day habits. Tempo even picks up on subtler, more gradual changes—like slower motion, more time spent sitting down, or cooking less often—that can often be indicators of underlying medical conditions.

When Tempo notices a change in your loved one’s patterns, sudden or gradual, you will be notified immediately by text, email and/or mobile app alert, so you know to reach out, check in and, if necessary, arrange for appropriate medical attention.

Tempo’s record of your loved one’s daily patterns makes it easier to recognize the bigger picture and communicate it to other caregivers and medical providers, paving the way for better, more informed, more timely care.

The Tempo technology suite is made up of 3 devices that interact to create a comprehensive picture of your loved one’s day-to-day patterns:

The Tempo wearable device is worn on the wrist and is as stylish and unobtrusive as an ordinary bracelet or watch. The system comes fully set up, charges simply without wires or cords, and even sends out a reminder if your loved one forgets to put their Tempo bracelet on.


Get Tempo for your parents and give them—and yourself—the gift of being able to worry less, know more and spend more of your energy simply enjoying your time together.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of scenarios where Tempo can make the difference between timely intervention and medical emergency. Here’s just one illustration of what Tempo can do:

Carol's mom Betty is an active, vivacious 78-year-old who enjoys her independence. But since losing her husband last year, she’s been a bit scattered, and she’s had a couple of minor health scares that led Carol, a mom of 3 teenagers with a demanding full-time job, to get Tempo set up in Betty's home to help her stay up to date with how Betty is doing.

With Tempo’s help, we know Betty wakes up at around 7 AM each morning, goes to the bathroom for 10 minutes, to the kitchen for 15 minutes and the living room for 2 hours. But today, she woke up, went to the bathroom and then went straight back to bed. Tempo recognizes that Betty's behavior is out of the ordinary, and sends Carol an alert, so she can call Betty, check in and be sure that everything is okay.

Betty answers the phone, says everything’s fine, and that she’s just feeling a little under the weather. They agree that Carol will check in again after work, and if Betty is still feeling poorly, Carol will take her to the doctor’s office to get checked out.

CarePredict just got going in January 2014, but we’re already making significant strides toward having Tempo ready to get onto shelves and into homes throughout the United States and beyond. Our biggest accomplishments to date include:

Complete prototypes of all Tempo devices, including the wearable sensor, communications hub and room beacons

A small manufacturing run of communications hub and room beacons

Patents on file in US, as well as Korea, France and Canada, with additional patents to be filed globally in 2014

Support from thought leaders in both remote monitoring and senior care acting as members of our board of directors and advisory board

Interest from a large national health insurance payer;  Partnership request for retail sales from a national pharmacy chain; Pilot request from a leading 4500 bed, 25 location Senior living facility;  Partnership requests from 2 national homecare companies in the US; and retail distribution and dealer enquiries from 8 countries

Selected in 2014 as one of 28 teams worldwide to participate in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE by XPRIZE! 

Accepted into Startup Health, the premier healthcare accelerator in the US, in March 2014

Up next: fabrication of enclosures for all 3 products, and a pilot program in several senior living facilities that will allow us to test the effectiveness of our product directly with the people we’ve designed it to help.

Publications in the healthcare, senior care and technology spaces alike are taking note of CarePredict and the life-changing potential of our devices. Here are a few of the sources that are talking about us:


Satish Movva, CEO, founded CarePredict when he realized he and his parents needed a better way to be in touch about what mattered most. Before founding CarePredict, Satish had 20 years in healthcare IT and homecare/hospice operations. He spent the last 4 years as Founder and CEO of a widely acclaimed and commercially successful Healthcare IT SaaS startup that processed $550 million in customer transactions in 2012 alone.

Dr. Krishna Vedala, CSO, specializes in how to get the most meaning from data. He is a highly accomplished researcher with experience in the design and implementation of algorithms for neural engineering and bio-signal processing, with particular skills in data acquisition, signal processing physics and applied mathematics. Krishna holds a Ph.D. in Electrical/Neural Engineering, with a dissertation on the subject of a novel signal processing method for intra-operative Neurophysiological Monitoring in spinal surgeries.

Satish Movva, Chairman
(see bio above)

Ravi Reddy, Director
Ravi is a hardware entrepreneur and provides the CarePredict team with guidance, direction and strategy on the hardware front.

Freddie Laker
Freddie is a serial entrepreneur, marketing genius and CMO of Scout.

Dr. Marc Loev
Dr. Loev is a healthcare entrepreneur, speaker and founder of the largest provider-led spine and pain centers in the US.

Dr. Doug Wisor
Dr. Wisor co-founded the largest provider-led spine and pain centers in the US.

Dr. George Matthews
Dr. Matthews is a healthcare entrepreneur and alum of Goldman Sachs and WebMD, currently working at Aetna.

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