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Using sustainable aquaculture for greener agriculture.


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CH4 Global At A Glance

CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to slash global methane emissions from ruminant livestock (cows) and mitigate our current climate change trajectory with commercialized Asparagopsis seaweed aquaculture and processing.

When freeze dried and fed to cows or other ruminant livestock as a daily supplement, the Asparagopsis species of seaweed can reduce methane emissions by up to 90% with no adverse effects to the livestock or their products.

Methane And The Climate Crisis

The livestock sector is responsible for at least 14.5% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Over 1.5 billion cows around the world produce on average150 million tonnes of methane annually. Since the United Nations defines the impact of methane over the next 20 years as 86 times more harmful than CO2 cows emit the equivalent of 12.9 gigatonnes of CO2 annually.

While there are a variety of approaches focused on the reduction of methane from ruminant animals, such as probiotics, supplements and synthetic chemicals, these strategies impact methane emissions around 30% with many well below 10%.

In today’s world of urgency, where there is approximately a 10-year window to prevent irreversible climate change, alternative approaches are simply not significant enough in their impact and will likely take too long to implement.

CH4 Global has the key to a sustainable, scalable reduction in global methane emissions.

A 90% Reduction In Methane Emissions

Asparagopsis armata and Asparagopsis taxiformis are the naturally-abundant, sustainable and environmentally-friendly seaweed solutions to the climate crisis.

When fed to livestock as a supplement, the actives in this seaweed block the enzymes responsible for producing methane gas during digestion resulting in up to 90% reductions in methane emissions.

CH4 Global is developing a scalable solution to bring an Asparagopsis seaweed product to market, initially in Australia and New Zealand. We plan to be one of the first to market in early 2022 with a stabilized, sustainable and high-quality product with commercial feasibility.

We are also refining and optimizing the cultivation, harvesting and processing of Asparagopsis to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency in preparation for market scaling in 2022 and beyond.

How It Works

CH4 Global is tackling three elements required to scale Asparagopsis for global methane mitigation:

Early Success

In the past six months, CH4 Global has solved the life cycle for Asparagopsis and so can control over the cultivation of both species. We now have over 6 km of lines in the water in two countries growing both species of Asparagopsis.

CH4 Global has now successfully processed the world’s largest batch of Asparagopsis at more than 3 tonnes. We are currently preparing key patent claims for formulations that allow for product stability, unit dosing with sustained delivery and seasonal dosing.

CH4 Global is the now the only company globally to satisfy all four conditions for market entry: license to sell, regulatory approval, scaleable supply and market demand, with an existing PO of almost $8 million and several large commercial operators exploring offers.

We have several key relationships to accelerate  commercial growth including Future Feed, Methane Mitigation Ventures, Narungga Nation Aboriginal Corporation, Pirie Meats and Seadling.

The CH4 Global Team

Steve Meller, PhD, COFOUNDER, PRESIDENT AND CEO | Steve has created and scaled innovative products and capabilities that have made more than $20B. He has created and scaled sustainable waste, water, energy and materials solutions globally.

David Kneen, COO | David led the global Cell Therapy business for Invetech for 14 years where he delivered commercial cell therapy manufacturing automation programs for clients across the USA, Europe and Asia.

David Lawson, PhD, CTO | David Lawson has over 25 years of R&D experience at P&G in multiple disciplines and across categories, with experience in both internal development and partnering externally to accelerate innovation.

Rowena Pullan, CMO | Rowena has been a Global Brand Development/R&D Vice President for more than 30 years in health and beauty industries for Global Fortune 100 companies. Her broad experience includes accelerating, turning around and creating new brands.

Andrew Smith, CFO | Andrew is an experienced CEO, CFO, and GM with industry experience across a variety of sectors. He has successfully raised capital for many of the businesses he’s been involved with. Andrew is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Adam Main, PhD, GENERAL MANAGER | Adam has been deeply involved in Aquaculture for many years in Australia.  He was recently the GM of Aquaculture for the SA Government where he was responsible for leading the operational and strategic directions of the Aquaculture, Policy Planning and Environmental Group.

Nigel Little, GENERAL MANAGER | Nigel has had a varied career across global food, agri-business and technology industries, spanning general management, marketing, innovation, strategy and business development including a 15-year career with Fonterra Cooperative Group, most recently as GM Strategy for Fonterra Australia.

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