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Centerline Biomedical: Fast Facts

Centerline Biomedical is a Cleveland Clinic spin-off company preparing to bring a true minimally-invasive surgery innovation to market.  Our Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS™) greatly reduces exposure to harmful radiation through cutting-edge visualization and navigation technology.

IOPS also leverages algorithm-powered predictive analytics to provide surgeons with an invaluable set of tools that allows them to optimally perform procedures.

Key Traction:

  • Technology spun-off from Cleveland Clinic;
  • Strong partnership with Cleveland Clinic’s Institutes and surgeons;
  • Platform technology enabling multiple solutions within healthcare;
  • Evaluated by globally-recognized vascular surgeons;
  • 11 granted patents, with 10 more pending;
  • Large global network of surgeon, healthcare key influencer, and supplier contacts.

Excessive Radiation

Radiation exposure remains a pressing issue in the healthcare world and has started to adversely affect the health of our caregivers.  Take the field of minimally-invasive vascular surgery - where X-ray fluoroscopy, a crude 2D imaging method, has remained the standard of care for over half a century.

In addition to the inherent ionizing radiation that fluoroscopy emits, it also fails to visualize soft tissue (including blood vessels) without the use of contrast dye.  This dye is toxic to the kidneys and can result in post-surgery complications - adding to the risk even more.

Simply put, fluoroscopy cannot safely meet healthcare demands.  Sure, advancements like 2D-3D image overlay have been made as radiation regulations have become more stringent - but these innovations still do not meet the needs of caregivers and patients, and are very expensive.

The time is now for a breakthrough in endovascular surgery - one that greatly limits radiation and other harmful agents while actually serving as an affordable mass market solution.  The time is now for Centerline Biomedical.

The Center of Endovascular Innovation

At Centerline, we’re ushering in a new era of imaging, navigation, predictive analytics, & robotics in minimally-invasive surgery. IOPS (Intra-Operative Positioning System), our flagship product, directly minimizes exposure to cancer-causing radiation & kidney-damaging contrast dyes.

With combined GPS-like technology and smart 3D color multi-perspective display, the IOPS lets surgeons navigate & manipulate through a patient’s anatomy in an efficient, endovascular fashion - without having to rely on radiation-based imaging.  All this at a competitive cost of other imaging technologies.

IOPS also possesses real-time navigation and predictive capabilities in addition to these valuable benefits.  To this end, it arms surgeons with clinical decision support to rely on before and during procedures.

Clinicians/admins get:
 • Better/faster outcomes
 • Lower costs & new revenue opportunities
 • Significant reduction of radiation exposure to medical personnel

Payers get: 
• Reduced complications
• No additional costs
• Highly satisfied patients

Patients get:
• Less radiation & dyes
• Better outcomes
• Access to better care

Inside IOPS

The IOPS is quick & easy for any facility to start using right away with minimal training.  Integrated into a mobile cart, it can be moved from room to room in just minutes - making it ideal for adoption in hospitals, small clinics, military installations, mobile units, & many other facilities.

Its other components consist of an electromagnetic field generator, and proprietary sensorized catheters & guidewires - all of which seamlessly integrate with any surgical workflow. Catheters and guidewires are designed consistent with the current standard of care.

From there, the IOPS gives surgeons 4 separate views through a High Definition monitor that delivers real-time location triangulation.  Combined with our software, this delivers real-time visualization of vasculature.

All told, our smart 3D color display can be used for a variety of vascular diseases, including:

• Peripheral artery disease
Carotid aneurysm
Cerebral aneurysm
• Arrhythmia/fibrillation
• Aortic aneurysm/dissection
• Coronary artery disease

Powered by proprietary adaptive algorithms, our geometric modeling software makes IOPS ideal for use in predictive modeling, healthcare analytics, and the education & training of future surgeons.  Two key examples of this in action include:

1)  Vessel deformation prediction to better place stent grafts even when tissue moves


2)  Placement of stent grafts in tortuous anatomy (prevalent in aging populations)


Have a look at just a handful more of the IOPS’ many features and benefits:

Loads and makes patient info available to surgeon within minutes

Can be seamlessly used in the course of normal workflow

Drives improved margins for facilities through increased throughput & lower costs

A console & tracking system available for sale or capital lease

Guidewire, catheter, and tracking pad consumables that are sterile & single-use

Field generator and sensor interface attaches to surgical tables in just minutes

Our Journey So Far

Meet The Team

The Centerline Biomedical vision came to light after being spun-out from the renowned Cleveland Clinic in 2014.  It’s now led by a quartet of highly experienced industry experts:

Jai N. Gupta, MSA, PhD | Chairman & CEO | EER Systems Founder with 4+ decades of experience in the field.  Did scientific work for NASA & is also former President of L-3 Communications Government Services Group. Active startup investor and entrepreneur.

Vinod K. Goel, MBA, PhD | President & Director | Past positions during his 35+ years include CEO of Lagom Group and Senior Consultant at World Bank.  Has networks all around the globe and also pioneered the concept of Inclusive Innovation.


Vikash Goel, MS | CTO | Has developed multiple vascular surgery solutions, specializing in surgical navigation.  He is an IOPS inventor and has many other publications & patents.


Jay Johnson | Director of Product Dev. & Regulatory Affairs | Has launched over 30 medical devices during his 3 decades.  Former VP of R&D at superDimension™ (acquired by Medtronic). Proven track record with navigating successful M&A exits in our space.


Uday Gupta, MBA | Director of Business Development |  Brings 20+ years in startup business development, product management and commercialization. He has founded and lead several startups throughout his career, and has been recognized for launching award-winning technologies.

Dave Vickers, MBA| Senior Systems Engineer | Brings more than 30 years of experience innovating, developing and bringing medical imaging products to market including at Philips Healthcare.

Jim Foster | Senior Design Engineer | 25+ years of innovative engineering experience in the aerospace and medical device fields, with special expertise in vascular surgery, medical imaging, image guidance, and 3D printing. He is also an IOPS inventor.

Meet The Advisory Board

We are also very fortunate to receive assistance from our ever-present Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of 4 talented and respected professionals.  Let’s meet them:

Matthew Eagleton, MD (Chair),Chief of Massachusetts General Hospital's Division of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery and Co-Director of Fireman Vascular Center


Mark Farber, MD, Director of University of North Carolina’s Aortic Disease Management & Endovascular Clinic and expert on minimally-invasive aortic repair

Ezequiel Parodi, MD, Endovascular Surgeon at Cleveland Clinic's Miller Heart & Vascular Institute and a principal investigator on multiple research trials

Karl West, MS, IOPS inventor, Director of the Medical Device Solutions at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute

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