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Clinical-stage technologies for treatment of vascular diseases


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Cerevast Medical: Fast Facts

Cerevast Medical, Inc. is a clinical-stage medical device company developing therapeutic solutions for major vascular diseases using ultrasound and microsphere technologies.

Our lead clinical stage program is for the treatment of retinal vein occlusion (RVO), with applications for ischemic stroke as well. Both diseases currently have limited treatment options and affect millions of patients worldwide each year.

No Existing Cure

RVO is the second most common retinal disease, with a global incidence of 16.4 million cases annually.

There is currently no cure for RVO. If left untreated, the disease can also progress to blindness within 5-10 years, for which there is also no cure.

Current treatments for the management of RVO typically require monthly injections into the eye which are painful, inconvenient to the patient and fail to treat the root cause of the disease.  Such treatments are non-curative and merely slow progression of the disease.

Solutions for Multiple
Major Diseases

Cerevast Medical’s technology is a promising solution to debilitating diseases involving bloods clots in the circulatory system, such as RVO, for which current treatments are limited.

Our technology breaks up blood clots that cause retinal vein occlusions by applying non-invasive, targeted ultrasound to the affected circulatory areas (a process known as sonothrombolysis).

Cerevast’s solution is used in combination with existing drugs to improve efficacy, leading to a potentially curative solution.

Our technology has a variety of applications beyond RVO, including the treatment of ischemic strokes, which are the third leading cause of death worldwide.

Ultrasound & Microsphere Technology

Cerevast’s approach utilizes proprietary, non-invasive, image-guided ultrasound technology in combination with an intravenous infusion of microspheres to break up blood clots resulting in RVO, stroke and other major diseases.  

Microsphere Characteristics:

The microspheres are approximately 3 microns in diameter, sufficiently small enough to pass through the venous occlusions. 

When exposed to ultrasound, the microspheres cavitate (expand and contract) providing a novel, non-invasive approach to breaking up the blood clot, restoring venous blood flow and improving vision quality.

Early Traction 

Cerevast’s retinal vein occlusion technology is ready to enter Phase II clinical studies with an approved investigational device exemption (IDE) from the FDA. Our stroke technology is entering Phase III clinical studies.

We have seen strong interest from medical companies and physicians to participate in clinical studies. 

We currently hold 36 issued and pending patents related to the stroke and RVO technologies with expiration dates extending to 2036. 

Cerevast Medical is partnered with Lantheus Medical Imaging for access to their supply of their patented microbubble technology.

Cerevast’s Executive Team 

Bradford A. Zakes, President & CEO | Mr. Zakes has 30+ years in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and med-tech industries. He previously served as President and CEO of ImaRx Therapeutics, Inc. 

Kendall Stever, CFO | Mr. Stever has more than 30 years of experience working with high-growth technology companies. He previously held positions as CFO of Zonar Systems, Inc. and CFO of Verathon Medical, Inc.

Francesco P. Curra, PhD, CTO | Dr. Curra is a recognized medical ultrasound professional with 20 years of academic and private sector R&D experience.

Andrew Leo, VP of Quality & Regulatory Affairs | Mr. Leo has 30 years of experience in biomedical research and development organizations, including Sonus Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. 

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