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Cerilab: Fast Facts

Cerilab is an integrated, distributed health care system, dedicated to bringing the benefits of modern healthcare to the underserved population of the Dominican Republic. Our analytical laboratories are capable of more than 800 different tests and feature a wide range of modern medical imaging and high-speed, automated equipment. We also provide doctors' offices and inpatient care.

Lack of modern health
care is dangerous

Access to comprehensive healthcare in many parts of the Dominican Republic is limited. Even larger cities with primary care clinics commonly lack laboratory or other analytical capabilities, making diagnosing disease less precise.

Many people who cannot travel for comprehensive care do not obtain proper diagnosis until their illnesses become quite serious.

In addition, companies often prefer to self-insure their employees and require pre-employment testing, which is made more difficult when travel to an adequate lab facility is needed.

Bringing testing closer to home

Cerilab makes accessing medical and diagnostic testing easy and simple for patients, clinics and employers: less travel, less waiting on results.

We concentrate expensive testing equipment and highly skilled personnel in our laboratory hubs and locate satellite sampling stations near doctors’ offices.

Samples are transported to the lab and tested, and results are sent electronically to the patient and doctor.

Our Mission

Develop  Cerilab into a network health care provider  in the  Dominican Republic which will provide health maintenance  by making most early intervention available to many more people.

We will provide quality health care with great convenience so  that people will be encouraged to take preventative action before illnesses become serious.

Services will include extensive analytical capability and imaging at major centers.  These will be supported by smaller satellite centers at convenient locations which will take samples for analysis and provide such other conveniences to the consumer.

In the short term, we expect to initiate an inpatient clinic at our  San Pedro operation in addition to continuing imaging services. The La Romana operation will supply technical analytical capabilities supported by at least one satellite operation for taking samples.

Also in the short term, we will open at least one small health store to take samples and provide products such as personal health products, vitamins, OTC drugs and vaccines.

Key Services Planned

Services will include several major centers which will provide both extensive analytical capability and imaging. These will be supported by smaller satellite centers at convenient locations which will take samples for analysis and provide other conveniences to the  consumer that include:

Where possible, these will also be integrated with pharmacies.

Another element will be specialty medical clinics with doctors’ offices that will be supported by a small laboratory and a modest inpatient facilities.

Future opportunities could also include ambulance services, blood banks, hearing aid centers, and optical dispensaries.

Traction & Accomplishments

We have our systems set up to do laboratory testing and imaging and to send results electronically to doctors and patients.

We have an agreement with an owner of MRI equipment to provide space and administrative services. The equipment is owned and operated by the partner. We share a percentage of the gross revenue.

We have established relationships with insurers and relevant government agencies.

And we have an agreement with Clinical Rosario to utilize a portion of the clinic as an analytical laboratory. Clinic doctors direct patients to Cerilab, we pay a small part of our income at year end. This lab also serves as a hub for a small satellite located next to a very large regional hospital that has only minimal lab facilities.

Meet The Team

Ledna Rafaela Belgrove, GENERAL MANAGER

  • Graduate of bioanalysis, Central University of the East
  • International Auditor
  • Master in Quality Control, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo
  • Experienced as a pharmacy assistant, bioanalyst, surgical assistant in traumatology and postpartum, and labor skills and competencies

Yoandi Díaz Rojas

  • University Studies Dominican Adventist University
  • Bachelor of Accounting Audit
  • Experienced in condominium administration, audit assistance and customer service

Louis (Jack) Keester, BACKER AND ADVISOR

  • BSME Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska
  • MBE Claremont Graduate School
  • Founder of Addax, Inc.
  • Experience in engineering and management within the aerospace industry, and applying aerospace materials to industrial uses

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