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"The next media giants will come out of the mobile space" -- Bill Baker; Co-Founder & CEO

During the past decade healthy, gourmet-quality cooking has evolved from the high-priced restaurants and expanded into the mainstream. Aided by numerous TV cooking shows it seems as if in less than a generation we have become a nation of foodies. Each day new and exciting dishes are created or modified by talented, health-conscious chefs focusing on simple, healthy and quality meal preparations with countless recipes abound. However, recipes alone are not enough; they are a good start but no one learns how to prepare quality meals from written instructions. It takes years to perfect those tips and secrets that make a meal taste as if it was prepared by a gourmet chef. The best way to to demonstrate how it is done is to do so visually.

Celebrity Webchefs is addressing this opportunity by developing high-quality videos that not only provide detailed, step-by-step instructions but also share gourmet chefs' key tips & secrets featuring cause-inspired Hollywood celebrities.

For now the company is still operating in stealth mode with extended plans for major media blitz once the first mobile app becomes available (lateQ1/earlyQ2 -2013).

The vision behind Celebrity Webchefs is very simple - pair up well-known, cause-minded celebrities with gourmet chefs preparing tasty and healthy meals.  As is the case with most people health-conscious celebrities have their own favorite meals and dishes that consumers would be interested in discovering. Celebrity Webchefs plans to share the benefits of healthy, gourmet-quality cooking featuring celebrated Hollywood stars with online/mobile consumers worldwide.

Alan Thicke Trailer


In a word - Star Power! During the past two decades we have built long lasting and trusted relationships with some of the most popular celebrities in the world, many of whom have become close personal friends. By leveraging these relationships in a mutually benefical manner we greatly reduce development and marketing costs. And our celebrity friends are quite eager to promote their repsective videos since it expands their brand awareness globally (via multiple mobile and online patforms).

In addition, we have access to some of the best and most creative chefs in and around the LA area, many of whom are also looking for a platform that expends their brands.

We also have expertise in producing high-quality instructional videos. We are developing short-form (~5 min) videos that combine entertainment with valuable information that leverage the globally emerging ‘mobile infotainment’ market segment.

Lastly, to complete our vision Celebrity Webchefs developed a comprehensive mobile technology and applications that deliver the videos to a global consumer base. Even though Celebrity Webchefs is a (mobile) media company we recognize that without the underlying technology we would not be able to fully control product quality and integrity and have assembled a superb team with decades of combined mobile technology and app development expertise. 

These four aforementioned advantages increase our value proposition for all parties involved while strengthening our defensible paramters.

Celebrity Branding

Celebrity branding is not really new but during the past several years celebrity-endorsed brand & product promotions have exploded. Today brands are striking mega deals with celebrities mindful of their promotional and marketing muscle. 

According to recent reports the number of ads featuring celebrities has doubled in the past decade. Celebrity-endorsed brands usually have much higher customer acceptance because consumers like to emulate celebrity lifestyles including food, clothing, cosmetics, cars, etc.

Brands recognize that celebrity endorsements enhance the value of their products to the target market and ventures that use celebrities for product/brand promotion have recently attracted high investor interest with digital/mobile media start-ups.


The produced videos will initially be offered on various mobile app distribution platforms (iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Marketplace) as a means of quickly generating revenues as well as creating traction. However, Celebrity Webchefs does not consider itself a mobile app developer per se` but, rather, a media company focused exclusively on creating memorable home dining experiences for its target customer base.

Once the company has completed its mobile apps launches it then plans to expand via syndication with the major web portals (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, OWN, etc.) in order to generate wider reach and adoption with TV distribution further out on the horizon. We foresee the following multi-revenue streams:

• Paid Downloads;
• In-app Advertising (with free downloads);
• Product/Brand Placements;
• Syndication & Licensing;
• Monthly Subscriptions;
• DVDs (International Distribution).

Marketing & Promotions

We understand all too well that before we win any market share in this emerging segment we must first win the battle for mind share and our celebrity-supported strategy helps us greatly.

Once we move beyond our current stealth mode our celebrity friends are fully committed to promote the videos via their respective social media channels, personal appearances on numerous TV shows and other such opportunities. Important to highlight that while everyone is following them our celebrity friends will be following Celebrity Webchefs bringing millions of loyal and devoted fans in the process (see Updates). Noting more powerful than a single tweet from a Hollywood star to get the interest and buzz going.


Our comprehensive mobile app is currently in beta-testing phase and should be available for sale by late Q1/early Q2 - 2013 via iTunes initially. The app is free to download but each video will cost between $0.99 - $1.99. We will also offer free downloads with in-app advertising and/or cooking-related brand/product promotion to ensure wider market acceptance with plans for a subscription-based model once we develop a sufficient library (Q3/13).

So far we have produced 4 videos featuring Ms. Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Allan Thicke of Growing Pains (2 videos each) with several more celebrities making commitments to partake in upcoming episodes. 

And to ensure production continuity we established a strategic partnership with California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI) where we do the filming. CHLI is located at the Four Season's Hotel in Westlake Village, CA.

Value Proposition

Celebrity Webchefs’ value proposition is deeply rooted in our appreciation that in today’s hectic world time is a valuable commodity and busy professionals understand that. Any activity or endeavor that shortens the required time and/or effort to accomplish it has its inherent value.

We developed our products to be short on time and long on benefits, which is why our videos are only around 5 minutes long but full of useful, detailed and valuable information. We have nothing against recipes, we use them ourselves but they do require a lot of time and effort to complete. Simply put, Celebrity Webchefs has come up with a better method.

Founding Team

The founding team is made up of noted Hollywood personalities, web-savvy entrepreneurs, mobile/media veterans and accomplished video production professionals that includes the following individuals:

Bill Baker, Co-Founder

20+ years as a start-up veteran in technology, mobile & media markets



Chris Breed, Co-Founder

20+ years as a successful restaurateur and entertainment entrepreneur.


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