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AJ is a freshman at Florida State University. It’s a big university with a lot of things going on, and AJ is excited to start his life as a college student. The best part? His girlfriend, his best friend and his family are all just a few hours’ drive away.

But there’s a problem: AJ doesn’t have a car. Even though he only needs to travel a few hours away, he’s stranded at the university without a way to get where he wants to be.

AJ knows there’s a Facebook group for planning ridesharing with students on campus who have cars. But checking the group constantly is a pain, and there’s no way to know when someone is headed his way.

AJ writes a quick message of his own and posts it, hoping that somebody sees it and can offer a ride – and silently wishing there were an easier way to plan rides to and from campus. 

Students without cars aren’t the only ones who feel the pain. Millions of other students have cars, and would be more than happy to be reimbursed a few extra bucks while giving fellow students a ride.  But there’s no easy way for students with rides to find students without them.

There has to be a better, more efficient way for students to plan carpooling on campus. Because whether you’re trying to head home or go back to school, visit friends or just get off of campus for a while, there’s a good chance that someone else is going that way anyway.  

It’s a ride home, not neurosurgery. Whether you’re a driver or a rider (or both), CarPo takes the pain out of your next trip to or from campus. 

CarPo makes ridesharing: 

Find drivers who are headed your way. Don’t see a trip that works for you? Request one!

Set favorite destinations and get notified when a driver is headed that way.

Pay your way directly through the app. CarPo has flat rates, so there’s no haggling required.

Communicate with your driver directly with in-app messaging.

Create a trip and see if any of your fellow students want to join you.

Set favorite destinations and get notified when a passenger is looking to go that way.

Get paid directly through the app via Venmo or direct deposit to your bank account. CarPo’s flat rates make getting paid simple.

Communicate with your riders directly with in-app messaging.

We took CarPo for a test-drive on two university campuses for two weeks.


This is something students need, and there is no one providing this level of service.” 

Thank you guys for creating this app, because there’s nothing like this on campus.”

I saw your flyer on my car - are you guys everywhere?”  

Does your app work across the country? Would like to tell my friends that we have this on our campus.”

There’s a Facebook group but this seems easier and better.” 

This seems like an idea someone should have thought of long ago.” 

Media outlets and entrepreneurship experts are taking note of CarPo and our mission to change the way college students travel. 

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